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My first Post-Mortem + Post-Compo version

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Sunday, May 13th, 2012 11:12 am

Hi everyone! This is my Post-Mortem for my LD game, ‘shiprage’!

How did I came up with the idea of these ships battling (for the world’s ownership)?

At first, I wanted to make a bacteria battling game, instead of a ship one. However, while testing effects on the bacteria cell, I realized how ‘cool’ it looked with the dropshadow effect on. Like if it was floating. Bacterias mutated into ships. Oh, bacterias mutating into ships? This is giving me more ideas… hehe



What went good! (or decent!)


I LOVE AI:  Is it incredible, isn’t it? You write some classes here, some classes over there, and, shazam! You’ve got some pretty slick badass ships. I really loved the AI in this game, in the ships, in the bullets, … It’s something I’ve enjoyed creating.

The environment: Flash is my first development tool ever. It’s the one with which I feel more confortable, and that’s very important. I hope that, by the next LD, I’m more confortable with other engines/SDKs, like haXe or Cocoa Touch, so that I’m able to change and have a different development experience.

The Pixel Art Editor: Thanks God! Somewhere over this website I found ‘PyxelEdit’! I usually used a crappy editor which always gives me headaches. Kudos for the creator!

Garageband: Another tool I’m quite confortable with. I’m looking forward to a MIDI-USB cable for connecting my synth to it.

Blitting: Wow, I hadn’t done ANYTHING with the blitting technique before. I’m impressed with the results. With the shadows over the platforms, for example.




What wen’t bad :(


The time: Oh man, I was SO busy that weekend.. With some more little time the game would have been much better!..

The lack of relation with the theme: The idea was that you had to conquer different planets (tiny worlds) with your ship friends/faction, conquering the enemies bases… however, in the final version, nothing of that was finished… :/

Souvenirs!: I didn’t make a timelapse. I believe I did record some part of the process with a screenshot-taker, but I haven’t had much free time to make a ‘montage’.

Lack of communication with the community: Because of the fact that I had little time to spend on this LD, I wasn’t able to check others process, neither post mine’s. Maybe for the next one.




What to do with the game?


Well, I have planned power-ups, base conquering, planets, … there’s a lot to do!
I’d like to make a multiplayer version (with Gamooga, maybe?), and perhaps a mobile port. I’m also open too suggestions! ¿Any?

Ah, and maybe finding a sponsor through FlashGameLicense in order to make some money! :3




Post-Compo version. I made some changes to the compo version. I added another camera mode (press ‘c’ to change among them), colored the bullets, changed the ammo system and added some huds, enjoy!

CPU-only version.


Thanks everyone for reading! To end with, I’d like to try some last games before the time runs out. You can leave your game as a comment, and I’ll check it out! :)

You can follow me on twitter (@AirRider3), and I’ll surely follow you back, because we’re all damn interesting people here :)

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