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One day to go till jam ends. We are tired but happy. This is the third jam working with Fernando Martínez Ruppel (awesome artist and friend of ours). And guess what. Our new game working together is shaping up really good.

“Beneath the surface” was not an easy theme. We thought about making something small, hard but rewarding and crazy difficult (Super Hexagon anyone?). After some initial brainstorming, we’ve decided on a vertical shmup without the shooting, an avoider. Player controls a ship on a layer and when hitting lateral walls, a deeper layer will be uncovered. When uncovered, something bad happens. In order to “cover” this deeper layer again, the player will need to hit the opposite lateral wall. This was the initial prototype we’ve made.


Initial prototype.


So far so good. Thinking about the prototype, one of us remembered Fantastic Voyage (you know, the movie and then a paperback novelization based on the screenplay by Isaac Asimov). We all love sci-fi, so we’ve started thinking about it and Fernando remember something about ”brainbows” (the process by which individual neurons in the brain can be distinguished from neighboring neurons using fluorescent proteins). Brainbows are awesome, so we knew how we want our game to look like.



And what about digging deeper on the whole “beneath the surface” theme? We’ve started thinking about serial killers. We’ve read about John George Haigh (The Dissolving Vampire or Acid Bath Murderer), Albert Fish (The Grandfatherly Ghoul), Peter Kurten (The Vampire of Dusseldorf), Henry Landru (Monsieur Bluebeard), Seisaku Nakamura (Hamamatsu Deaf Killer), Nikolai Dzhumagaliev (Metal Fang) and Jeffrey Dahmer (Milwaukee Cannibal) among others. And we’ve decided on creating one.




Patient 283 is a game in which you control a nanobot to retrieve specific memories from the mind of a serial killer. Because you know. In a not so distant future, memories retrieved by nanobots may be used in federal courts.

My idea seems to have been stolen

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Friday, November 23rd, 2012 9:54 pm

Recently I have noticed a HTML5 game that’s getting attention, called Lust Or Bust. In Lust Or Bust, you try and stare at your freind’s hot sister’s tits without getting caught.
For the 24th Mini Ludum Dare, the challenge was to make the most games in the time period. I made 28 games, which you can find here:
More specifically, one of the games I made was THIS game, created a good several months before Lust Or Bust:

Look familiar, Lust Or Bust players?

It’s called Mini Pervert, and was a quick prototype of a larger project I had designed called Pervert. The goal of the game was to stare at woman’s tits without getting caught. It had an Ogle-Meter in the corner warning you of when she was about to look, and the longer you stared without getting caught, the more points you racked up.

I suspect that the creator of Lust Or Bust found this game on Ludum Dare and ripped off the idea. It’s similar to my game prototype in so many ways, including the unique gameplay mechanic. It’s also possible that great minds think alike; but it seems a bit of a strong coincidence when you compare the two. The time period is also about what it would take for someone to see my game, decide to steal the idea, and develop it into a complete game and publish it.

At twelve thousand downloads last time I checked, the guy who made Lust Or Bust is probably making quite a bit of money. I’m not asking to get the lost revenue back but I WOULD like to make it public where the idea came from.

Something to keep in mind, fellow Ludum Darers: If you put your original idea as a prototype on Ludum Dare, someone might steal it and develop it.

Feb Mini LD date announced (Feb 19-21)

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Friday, February 5th, 2010 12:12 pm

Hey there folks–I’m hosting the Mini LD for the month of February and I wanted to announce the date!  It will take place the weekend of the 19th-21st.  I’ll have more specifics as the date approaches of course.

EDIT Feb 16th: More information posted!

Mini LD#8 Announcement!

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Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 2:05 pm

Prepare your socks, possibly with masking tape or some kind of velcro straps, if you wish to prevent them from being blown off.  It will soon be time for MINI LD #8, hosted by Hamumu!

This Mini-LD will take place on Friday, March 6th at 3:00 PM PST, ending that Sunday at 3:00 PM PST.  Standard rules.  You have 48 hours.  You have your mind, your computer, some caffeine, and three angry chihuahuas.  You have no backup (and probably no backups).  Be ready!

The theme will be announced at start time, and for teasing purposes, I will tell you that, like my last hosting job, checking out previously made LD entries by other people might help get you ready for the action!  History is a part of what this is all about, so let’s make some history.


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Sunday, July 6th, 2008 4:07 pm

thats it guys, 48 hours have gone bye-bye, and they arent coming back. out of them however, we have five games!

Movie Preview Generator by Hamumu

Pulp Fiction Overdose by rwip

bees by keeyai

Die Hurr by destroysound

Pink Elephants are Go by Kester

And seeing as there seem to be a few games to miss the deadline, they will no doubt be appearing in the MiniLD #2 category soon, so check back for them (or I will be sending my turnip and unicorn army upon you!).

anyhoo, I think most people had fun, and IRC was rarely anything short of hilarious, so props to all who took part 😀

Remember, no Mini LD next month, but dont frown, because its going to be a fully grown LD! and if your desperate for more mini godness, PoV is lined up to be hosting in september. so nobody has to wait too long for some awesome! 😀

– GirlFlash


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Friday, July 4th, 2008 2:59 pm

and the theme is THE GAME OF THE MOVIE!

you have to pick a movie, and make a game from it.

now if you want to stick to tradition, the game should have as little to do with the movie as possible, the plot should be abused, characters poorly represented and bits added and removed as though the whole thing went through a blender with a totally different movie.

and as promised, there is a bonus optional theme Unicorn! madder props are awarded for having a unicorn in the game somewhere, especially if it doesnt fit the movie 😀

Remember, its not a competition, but that doesent mean you cant all be competetive 😉

Mini LD48h #2

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Friday, June 20th, 2008 10:28 am

Its coming people, and it will commence at 11pm GMT Friday 4th July, to find out where that is in your timezone, check here. end time is of course 48 hours later :)

As for additional rules, I’m going to repeat last weeks only extra rule (you can re-use any old code, audio or art. but try and put some effort in. recycling wont get you mad props =p). there will also be an additional ‘bonus’ rule announced when the theme is at the start of the compo 😀

also, sorry if I am interrupting anybodies Independence day plans, but I’m English and this is how I get even =p

– GirlFlash

Mini-LD48 #1 is over!

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Friday, June 13th, 2008 11:40 am

I know this post is very belated, but I didn’t realize such a post was needed until I saw the list of headlines, and it looked like the contest was still going on for all eternity.

Click to see all the entries!

We only had what appears to be 7 entries, and a very high incidence of unfinishedness among those. But whatever, we had fun! I know I had fun naming Vs. possibilities. Anyway, congratulations to the 7 joint winners which all tie for 1st place in every category! HOORAY! See you next month for GirlFlash’s Mini-LD #2.

Announcement: Mini LD48 #1 – Hamumu Style!

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 11:33 am

Suffer, my minions! Friday, June 6th at 6:00PM Pacific Time (Someone else figure out the GMT there), we are hereby commencing the world of Mini LD with a grand explosion of Hamumu-time Fun-brand Entertainment-ness!

The theme will be announced at compo start, and the rules are standard Mini-LD rules. The only host change I am making is:

1 – You may use any preexisting code, art, sound or anything else. No limits on this one! Okay, one limit: What you use has to be legal. If you didn’t make it, you need to have the rights to use it. Yes, you can totally take something you’ve made before and modify it. No, you can’t take something you’ve made before and just shrug your shoulders and turn it in as is.

That’s it! As far as I know, this is an unjudged contest, just a chance for 48 hours of game developing madness. As the first ever official Mini LD, it’s probably going to go off with a lot of hitches, so bear with us and tell Phil to make it all better.

There’s no official signing up, but it’d be cool if you’d post a comment here announcing your intent. I hope we get lots of folks. Anyone can enter, and like regular LD, in the end, you’ll post a blog entry with a link to your game and a screenshot. Then we’ll bug Phil to make an image grid out of it.

Mike Hommel (Hamumu)

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