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Post-Mortem on a Game I Made

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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 11:27 pm

I made a game, it’s called Ants. It’s a game where you ‘convince’ some ants to eat your friend’s sandwich.

Here’s a picture:

Pictured here: some ants

Pictured here: some ants

This game was born on Saturday evening when I happened upon a Twitch stream (Extra Credits Design Club Live to be precise) where the streamer was making a Ludum Dare game. I mentioned my idea for a game in chat, the streamer was like “go make it then” and POOF, there went my weekend.

So let’s talk about it.

What Worked:

– The core mechanic came together really fast. My first attempt at simulating ants (a rudimentary simulation at that) ended up working pretty well. So I never really had to change it.

– The sound effects somehow turned out okay. Sunday morning I sat on my porch and recorded two minutes of nature sounds on my Macbook Air’s internal microphone. I also recorded myself spraying a can of cooking oil, and overlaid that with myself going “PSSSHHHH”. Thank god for Audacity.

– Probably the main reason I could finish this in a day is that the concept needed zero real art. I’ll probably continue with that tradition in future LD jams.

What Didn’t Work So Well:

– I had this idea that the game would be self-explanatory, but a lot of feedback suggests that people got confused about what was going on.

– Similarly, some people are turned off by the apparent randomness, because they can’t see what’s going on under the hood. I think I could have done more with the level design to show the player the patterns the ants tend to follow.

This isn’t just my first LD jam, it’s also my first Post-Mortem! Thanks for reading!

Parasite – Onwards !

Posted by (twitter: @alpha_rats)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 5:16 pm

Here is the first update on the theme “an unconventional weapon“!
This time on I struggled a lot in the process and I have lost a lot of time, but I’m keeping that for the post-mortem.
The game will be submitted for the Jam, because I’m collaborating with someone for the sound this time around !



And here is the core idea : you are a parasite infesting an ant colony. Your goal is to jump from host to host to infest the Queen Ant.
Once an ant gets infested, it dies within seconds, so you have to jump to another host very quickly without getting busted by the Ant Guards.


End, sweet end.

Posted by (twitter: @thesentinelcat)
Sunday, August 26th, 2012 3:39 pm

Hey, after two days of a lot of work, finally finished my first LD48.

Althought not have had time to do everything I would like, (try other gameplays, make a tutorial and levels not procedurally generated), I’m very proud of myself for having succeeded to finish something in such a short time.

I saw that a lot of people made games about ants, so mine is one more.

You can check it here.

I want to thank the flashpunk crew. This was my first project in AS3 and the engine help me a lot.

See you in the next ludum dare!


And… done.

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Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 1:54 pm

It’s done, mostly.  I left out a few things I wanted to do, but they would have been too complicated anyway.  Just a short Zelda-like.  Nothing new gameplay-wise, but hopefully it will be fun for a few minutes.

Check it out HERE.

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