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My Cup of Fury – Gameplay Video

Posted by (twitter: @oneseedfruit)
Monday, August 31st, 2015 10:00 am

Most people have commented about how difficult it is to play my game.

For those who have no idea what is it about, I’ve just added a gameplay video of my Ludum Dare 33 compo entry, My Cup of Fury.

Why I’ve Decided Not to Participate in Ludum Dare #31

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Friday, December 5th, 2014 10:38 pm

Alright, here are the reasons:

  1. The theme is terrible. For the people of the future, LD#31’s theme is “Entire Game on one Screen”. This is terrible because it does not spark creative and interesting game ideas. It sparks 2000 games that are all very similar, just like the other bad themes of the past. A few other bad themes are:
    1. “Minimalism”, because LD is minimalistic by design. How did it happen TWICE?
    2. “10 Seconds”, because it has a very strong obvious meaning. There were way too many games with essentially the same game mechanic
    3. “You Only Get One” was bad because it is a restrictive theme. Restrictive themes make you feel like you have to force the game into fitting the theme.

    All the good themes this LD were ranked lowest. Let’s take a look at some of them:

    1. “Deja Vu” would be a good theme because there’s a lot of things you can do with it. Yes, there are better themes, but this one’s a good one. You could have “Deja Vu” be something a character says and it would be normal. You could have the player experience deja vu somehow, or have the character experience it.
    2. “Chaos,” because the possibilities of chaotic games are endless
    3. “Playing Both Sides” would be an incredible theme. You could have all kinds of plot elements, gameplay mechanics, and user interface with this sort of theme.
  2. I don’t want to play any of my ideas. None of them seem very fun and worth making a game for to me. My ideas as of writing this are:
    1. At the start of the game, there’s a cutscene. Guy 1 is sitting in a chair in front of a computer, Guy 2 is behind him. Dialog goes as follows:
      1. Guy 1: “I got this new game, want to check it out?”
      2. Guy 2: “Sure”
      3. Guy 1: “Kay, lemme load it up”

      Then, the game zooms in on his screen and you play in there, with maybe the occasional thing happening in the “real” game world

    2. Some kind of metroidvania where every level is the size of the screen. No scrolling.
    3. At the end of the game, there’s a huge boss called “Game” that takes up almost the entire screen
  3. I don’t want to make any of my ideas, either.

I beleive that the root of all these is that people chose a bad theme. It does not inspire creativity. It does not fill your head with lots of brilliant ideas, and it feels too much like a restriction! It’s be great if the theme voting had a -5 button so we don’t get stupid themes like this.

If anyone wants to steal any of my themes, go ahead, but leave a comment. I might decide to participate after all tomorrow and might need one of these ideas.

Please, add something TO HIDE VOTED GAMES

Posted by (twitter: @SaintHeiser)
Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 6:20 am

Seriously, what about to make in the “all games list” checkbox “hide entries which I voted”.

Seriously, this has become not a joke anymore. With damn shuffle I must view all entries within a day. BUT I CANT!

Seriously it getting annoying. I want to view as much entries as I can. But damn shuffle pulls down all my efforts on zero.

Seriously, admins. Can hear me anyone?



Angry Reviewer: Video Game Reviewing Simulator

Posted by (twitter: @MrNashington)
Monday, April 29th, 2013 9:28 am

I would much appreciate some feedback on my Ludum Dare entry. You play as an angry Video Game Reviewer and get points for Negative words. It was entirely made in Batch.


For future updates and more games, follow me on Twitter; @MrNashington

Or go to

Angry Caverns – Timelapse

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Sunday, August 30th, 2009 9:39 pm

You can watch 36 hours of my game development on Angry Caverns compressed into 3 minutes here in my timelapse video on YouTube.

It was my first year doing a timelapse and I think I’m hooked.  So much fun to see the creative process!

Time to sleep soon too…

Angry Caverns – I’m finished!

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Sunday, August 30th, 2009 7:59 pm

I’ve used the snazzy new uploader tool to submit my final version of Angry Caverns with 10 minutes to spare even!

You can play Angry Caverns here in your browser.

Main menu

Main menu

Level 5 of the final version

Level 5 of the final version

You can play Angry Caverns here in your browser.

ANGRY CAVERNS – by HybridMind – August 28th-30th, 2009
Created from scratch for Ludum Dare 15’s 48hr game competition


You are the angry caverns. You awaken one day to find many creatures living inside of you. This pisses you off. Destroy as many as you can.

How To Play:

  • Click on the stalactites and bubbling vents to trigger your attacks.
  • You will have limited time on each level
  • Chain attacks for big combo points
  • Glowing creatures are worth more bonus points
  • Bigger completion bonuses for more creatures killed
  • Supports online leaderboards!

Tools used:

Coded in Flash / ActionScript 3.0 using the Flash CS4 IDE and using Dr. Petter’s sfxr for sound effects. I composed both music loops in Reason.

Got Feedback?

Feel free to email me at dave [at] or visit my blog and leave me a comment.

I’ll be working on this game some more so any thoughts or suggestions while be taken into consideration for the post-compo version! Thanks for playing and I hope you have a good time with it!

Angry Caverns – v0.4 Sound Added!

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Sunday, August 30th, 2009 12:28 pm

I’ve finished plugging in a bunch of sound effects for Angry Caverns and you can hear and play the result here (Flash)

Now I’m off to use Reason to compose a quick main menu loop and at least one level loop…

Then it will be time to generate some more levels than 1  !

EDIT: If anyone plays and the sounds are too loud / soft / annoying.. feel free to let me know!  Thanks  :)

Angry Caverns – v0.3

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Sunday, August 30th, 2009 9:58 am

I’ve got another playable billed uploaded along with another gameplay video for the passively curious:

Play version 0.3 here (Flash)

Watch gameplay video of version 0.3 here (YouTube)


A suitably themed main menu

You are an extremely angry cavern. You awaken one day to find many creatures living inside of you. This pisses you off! You have a short amount of time on each level to use your cavern weapons to destroy as many creatures as you can. Kill multiple creatures with one attack to earn combo points and kill rare bonus creatures for extra score! Compete online with global leaderboards.


  • Use your mouse to click on your weapons (stalactites, geyers, etc.)
  • Kill as many creatures as you can within the time limit.
  • Kill all the creatures for a big bonus!

A few more screenshots with captions after the READ MORE…


Angry Caverns – now with Cavemen

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 7:54 pm

ok Ok.. so they are still rather stick figure like.. BUT they switch comically between running and walking and change directions too.  You can watch a gameplay video of version 0.2 here.


At this point I’ve implemented 2 different enemies (bats & cavemen), 2 different weapons (stalactites & geysers), a combo system, tracking of stats like base level score, bonus score, and reporting back on a level over screen.

Many things still to do of course but my plan is still holding so far of trying to get the bulk of all implementation finished before generating levels and upgrading the graphics.

You can play version 2.0 here in your browser too.

Angry Caverns – Gameplay video

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 2:58 pm

Thanks to some help from Gilvado I figured out this whole CamStudio business and uploaded my first ever gameplay vid to YouTube!  😉

It’s 20 seconds of the current state of Angry Caverns

I’m tuning some of the bat physics now.. which reminds me– ya know one thing I love about doing game development?  It’s getting to say things like “I’m tuning bat physics…”

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more exciting developments.

Angry Caverns v0.1 – Playable Proof of Concept

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 1:47 pm

Alright– finally have my initial proof of concept demo up and available for any curious souls to try out.  It isn’t too exciting yet but it will show you the initial inklings of what I’m going for anyway.  It’s Flash so you can run it in your browser.


Basically this is a test level here with 4 stalactites, 3 steam geysers, and 6 flying bats.  I am enjoying the bat movement at this point.  Each time you play the game the cavern levels will have the same configuration of weapons for your use.  What will change is some slight variables on the initial speeds and directions of the enemies in the cavern.  The timer will likely be going away as now each cavern level has a limited number of weapons for you to use.  You use a cavern weapon by clicking on it with your mouse.

I hope to support interesting combos and other funny events perhaps to help your score and experience of the game.

Today my main goal is still to get all the behind the scenes engine working with my levels, get all the enemies moving correctly in the various levels, and finish coding all the weapon functions and effects.  That way tomorrow I can spend as much time as possible on bringing the graphics up to speed beyond the rapid primitives I’ve made everything here in.  My plan is to have the game be fun before spending anything more then the bare minimum on graphics because the game is what matters in the end to me.  Especially if I want to keep working on anything post-compo I’ll be far more motivated to improve graphics and polish if the actual game is fun!  😉


Click on the bubbling steam geysers or the stalactites at the top of the cavern with your mouse to trigger them.  Steam geysers work like a short range shotgun at the moment so wait for the bats to be near.  Stalactites fall so you need to time them right with the bats movement.  100 points per bat.  Max score of current demo is 600 points… 😉

They’re getting angrier…

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 8:59 am

6 hours of development so far and progress continues on my game…  thought I’d post a few early screenshots.  I’m working to get the first playable level done so I can continue messing with making the mechanics fun.  Doing bare minimum art as the lumpy bats will testify to:


Stalactites, Geysers, and Bats now spawn.  The bats have a funny animation right now which I think will make them enjoyable to watch flap around as you try to eliminate them.


Rough working main menu too.

Well, I’m stalling out on productivity right now because I am starving.  I have a chicken pot pie in the oven cooking but it won’t be ready for another 30 minutes so I’m powering on best I can.

I’m really trying to focus on getting the earlier playable and fun parts of this game coded.  Building out primitive menu systems and game framework logic so that I won’t have to mess with it later.  I have implemented the timing bar, level counters, and scoring widgets.  My hope is that once I get the basic ‘level format’ working I can do 5 rough levels with very basic art today.  Then tomorrow can be spent on improving the art and adding music and sound.

The Angry Caverns

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 5:26 am

Yes.. plural.  Been refining my idea a little.  I think I want to keep it more fun and interesting by making hopefully 5 different cavern levels.  Each with a slightly different theme and weapons and targets.  Each level will have a short time limit (1 minute?) in which you’ve tried to use the levels weapons (stalactites, steam vents, rock falls etc) to take out any life forms.  It will be a score based game tuned to encourage compelling replays and leaderboard competition.

I am thinking of some various themes for the cavern levels which are like 1920s bootleggers, 1700s pirates, 2000 teen hangout, 20,000 BC cavemen/critters, far future theme.

Potential Targets in the above themes:

  • creatures (sprinkled throughout all themes…?)
    • bats
    • centipedes
    • lizards
    • fish
    • bears
    • wolves
  • humanoids
    • teens (doing drugs? hanging out? contemporary theme)
    • cavemen (20,000BC theme)
    • explorers (going from A to B? contemporary theme)
    • pirates (after their treasure 1700s theme)
    • criminals (whiskey bootleggers (jugs / barrels with xxx, 1920s theme)
    • spacemen / aliens (future theme?

I’m excited about this game so far.  I think that with the variety of each cavern level having a different configuration of weapons layouts, path layouts and creatures with a unique theme it will be an amusing and humorous game.  Now I just have to see how much content I can pull off in the compo time limit.  I will attempt to get one playable theme first in case that is all I manage to pull off.  I’m thinking I’ll go for 20,000 BC wrapper first because I can do many cave creatures as well as humorous cavemen for targets.

The Angry Cavern

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 4:46 am

Gonna writeup my game idea that sort of synthesized while I slept last night.  I feel the fun and scope of this game will be something I can pull off in 48hrs in Flash.

What I’ve got so far:  You will literally be playing as a cavern in an action / shooting gallery type game.  Your weapons will be stalactites which you will click on to let drop.  They will regrow and be various sizes as well.  You will also be able to click on steam vents on the floor that will shoot up a rush of hot vapor.  These will also have a recharge rate and various sizes perhaps even growing in various spots as the cave floor changes across game rounds.

You will be attacking against all manner of cave life, native and alien.  There will be the usual bats, snails, blind fish etc as well as various human archetypes one might find in this genre.  The lost teen(s), the hiding criminal, the cave explorer, the national geographic expedition etc.  Eventually if you incur enough rancor with the outside world you will be visited by the demolitions expert who will attempt to blow you up by placing charges.

I want to keep this in the realm of action/arcade instead of defense genre.  I think it will be more fun to interact with the cavern and very analog based ‘reload’ concepts (like watching the steam recharge in the vents and watching the stalactites regrow from the ceiling) versus a ‘recharge bar’ artifice.

Left to figure out is just overall cave layout(s) and round / difficulty escalation.

I’m picturing a really cool looking drippy cavern. The drips could even help with guiding the aiming of your rocks and stuff by helping lead your eye at the correct gravity setting to hit your targets.  I’m thinking mouse based click-controls to launch various attacks but I don’t want it to be a click heavy game.

I think the humor element could be high in this game as well if I handle it right.

Here is a current rough mockup for color reference:


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