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I’m in~~ basecode too

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Friday, December 9th, 2016 9:05 am

i'm in!!!

I used this gif in my last “I’m in” post, but ended up not entering. I’m determined to actually finish something this time! I’m pretty excited.

I’ll be using LOVE with my own port of flashpunk on top, FL studio (probably) for music, labchirp for sound, and ASEprite for art.

Here’s my basecode. It’s a port of flashpunk for the LOVE framework, a general purpose level editor I wrote, and some odds and ends.

Code snippets for everyone to use

Posted by (twitter: @@moongateuk)
Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 6:13 am

Hey everyone,

For my own use I’d been coding up some base code for items and levels. So as of yesterday I’ve put them up over at and it’s called Basecode Bits.

It’s free to use for anything and will be updated with different little snippets predominantly for game dev and game jams.

This is what’s currently included in the small pack:

  • Level Object.
  • Item Object.
  • Basic Level Generation Code.

If you have any ideas or suggestions then post a comment over on the page.


Friday, April 17th, 2015 2:29 pm

I will be using which is just my basecode from LD30 but I put 32 instead of 30. how awesome right


Lot of high score games let you share your successes to Twitter and stuff, so why should LD games be any different?

Here’s the module. Just download the file as “twitterer.lua” and require it into your game.

Here’s how you use it (after the break): (more…)

basecode update

Posted by (twitter: @sbbls)
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 1:53 pm


I continued working on my basecode, so here it is, just to follow the rules.
(new stuff: loader thingy, assets, tweens).

And as always, good luck to YOU.



Posted by (twitter: @unprompted)
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 10:14 am

Last time, I spent much of the first day getting WebGL to draw triangles. I just pulled out the basic drawing, sound, and input code from that weekend, cleaned it up, and stuck it here: I can’t wait to do something different with it this time.

I’m in!

I’m in …

Posted by (twitter: @c023Dev)
Thursday, August 21st, 2014 12:37 pm

Hi, James from Bavaria here! I hope I’ll manage to get something done this weekend.

My weapons:
PHASER Framework with TypeScript in VS2013
3DSMax 2013 with VRAY (Maybe a drop of ZBRUSH)

Here is my:

If you want to know more about me then visit:

Wish me luck! This is my first time and it’s nice to meet you all! So…
Hello world!

well well well

Posted by (twitter: @sbbls)
Thursday, August 21st, 2014 5:59 am

ludum darey

That’s it. Good luck to YOU.

I have made a JS palette-swapper&basecode, but this doesn’t mean I’ll do anything this LD, so here is a LD anim just for you, and the basecode to look at <33

(heavily inspired by rxi’s love2d one, IF I make something I’ll tweak it a bit to adapt to the needs)

I suppose I’m in …

Posted by (twitter: @OMGWTFGAMES)
Sunday, August 17th, 2014 11:17 pm

Wait … we are up to 30 ! The big Three-O. That’s a special round number for all of us fed and raised on a base-10 number system. I can’t possibly pike on this one, even if I only do a quickie :)

                               (             )  
                              (*)           (*)      (
                               |             |      (*)
                         x10  |~|           |~|      |        
                              | |       x10 | |     |~|
                              | |           | |     | |  x10
                     ,a@@@@@@@| |@@@@@@@@@@@| |@@@@a| |.
                .,a@@@@@@@@@@@| |@@@@@@@@@@@| |@@@@@| |@@@@a,.
              ,a@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| |@@@@@@@a,
             a@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' . `@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@a
             ;`@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'   .   `@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@';
             ;@@@`@@@@@@@@@@@@@'     .     `@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'@@@;
             ;@@@;,.aaaaaaaaaa       .       aaaaa,,aaaaaaa,;@@@;
             ;;@;;;;@@@@@@@@;@      @.@      ;@@@;;;@@@@@@;;;;@@;
             ;;;;;;;@@@@;@@;;@    @@ . @@    ;;@;;;;@@;@@@;;;;;;;
             ;;;;;;;;@@;;;;;;;  @@   .   @@  ;;;;;;;;;;;@@;;;;@;;
             ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;@@     .     @@;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;@@@;
         ,%%%;;;;;;;;@;;;;;;;;       .       ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;@@;;%%%,
      .%%%%%%;;;;;;;@@;;;;;;;;     ,%%%,     ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;%%%%%%,
     .%%%%%%%;;;;;;;@@;;;;;;;;   ,%%%%%%%,   ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;%%%%%%%,
     %%%%%%%%`;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  %%%%%%%%%%%  ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;'%%%%%%%%
                                    %%%     Susie Oviatt

Here’s a lazy copypasta birthday cake … demonstrating how not to get your compo assets :)

Chances are I’ll use Unity.

Other tools I’ll invariably use are the GIMP, Blender, bfxr (or maybe one of Mark Wonnacott’s tools). Maybe Caustic or NodeBeat or BeatWave for music.

Chances are I’ll do the compo, unless I get an uber awesome idea that just can’t be done without pulling in some pre-made assets (like if the theme really lends itself to ASCII art birthday cakes).

I’ve updated my basecode containing personal and adopted stuff today:

The parts you might find useful are SoundManager, MusicManager and maybe Autoscreenshot.

IceEntity (haxeflixel entity-framework)

Posted by (twitter: @nico_m__)
Sunday, June 8th, 2014 8:42 pm

Since last ludum dare, I’ve been working on what was my basecode, expanding it, and making it generally more useful. Some cool features it now supports are:

-Parsing in entities and components from XML

IceEntity Demo

-Live-Scripting of game-logic during play

Live-Scripting Demo

Note that this is a work in progress, it may be buggy, and often some things stop working correctly, which is exactly why I would love more people to check it out, and give me some feedback, be it bug reports, feature requests, or just your general thoughts, thanks:)


You can find IceEntity here:


If anyone wishes to contribute, I would love that as well, just submit a pull request, or tweet me @nico_m__


Thanks for reading, make cool games;)


Base Code!

Posted by (twitter: @tolicious)
Friday, December 13th, 2013 7:13 pm

Yo! I’m sorry that it’s so late, but here is my Unity3D base code! (You’ll need RageSpline to use it completely. Oh, and not everything is totally cleaned up, I ripped it right out of another game.)

It does lots of cool stuff:

  • Unified button layout for XBox360 controllers on Windows (even with vibration there!) and Mac
  • Makes cool (optionally glowing) shapes (together with RageSpline)
  • Traversing spline paths (with RageSpline too)
  • Uses Scoreoid for a leaderboard
  • Basic text buttons and vanishing text for notifications
  • Easing
  • A few helpers for math, Unity and some general C# stuff

Good luck everybody!

Simple Game Manager

Posted by (twitter: @LateTide)
Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 12:48 pm

Just created a small script for helping me with the game – admittedly not the most sophisticated tool around, but it might help me to create content faster.

I can’t attach it to the blog (js files are not allowed) but I am obliged to show it, so here we go:

// Base namespace
var ben = {


// checks that the object is not null, and has a function with the given name
ben.hasFunction = function(obj, functionName) {
    var hasF = obj && obj[functionName] && typeof obj[functionName] === "function";
    if(!hasF) {
        console.log(obj + ' doesn\'t have \''+ functionName +'\' function');
    return hasF;

// Orchestrates the player turns and the game updates
ben.doUpdate = function() {
    if(!ben.hasFunction(this, "update")) {
    if(!ben.hasFunction(this, 'isSynchronous')) {
    if(this.currentTurn >= this.maxTurns) {
    if(this.isSynchronous()) {
        if(!this.isReady()) {
        var ndx;
        console.log('Processing turn '+this.getCurrentTurn()); 
        for(ndx in this.players) {
            var currentPlayer = this.players[ndx];
            if(!ben.hasFunction(currentPlayer, 'doTurn')) {
            this.context.currentPlayer = ndx;
    } else {
        // TODO: Work on this when needed

// Starts the update thread
ben.doStart = function() {
    if(!this ) {
    var that = this;
    that._updateThread = window.setInterval(function() {that.doUpdate()}, that._updateDelay);

// Stops the update thread
ben.doStop = function() {
    if(this._updateThread) {
        console.log('Has thread');
        this._updateThread = null;

// Creates the base Game object
// Params: 
//   gameName: The human readable name of the game
//   maxTurns: the number of total turns
//   playerList: an array of players
//   updateFunction: The update function to be called at an interval
//   synch: Synchronous flag. If true, the update waits for each players, otherwise the players input are processed in the regular updates
ben.Game = function(gameName, maxTurns, playerList, updateFunction, synch) {
    var game = {
        _updateDelay: 16, // ms, time between update calls
        _updateThread: null, // placeholder    
        _synchronous: synch, // Synchronous games wait for the players turn with an update
        _name: gameName, // the name of the game, for displaying
        players: playerList, // the players, incl ai
        maxTurns: maxTurns,
        currentTurn: 0,
        ready: true,
        context: {} // current game context

    // to get the human readable name
    game.getName = function() {
        return game._name;

    // to change the current players
    game.setPlayers = function(plList) {
        game.players = plList;

    // to get the number of current players
    game.getPlayerCount = function() {
        return (players != null) ? players.length : 0;

    // sets the ready flag to the given value
    game.setReady = function(rdy) {
        game.ready = rdy;

    // returns the value of the ready flag
    game.isReady = function() {
        return game.ready;

    // returns the value of the synchronous flag
    game.isSynchronous = function() {
        return game._synchronous;

    game.getCurrentTurn = function() {
        return game.currentTurn;

    game.increaseTurn = function() {
        game.currentTurn += 1;
        return game.currentTurn;

    // stores the update function
    if(updateFunction) {
        if(typeof updateFunction === "function") {
            game.update = updateFunction;
        } else {
            throw {message : "Passed updateFunction variable is not a function"};

    // this function is called with the update frequency
    game.doUpdate = ben.doUpdate;

    // calling this function starts the game
    game.start = ben.doStart;

    // calling this function stops the game
    game.stop = ben.doStop;

    return game;

trace(“basecode and tools”)

Posted by (twitter: @ZappedCow)
Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 11:53 am

var basecode = "";
var tools = {"HaxePunk", "FlashDevelop", "Aseprite", "Bfxr", "Beepbox", "Audacity", "Fruity Loops"};

function foo()


trace("Oh yeah!");

Embrace your inner kung-fu master

Posted by (twitter: @McFunkypants)
Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 2:04 pm


I haven’t missed a Ludum Dare in a few years. Of course I’m in. I will likely use this HTML5 basecode, but I promise NOT to make a platformer with it.

Good luck, everybody! HAVE FUN! Embrace your inner kung-fu master.


I’m also in

Posted by (twitter: @sirGustav)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 2:19 pm

I’m in, though my time this weekend is severely limited, so I’ll probably be making a platformer based on my incomplete haxe game.

Well, here’s my base code

Posted by (twitter: @kgs0142)
Thursday, December 13th, 2012 7:03 am

According to the rule, if I wanna use any personal code, it’s should be declared and shared ,right?

here it is :

(it’s also on my github )

I didn’t do much special, just collecting some libraries and framework, like flixel, lua-alchemy, tweenlite.

And revising the code of DAME smaples and lua-alchemy samples.

Not sure I will really use these…just in case of failure.

If there is something wrong,  tell me please :p


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