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Warmup game ‘The Wailing Woods’ music completed

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Thursday, April 24th, 2014 12:22 am

Making a warm-up game quickly, which I’ve entitled the Wailing Woods. Spent five hours today composing music and finished the music for the miniature project, I have a good feeling I might be able to score decently on musical composition this year on the competition at least, I’m not musician but I think I do an okay job at fulfilling the role and have gotten good at making quick loopable things that fit the mood.


Samples of today’s work (April 23rd):

Credits Theme

But For a Moment

Woods Whistle 1


And something I refer to as non-music, Unlogic. 


Not the best music ever, but proud to have made these and five other tracks in five hours. Hope it comes as easily for whatever the Ludum Dare game project is, and hope to continue practicing and improving and get this warm-up project done before the contest.

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