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Rude Bear 13: Rude Bear Relics

Posted by (twitter: @AlexRoseGames)
Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 7:52 am

So, I was at Insomnia Gaming Festival this weekend showing off Super Rude Bear Resurrection (which got gold in innovation on Ludum Dare 28).

rude bear relics

In the meantime, I made the 13th game in the Rude Bear series, and my first ever 3D Game: Rude Bear Relics.


Game Page | Windows Download

Being at Insomnia was really useful, as we hit some snags with the animation, but we had some pro animators right nearby who knew exactly what to do, probably saving us days of problem solving.

We worked off concepts from our resident genius character artist, Simon Wong.

rude bear 3d 2

rude bear 3d 1

I wanted to get a framework down for my next game, so it was really just experimentation. I played a bit of Ocarina of Time and fiddled with the character controller to get the camera working the way I wanted (although we didn’t have a proper L target or attack system really at the end).

In SRBR all the control goes through Rude Bear’s character class, whereas in this one there were a tonne of interactable objects:


So now I’ve realised in future I need to make a generic class for dealing with this stuff – I copied and pasted so much code over and over, and some of it was really inefficient, like checking for input in multiple classes every fixed update.

I learnt a lot about animation. Had Rude Bear and the boss, who were both animated, though the boss actually, I rushed a lot and we couldn’t get the animations we wanted really. We were using Mixamo because of time constraints, but in future I want to do the animation myself.

Mana Man

Also, cloth physics are a nightmare!

I learnt a lot about 3D level design. I kinda “get” it now. I think if I did the jam again I would produce a much better game next time, just because I get the nuances of working in 3D. But especially, I need to think of a solution for the camera being spotty when you enter new rooms. Also, I need snapping tools, because the dungeon was a bit of a mess:


Also need nice prompts in future to make it clear that the dungeon item is reusable. I didn’t really get to do interesting dungeon mechanics because so much time was spent on the framework of the engine. If I reused this engine, I’d be able to do a really nice dungeon in another 3 day jam, get some nice mechanics in etc.

Either way, my first plunge into 3D demonstrated one thing to me: God damn Unity is easy for 3D. 2D is a constant hackathon to get PS4 quality gameplay, it’s absolutely trivial in 3D, everything just works. If we had some nicer models/skybox/textures and a good toon shader, we could make a pitchable prototype in absolutely no time. I mean, Rude Bear Resurrection:

Which was done with amateur art, had horribly balanced physics and zero snapping tools, eventually became this:

So, this one, again, amateur, incomplete animation and character controller/camera, no snapping tools, no shaders. I’m pretty sure I can do a really good job at a 3D game, this was a cakewalk, and considering it was the first 3D game I’ve made and I made it while demonstrating my game, getting wasted at 3 parties and constantly being distracted, like.. I think this is going to get far better than SRBR did, and I consider SRBR to have been pretty plain sailing up until this point now where we’re approaching FQA.

So yeah, anyway, please have a go, tell me your thoughts etc.

Also, thanks to Atmospherium for the music, and Jack Englert & Sophie Cook for art.

Game Page | Windows Download

Rude Bear Requiem

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Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 3:03 pm


Hey! I’m SonnyBone and I worked on Rude Bear Requiem last weekend. I was initially signed on to do the audio, but then our artist couldn’t participate as expected… so that kind of changed. I did all the music on Friday and Saturday, then I stayed up and did ALL of the art. It was less than ideal, and it resulted in a “unique” approach to art that I will cover in a more detailed post-mortem. By the end of the jam, I had been up for about 52 hours straight, resulting in hallucinations … which I think helped to turn this game into something truly memorable. We’re very proud of it, and we hope you like it!

Here’s one of the cute lil’ songs I made for the game.

If you dig what you hear, you can help me out and pre-order the extended OST here.


Rude Bear Requiem is an adventure/puzzle game about helping your forest friends by using magic to shapeshift into various useful forms. Rude Bear is normally Rude… but now he’s POLITE! So take advantage of this one time offer and dive into this totally cute, relaxing, non-threatening world!



Be sure to read the gameplay instructions on the entry page or in the ReadMe!

EXTRA HINTS: The title screen marks the beginning of the game, and the title drops down again at the end. You can still play around in the world at this point, but there are no more objectives. We can tell whether or not you played the full game based on your comments :)

Play the game here:

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