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Sunday, August 26th, 2012 6:17 pm

Aeon is epic snake evolution game. It extends over wast period of time.

It all began with small snake that was lost in woods. After many many years snake begun to evolve, to adopt to its environment. Snake was forced to live rest of its life in tight and dark world. Snake had to evolve so much that now, instead of eating other creatures, snake is consuming energy that it can find.

Your task it to help snake to survive as long as possible. That can be done by carefully but quickly planing your moves.

You start as a little helpless snake.

By collecting tokens you increase length of your tail. As time passes, barriers will start to appear out of nowhere. Be aware, they are dangerous!

As your tail isn’t of much use, by evolution your tail will disappear. This is normal.

As you can see, over time it’s darker and darker. In dark you don’t see a thing. You evolve. You consume energy instead of food and your head light path under you. This will greatly help you, especially since you are in tight space. You consume energy, during your first days, you have learned to use that energy more useful than just lightning you path. You can leave beacons that will stay lit so you can see where you have came from. Jumping is your specialty, but be careful what power ups you use, they cost energy.

Be careful and save your energy, without it you are dead!


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Aleksandar Toplek

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