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Im (most likely) in!

Posted by (twitter: @Alex_ADEdge)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 3:30 pm

This will be my 4th LD (excluding miniLDs)

Hoping for a theme like ‘End of the world’ or ‘Outer space’, something which could be scifi.

But we will see! No point getting too attached to a particular theme, I’ve made that mistake before.


Game Engine: BGE
Language: Python
Graphics: Blender/Gimp
Audio/SFX: Audacity
Music: ???


Also, big night. Hung over and on about 3 hours of restless sleep right now. Got just less than 4 hours for a powernap O_o


Ludum Dare mini (Charity) weekend – Im in!

Posted by (twitter: @Alex_ADEdge)
Friday, November 23rd, 2012 5:59 pm

Was into the idea of this Charity Jam right from the moment I first heard of it. Maybe its the awesome theme, maybe its the fact that its for charity (which already doubled the initial funding goal) – Just noticed McFunkypants has increased the funding goal because of this, good move :)

Either way, I’ve gone ahead and started my day by donating, every bit helps, so I suggest anyone who is able to donate.. To donate!


Now for the game jam side of things. I like the idea of the template, but wanted to use the BGE (Blenders Game Engine) for this LD (as I do for most Ludum Dares), so yesterday I thought Id come up with my own 3D template, you can see the end result below.

Turn table of 3D Funkytron

*Edit* Removed gif, was unoptimized and bugging out my browser, click the pic above to see it^


This version was more of a ‘proof of concept’ for myself, as I wasnt sure how well the screen projection would work (if at all). So yes, that game you see on the screen you *can play*. Its effectively a 3D game, looking like a 2D game, projected onto the flat 2D screen of a 3D Funkytron in a 3D game world <- this is the kind of thing I think up when I say to myself “lets keep this miniLD nice and simple!”     -_-‘

Everything worked as I wanted though, VideoTexture (the BGE module responsible for projecting that realtime display onto the Funkytron screen) works wonders.  Then, to further complicate everything, I decided it would be a good idea to use the Burster plugin with this game. For those who dont know BGE too well, or havent heard of Burster, its effectively a web plugin which lets you use run your BGE games in-browser. It complicates things because Burster has a bunch of restrictions, mainly on what python functions/modules you can use. A bunch of them are blocked for security reasons.

Thankfully, it works, so you can play this template version right now! Controls for the game, along with instructions and links to download burster are all on this page –

Feedback on if this works for you would be great! Also just basic feedback on how annoying/easy it is to download/install Burster and get the plugin running would also be handy. Thinking of using this plugin for future Ludum Dares depending on how it goes for this one.

The only downside to Burster is no Mac support, but 32/64bit Linux & Windows are both supported.

Also, as with any Ludum Dare, I’ll be providing the source code/files for the project, starting with the template (would be great to see others using this!)

Template download: (Youll need Blender 2.64a to open the .blend file and edit the game) – This game is using the Blender Game Engine (BGE)

Download template^


Template scene setup


So thats all for now. The LD starts in <1min, so I have a game to make! I’ve got a friends going-away party happening tonight, so Ill really only have the next few hours and the final 24 hours to work on a game, most of today Ill be afk. And Ill post about what type of game Im planning later as well!

Half-ish time report

Posted by (twitter: @Alex_ADEdge)
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 11:08 pm

Having a couple of hours of a serious lack of motivation at the moment. I did manage to get up fairly early this morning however and sit down to a nice can of energy drink at some retarded hour.

Progress with my game has been slow for a while, I was hoping to have most of the underlying systems finished and be moving onto throwing in content, but I dont even have a moving player yet. And progress is about to come to a complete stop for a few hours as I have a shift at work in ~30mins.

Heres one of the intro screens with the initial story details/clues:

Still yet to come up with a title!!

I have most of the menus done, the main character is 80% finished + a space station has been built and a few other things. I just need some animation, levels and cut scenes to get this game into action. Wont be sleeping much tonight, thats for sure but I find a lot of my better work is done in the final moments of something like this, when the rush begins :)

Another screenshot to wrap up this post, space station X15 which this will all take place on –

Lots of work to do… – ADEdge – 10h/remaining_LD19

Posted by (twitter: @Alex_ADEdge)
Sunday, December 19th, 2010 8:28 am

Still got a lot to do, not sure if Ill have anything worth submitting for the contest come 0 hour. Its 2am here and Ive had another busy day away from my computer *sigh*

Anyway a quick update, the menu page is done and working, it loads the game, exits and looks pretty.

Pretty uninspiring title. But until I think of something better it’ll do. – Feel free to make suggestions.

I also have basic game environment done, nothing major but its all I can do for now. Need to get this thing in the air and some more gameplay!

So much to do! Im about to do my last 2 hours for tonight (taking me to 4am) and ill really try to cram in some gameplay. Then tomorrow Ill try to get up on time to polish and submit (hopefully), and since this is my first LD I really have no idea how any of that will go! *Eeek*

Progress, of a sort – ADEdge – 23h/remaining_LD19

Posted by (twitter: @Alex_ADEdge)
Saturday, December 18th, 2010 7:27 pm

This is what I managed to do last night. Its amazing what mistakes a sleep deprived brain can make. I had a lot of issues baking AO maps because I had one silly button selected the whole time, which was the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning. Oh well.

But here is Discovery so far:

Far from finished.

-I dont like the ET texture much atm,

-The shuttle doesnt have markings yet, only an AO map

-I dont have much time to work on it anymore

-Need to get into some python to making it fly and get some environments done today! (But I have so many other things to do today as well… Gonna be a late night)


First Post – ADEdge – Hour 38_LD19

Posted by (twitter: @Alex_ADEdge)
Saturday, December 18th, 2010 5:42 am

Ludum Dare?

– Sounds like a great idea! Pity I only knew of its existence since last night. At T-14 hours until the theme announcement –  I walked into the Ludum Dare world, and was instantly impressed/excited/interested. I came across this whole thing from Notch’s twitter feed, and remembered seeing his amazing entry into Ludum Dare 18 earlier in the year (except at that time I had no idea what it was, and was too busy to really look into it)

The community vibe is great, I spent last night looking around the site, getting more and more pumped about the contest about to unfold and made certain I would keep tabs on its progress to see how it all worked, in preparation of Ludum dare 20 next April (which I planned to be my first attempt) But here I am now, about to get into this current contest. Pretty exciting to be able to go up against some major game designers.


– As soon as the theme went up and as soon as I got some time off work to check it, I was hooked. It took me a matter of minutes to work out the game I wanted to make, and once you get that little spark going theres nothing you can do to stop it. I mean its hour 38, Ive just had a super busy day, tomorrow will possibly be busier, but I really want to get something done for this, even with terrible time constraints. Im sure Im not the only one only just getting started.

Who am I?

-My internet name is AD-Edge, my real name is Alex Delderfield. Im from Australia, Im 21, Im studying Computer Graphics and Programming at University. (That covers just about everything)

Ive been writing/drawing stories since before I can remember, making 2D/3D animations in the past few years, and in particular focusing a lot on games. My tools of choice so far have been opensource and Im strongly a part of the Blender community as Blender is my primary tool.

My game!?

-Well the first thing I thought of when the theme was announced was the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Thats what the game will be based apon and I saw someone post saying that they hoped someone would do a game like this (I havent seen anyone else with this idea yet, lots of space stuff, but not space shuttles exactly)

In the game you are in control of Discovery, from T-2:00 mins on the launchpad, it will be your mission to get Discovery into the air and in particular, if your lucky and somewhat skilled with a tendency not to explode – space. There will be a mission to do once you get into space, one which involves a discovery of some sort (double discovery!!). I would like to do a landing part to the game as well when you return to earth, but Im trying to keep this thing short (I dont even know if Ill get up to getting this thing off the ground – haha D:)

If I have time I might attempt a landing part (but I really dont think Ill get that far). But theres always time after the contest to add these things.

What will I use for my game?

-Firstly (and obviously) – Blender.

For my first Ludum Dare I had a gut feeling to do something purely from code, some oldschool retro 2D platformer. But jumping into this one headlong I feel like I should stick to something Im fast with and have had plenty of experience with. So the Blender game engine (BGE) will be my engine of choice, a very much under-appreciated game engine in my opinion. Its not exactly UDK, not at all, but in the right hands some pretty cool stuff can be created. And lets face it, making games in BGE can be extremely fast (perfect!)

-I will also use Python for the scripting (thats what BGE uses)

-Gimp for all 2D texture needs.

-Audacity and maybe pysound for sfx control.

Anyway, next post Ill have a space shuttle to show, maybe more (lets hope)

Id love to hear comments, or other questions etc! Looking forward to getting to know this community better, and of course seeing some awesome games!


*Edit* Wow, post turned out longer than I thought, hope this isnt too long… :/


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