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LudumDare Winners Archive Torrent!

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 1:19 am

So I was playing and rating games, found some I was really impressed with, and wanted to check out what those developers had done before, only to find that the links on those entries were dead.

So many great games are made through LudumDare!

This made me realize, every LudumDare thousands of games are made, atleast several hundreds of these are really great games! Where do they go? Do people ever play them again?

I’d really like to see an archive, saving at least the top 50 or even 100 entries of each category, many are in multiple categories, so it would probably be around 300 games per event, and less for the earlier Ludum Dares. Also I’d think most people would agree that post-compo versions should be included, or even only these versions, as the archiving would be mainly to be able to go back and play good games.

Lets make a Ludum Dare best games archive torrent!

I guess the best way to do this would have a few (completely legal) torrent packs containing a few LD’s each, or just one big huge one that is updated after each event.

It would be a pretty big job downloading several hundred games for each LD, not to mention all the cases where the links are dead. Maybe a google doc joint effort anyone? Each person could probably manage one LD event with a few hours work.

What do you think? Maybe someone thought of this already? Do we want to do this?? 

Very old LDs?

Also, how far does LD go back and where are those games & results? I tried googling results for the first few events, but I can’t find much beyond in the current link structure.


Created a google doc to flesh out this plan if it’s at all going to be done.

SmartUnzip: A compressed archive extraction utility for Windows

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Monday, April 8th, 2013 1:08 pm

Are you picky when it comes to unzipping archived files? Do you find yourself peeking into every compressed archive to see what is inside before you unzip it? Is it just a directory? Ok then, we’ll just unzip it directly. Is it a bunch of files, well then we’ll need to unzip it into a separate directory. I hate unzipping an archive into a separate directory only to find out that all the files were zipped up inside of a directory.  Then after you unzip, you have a directory inside a directory! Bleh.  This is where SmartUnzip comes in. It does the looking for you and determines if it should unzip the archive into a separate directory or not.  It also supports dragging/dropping multiple archives on the SmartUnzip window. Handy for those Ludum dare review sessions where you’ve downloaded lots of archives.  Sound interesting? Check out SmartUnzip


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