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Our Pretty Little Protest Game

Saturday, December 12th, 2015 5:49 pm

Hey guys!

It´s been a while since a posted a project in here, my last experience with a ludum dare project wasn’t very good, but here I am again! Today I will present a game that is being done by me and two other folks (Thiago Kozusko e Christiane de Vielmond) from a simple and small indie group called: Ludohood Studios.

Well, first let me show you guys what is our motivation for this project -> look this to understand the context of our game!

We are doing a art protest game (if we can call it that way hahaha) which aims to take you in a short, but deep, travel through our country (I´m brazilian btw) history. It will be a three act game:

  • Act I – 1800: Slavery.
  • Act II – 1970: Dictatorship.
  • Act III – 2015: Schools closures.

Initially you could think that the third act is far less “powerfull” than the others and, in a way, this is true. But, what we are going to show through our game is that, regardless what happened in each of this cases, they all share a same sad thing: They hurted the human rights. For reaching this far in the text, I´ll let you guys see a sneak peak of the work of our artist:


Now, begin to prepare yourself for a awesome short history, where you gonna learn that things don´t always goes the way we want. Keep an eye on our nexts posts to know a little more about our project.

By the way, we are covering the theme “Two Buttons Control” and using Construct 2, for the game development.

See you guys again soon o/




Mortal Words

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Friday, April 24th, 2015 9:26 am

Hello jammers!!

I’ve started a game project that I liked a lot in last LD but unfortunately I didn’t finish during the jam. So I’ve published in Newgrounds. Sometime the words could be mortals! Think about 😉

Please play and give me some feedback 😀


0 Alone by Neonlare

Posted by (twitter: @jeffz4000)
Friday, January 6th, 2012 7:24 pm

Of the games I’ve rated so far, I think this one feels the most complete, serene and balanced in terms of graphics, sound, story and music. If you’re able to play a Windows game, make it this one. It may be simple, but it’s quite a work of art.


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