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Connection is lost… Making some survival game.

Sunday, December 11th, 2016 3:46 am

Your goal is to survive in your own room.

You have bed, toilet, refrigerator and TV. So, you need to watch movie to not to be sad, eat near refrigerator, go to toilet for some reason and sleep in bed.

But, all that stuff is super innovative and electronic. They work only when you have connection to Internet and have all new updates. And because of that you can’t use bed while it’s not up-to-date. Sometimes you need to reboot router to restore Internet. If you haven’t Internet, you can’t sleep, eat, update and other stuff.

So be careful. Try not to lose your connection.



Pixel art!

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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 7:48 pm

I feel, I’ve made quite a bit of progression over the past few hours. Sure others might have been more productive, but it really doesn’t matter. 😀

The collision system seems to work fine so far. It’s the most simplest collision system ever where you just move from one tile to another. I’ll first go with this and if there’s enough time (*joke joke*) I might change things around a bit – or if the game play feels really dull.

Anyways my big achievement for this evening I think was some fancy pixel art. I’m not really good at art, but so far it doesn’t even look that horrible.


I used an older version of Aseprite, back when it was still free. It seems like a great software and $10 is really not much, however since I don’t intent to create a lot of pixel art in the future, I currently don’t see why I should buy it. 😉

I already look forward to creating more frames tomorrow for the different actions!

After 12.5 hours of non-stop streaming I’m going to get some sleep. 24h left, stay tuned and see you tomorrow!

Wow 12.5h

I’m In!

Posted by (twitter: @Cirrial)
Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 12:24 pm

Yeah, haven’t entered in a while for one reason or another. I think I can enter this time around, though.

I’ll be using Phaser as my library of choice, with IntelliJ as my IDE. Graphics will come from some combination of Aseprite and Paint Tool Sai, likely. BFXR for sounds, and hahaha I’ve never reached music before for a compo entry ever. (SunVox if this becomes an exception, though, I suppose)

With Javascript, what could possibly go wrong except for everything ever?


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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 3:46 am

Woke up 45 minutes ago. Panicked. Painted this:


What the heck do I do next?

Ghosts RULE

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Sunday, December 15th, 2013 1:18 am

IceBreaker mini pre-sleep post-mortem

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 10:29 pm
when I was a kid this sort of image was like crack.  it's so laughable now.  stupid kid.

when I was a kid this sort of image was like crack. it’s so laughable now. stupid kid.

--- I - C - E ---- B - R - E - A - K - E - R --- 

(When I get up I’ll do a post-sleep post-pre-mortem-post-mortem, some of this will just be taking some of the prolix and manic text out of my submission page – yay sleep dep!)

That was a lot of fun! (but it’s not over yet..)  I somehow wrote just shy of 3,000 lines of code in 48hrs.  It’s almost certainly 90% ugly horribleness, and I’m not a fan of LOC as a metric of productivity – but it still feels pretty cool.  (If I printed it all out it would take about 46 A4 pages).

Unfortunately, quantity of code does not equal a finished game.  About halfway in (after some sleep) I lost a lot of time to vascilating between confusion at the code I’d added before passing out (that guy was craaaazy) and feeling generally dumb.  But eventually I got it nailed down and was grateful to discover that, whilst I had lost track of what I was doing – the more responsibly-minded part of me had sent me down a tunnel with no wrong turns.  Not to say I didn’t bump my head a few times, slip over in miscellany or mistaken inanimate objects for long-lost lovers..

 What went wrong / right

that one’s for the morrow I think, sorry – they’re my favourite part too.


Tools Used


It may not be much right now, but I think after I’ve checked the rules I may enter the Jam so I can see it closer to a working game.

I’ll be uploading post-compo editions to the entry’s page as I go (in about 8 hours or so)



(this is just copied over from the submission page to reduce clutter, tl;dr: rambling…)

circa T+05 mins
began writing submission
circa T+20 mins
I’m having a few unanticipated issues with publishing; the .swf
seems to work fine in the standalone Flash player, but not
even remotely in a browser.
I’ve got 20 minutes or so of submission hour to work it out, but
here’s the swf for the time being (same link under “Windows” unfortunately)
circa T+56 mins
Okay, got it to publish. Seems to have odd framerate issues.
Will use my last 3 mins to see if I can suss it out.

I’m In

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Friday, August 24th, 2012 2:07 pm


I’m Aidenn and I’m definitely IN this time. This is my first compo where I will actually write the code. I took part in my local Global Game Jam three times, but only as a graphic/music artist and I’ve yet to write any game code whatsoever, so expect sucky code. I also don’t plan to stay awake for too long. I suppose this will be a warming-up entry more than anything else. I wanted to do this for a long time, but real life seemed to take precedence during each previous LD.

Framework & IDE: LÖVE & Notepad++

Sprite editor: ASEPRITE

Music: SunVox (or maybe GoatTracker 2)


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