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Gardener Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @RustyBotGames)
Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 1:26 pm

The technology behind

This Ludum Dare I only could spend one day for making a game and I wanted to try out a new technology (HaxePunk). Usually that’s not a good idea for a time restricted jam, especially with restricting oneself even further.

Working with a new language and library worked surprisingly well. Tuning down the scope of my game probably helped, but Haxe seems to be quite a convenient language to work with. The HaxePunk library was a great addition to have quick results, as most of the basic engine stuff necessary for my game was already in there.

For creating some ambient background sound for my game I had a nice idea: As it is finally spring now in Germany, I wanted to record some spring sounds, like birds. I did this with my phone, which worked pretty well. Unfortunately transferring the file into Audacity did something very strange to the sound and it was too late to figure out how to solve it. That is the reasons the bird sounds seem more like from a jungle than a mid-European garden.


What’s that game about

As mentioned, I didn’t have the full 48 hours, so I had to come up with something really simple. The basic idea has some resemblance to my LD23 game Bottlecolonies, but this time with free placement and only two different colors. This makes the gameplay probably a little boring quite soon.

Can you spot the similar concept?

Can you spot the similar concept?

The idea is, that with each new planted flower, the existing ones will grow through different stages. If there are negative influences around (potatoes, mushrooms, different kind of plant) and surpass the positive ones (same kind of plants) the plant will decay. Additionally, a feature implemented quite late, the mushrooms will spread for a while. So goal and strategy of the game is to place the same kind of plants close to each other, block spreading of mushrooms and avoid the negative stuff around your seedlings. The rhythm as how the two different plants are seeded is quite simple. Each three plants it will change. You will win the game if there are enough grown plants and will lose if there are too many decayed ones.

What went right

  • Getting the idea (I already had this idea in my mind for OneGameAMonth for the theme “spring” and it also fits the LD theme)
  • Fast progress with a new tech (I’m surprised by myself how well I got into HaxePunk)
  • Making a Flash game (a lot more plays than usually with a Windows standalone)
  • Finish in time (was a long evening, but I did cut the features early enough)

What went wrong

  • Making the background sounds (as mentioned above, and took me some time to mix the few recorded sounds to not be to repetitive)
  • Player feedback in the game (A lot of people mentioned it: an indicator for the placing position and some feedback what will seed next would be great; I agree)

So all in all I’m quite happy with my entry.

Go play and rate

Close To The Finish Line

Posted by (twitter: @aszecsei)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 11:16 am

Sound design is done.  I’ve got a looping ambient track and a jump scare that manages to get me even though I know it’s coming.  It’s looking and feeling pretty good, and the only issue is how short it is, so now I’m gonna start working on having the goal move away from the player (at a slow pace, obviously, since the player’s speed is fairly low and they also have do deal with obstacles and things).

I’m finding the meta-game structure fairly easy in Unity; even though I’m not really doing much by way of GUI (minimalism!) I still get the feeling that I could easily make these controls look more thematically pretty if I wanted to do art…but I really don’t.

There's also an "exit game" button available for the non-Web-Player releases

There’s also an “exit game” button available for the non-Web-Player releases.

So close to the light...

So close to the light…

Again, on non-Web-Player-releases, there's an exit button.

Again, on non-Web-Player-releases, there’s an exit button.

Alright, a couple changes and then I’m done.  (8 hours later I’ll still have “just one more change” to make)

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