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Ping – Game Complete!

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 1:05 pm


PlaySourceAtariAge – Game Page
Note: Requires an emulator like Stella to play on computers.


For a small bat like Ping, the world is a big, dangerous place. Will little Ping make it in her new home?


Move using joystick (arrow keys or mouse with Stella), ping using echolocation with joystick fire (spacebar or left mouse click in Stella).

Pinging costs 25 points. You gain points by making progress to the right and by eating bugs. Try to ping as few times as possible to maximize your score.

Avoid owls and walls, eat bugs, and get as far as you can!


Supports AtariVox high score saving. Requires an AtariVox/SaveKey module to be plugged in to controller port 2 (or emulated in Stella).

Clear your AtariVox high score for Ping with select + joystick fire while in game.

Mute the pinging sound by setting Color/BW to BW (F4 in Stella).

Have fun!

Angry Caverns v0.1 – Playable Proof of Concept

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 1:47 pm

Alright– finally have my initial proof of concept demo up and available for any curious souls to try out.  It isn’t too exciting yet but it will show you the initial inklings of what I’m going for anyway.  It’s Flash so you can run it in your browser.


Basically this is a test level here with 4 stalactites, 3 steam geysers, and 6 flying bats.  I am enjoying the bat movement at this point.  Each time you play the game the cavern levels will have the same configuration of weapons for your use.  What will change is some slight variables on the initial speeds and directions of the enemies in the cavern.  The timer will likely be going away as now each cavern level has a limited number of weapons for you to use.  You use a cavern weapon by clicking on it with your mouse.

I hope to support interesting combos and other funny events perhaps to help your score and experience of the game.

Today my main goal is still to get all the behind the scenes engine working with my levels, get all the enemies moving correctly in the various levels, and finish coding all the weapon functions and effects.  That way tomorrow I can spend as much time as possible on bringing the graphics up to speed beyond the rapid primitives I’ve made everything here in.  My plan is to have the game be fun before spending anything more then the bare minimum on graphics because the game is what matters in the end to me.  Especially if I want to keep working on anything post-compo I’ll be far more motivated to improve graphics and polish if the actual game is fun!  😉


Click on the bubbling steam geysers or the stalactites at the top of the cavern with your mouse to trigger them.  Steam geysers work like a short range shotgun at the moment so wait for the bats to be near.  Stalactites fall so you need to time them right with the bats movement.  100 points per bat.  Max score of current demo is 600 points… 😉

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