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tr-3012 postmortem

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 10:19 am

My entry tr-3012 is primarily a musical instrument, a drum machine with five independent looping triggers identified by robots.

This time around I did a lot better at removing code that wasn’t necessary and dropping ideas I wouldn’t have time for. I had all of these digitized robot voices recorded that my five year old loved but which didn’t really make the game any better.

One thing I regret not having time to implement was an introductory zoom from outer space into the playing grid, to make it look like the robots were isolated and adrift in space. That would have helped fit the theme better.

The tools I used:

Piccolo2D library for Processing
Beads library for Processing
Garage Band
TAL-Dub-2 audio unit plugin

I plan to add a few new features to tr-3012 later, to make it more useful as a musical instrument

– allow user-provided samples
– external MIDI sync, or at least set a tempo in BPM internally
– send MIDI and OSC events in place of/in addition to playing samples

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