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Dr Mad Scientist on Ameba Warfare

Posted by (twitter: @emmaheroe)
Monday, August 24th, 2015 9:11 am

Well luckly i finished yesterday but when i came this morning i forgot to place simple things like: start the game… so the game just starts :)

I’m very happy with it, is not a game it self, but more like a toy, where you have to touch, and experiment, since you are the scientist i’m hopping that you will find very intresting combinations, fussions and other kind of funny situations!

Use your mouse and create ameba lifeforms in the screen to see them kill each other. ¿why? because you are a monstruos mad scientist stuff crazy kind?

who cares? just have fun creating little killing guys with endless combinations and results.


TickTack time is a monster

Posted by (twitter: @emmaheroe)
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 4:15 pm

finally the game is something playable, now you are some crazy cientist that for some reason made medieval weapons for cells.

screen2It was quite a challenge to create a flexible IA with evolution patterns, at thebeggining the bugs in the game made it quite funny, but when it stated to grow those funny bugs became a headache… So here we are, with a lot of little funny friends with axes 😀 pick your favourites, train them and try to get them to the top in the evolution chain!

Digital monstars for a monstar

Posted by (twitter: @emmaheroe)
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 2:49 am

Actually the game is getting fun from a different perspective. Is more like a toy, the creatures in the game are starting to behave quite funny and intresting, even when the IA is absurdly simple, the dinamics in the game create quite a lot of personalities.

For example, here you can find a fat ninja, a resistant peacelover poop guy, a very angry peanut and a lot of more… 😀 and see them kill each other makes me wonder what could happend if i let the game open all night…

lol so this is how gods feels when we are in war times :) he is souch a funny monsta

Anyway, still a lot of work to do! An other funny thing that happends is that the placeholder, now looks like an ameba, or cell or some kind of microscopic organism, but actually i didn’t do it, it was just randomstuff… but with a little effect of erosion to simulate their life bar, they become an antibody war kind arena…


EDIT: remember de ninja guy? well after 1 hour (or more i don’t know, but for sure is quite more), the litle bastard was still alive against all odds… but sudenly a new kind of ameba i just placed killed him! and can you gess what happend? well its imposible you do, because not even me expected this:


this is quite scary, because it digivolved… i don’t know what a hell is going on xD and i’m his maker!!!


Posted by (twitter: @emmaheroe)
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 9:23 pm

So here we go, at least the game is starting to get some form. Anyway, i don’t have graphics, and maybe i’ll never get to do them, so im using generic open source weapon icons that im sure no body will complain i mean look at this: Sin título-1 :I …. cmon…

There is, the creatures are randomly generated, but you choose to put them in the box or not. Is some kind of ants war for … stuff.  The crazy eyes maybe will be deleted in more advanced versions but for now the idea is growing good.Clipboard03still a lot of work to do, more IA, blood, objectives, blood, maybe some explosions?

#33 ladum dage am in!

Posted by (twitter: @emmaheroe)
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 6:58 pm

I have no idea what i’m going to do, i have less than 24 hs… so let the rock begin:

You are the monster.

After a lot of mental strugle to think a game for that, i decided to do a simple and funny thing for all monsters, massive killing stuff… after some sketches on my HayPad (just a piece of plastic that i “invented” to help teaching game design concepts) i come with this:

IMG_20150822_205113It will be a endless war simulator, you can create e… i don’t know… pixels… so the pixels will kill each other depending on his ..e… color… and each color will have different stats, so the battle result will depend on their stats and colors… yeah… aaand the funny thing is that you are like god, so you create thousand of pixels just to see them kill each other (having fun with their pain! o… you monster!! ta daaaaa )

i have to think an objective more specific but at least i have the game idea, missions, ways to loose and stuff will come later.


Well this is just starting, so here we go.

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