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Ooh look it’s a Ludum

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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 5:49 am

Just thought I should probably say something along the lines of “Hello”.

LD26 will be my fourth Ludum Dare, and (if all goes well) my second Compo entry. As is traditional for me, I’ll be using either Lua/Love2D or C#/Unity3D depending on how many dimensions my idea needs.

So far this year, I’ve been taking part in OneGameAMonth, and I’d like this LD game to be one of my entries. Trouble is, I’ve already made one game this month for the Game Prototype Challenge. So what I’m planning to do is to play the rules a bit and release a post-compo version on the 1st May, and enter that instead. Slightly sneaky, and actually quite silly when you realise there’s no actual rule about No More Than One Game Per Month, but at least this way will give me a bit more time in May to clean up some unfinished projects.

I’m a regular in the IRC channel #ludumdare, but during LDs the channel gets too crowded for me to keep track of, so over the weekend I’ll be retreating to #potatoes on the same server.

Oh, and I should probably point out here that I do not want Potato to be the official LD theme, but I do want it to be an unofficial extra theme like Goats last time or Kittens the time before that. Yay for third options!

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