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Im in -late- but prototyping! here a little gif

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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 5:24 pm

The first idea is to use a rock to splash/kill some mobs on the way…



This time im use pure AS3 with some libs : Stage3D/CitrusEngine/Nape/Feathers with Intellij for the IDE

I’m in!

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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 5:28 pm

Yes, I’m in too! (so plug your noses:)

This will be my third attempt!

I’ll be using Flash and pure Actionscript 3 – no frameworks and other’s libs.

As usual I’ll give you advantage as I am starting with sleep again ūüėģ not before I see the theme (at 4 am : )

There is something special to think about theme and game concept while falling asleep – You wake up early in the morning before the alarm and you can’t wait to throw some pencil trails :)

Well, I’ll gona do this. Just prepared this soundFX tool – from my previous experience there is never enough time for integrating sounds.. It’s a singleton class that handles both sound effects and music loop.

This Is Hard

Posted by (twitter: @powderblock)
Sunday, May 26th, 2013 9:29 am

This is hard. I am making a game called Save The Cores, and I am worried I won’t be able to finish. Going into this, I knew things wouldn’t be super easy. I am using Flash and Action Script, I have barely any experience with Flash, so that was hard in it of itself. In retrospect, not the best idea.

Also, recently I have been having some personal problems, and I have been having trouble making games. I am sure this is a problem that a lot of indies face, but being a teenager, mine might be worse.

Anyway, update on Save The Cores, I have collision up. Which is a massive pain with Flash, it reminds me of the time I tried to code a calculator in year five. Just a ton of if statements and hitTests. Sound is a pain in the ass in Flash. It refused to use the music my musician made, so I might not even have sound. I’ll try and finish, but no promises.

Save The Cores

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Friday, May 24th, 2013 10:09 pm

For this Mini LD, I thought I would do something I have never done before, and use Flash. I only have a few weeks experience with Flash, which most would say is not enough to just dive and and roll with. While this may be the case for most, I have made more with less before.

So, my game, right. Since the theme for this Mini LD is the destruction of earth, I¬†immediately¬†thought of space for some reason… Although the story isn’t exactly clear for this game yet, you have been chosen to be the hero responsible for saving planet earth. In order to save the planet, you have to travel around a spaceship and collect cores. Hence, Save The Cores.
I was only able to put in about two hours today, but I should be working most of tomorrow.
I have semi-smooth x-y movement working, haven’t¬†gotten¬†collision up yet, but I have a good prototype for collection of cores.
Next would be collisions, then story, then fleshing out the level a bit, maybe some music in there somewhere, I hope this turns out well!

Game as it is now.
Now to get some sleep. (T_T)

Gone With the Wind

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Monday, August 27th, 2012 7:40 pm

In Gone With the Wind, O’Hara lives in the last stage of human society evolution and the consequent post-apocalyptic environment, due to it’s actions. His home was lost in the disaster and alone, he has to conquer a path filled with obstacles, struggling against time and the wind that threatens to do away with what’s left of his life.

Play and Post your Score! =D

I’m in!

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 4:12 pm

Coming up with an original, witty title is a lot harder than it looks.

This is my first ludum dare, and I’m not sure if I actually expect to come out with a finished project. My goals aren’t that high, but I still anticipate I’m going to have a lot of fun. I’m using a language that I’m not entirely familiar with, but I’m going to have a great working atmosphere and lots of documentation.

I’ll be using:

  • ActionScript 3 with FlashPunk
  • sfxr and sunvox (a free music tracker) for sounds and music
  • mtPaint for graphics
  • emacs for, uhh, everything else

I originally planned on using Perl and SDL for this, which I have a decent amount of experience with, but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get my game distributed in an easy format. I’ve jumped back and forth a bit between flash and javascript, and I have absolutely no experience with ActionScript 3. This is going to be fun. You know, I should probably go buy some snacks.

EDIT: Okay, I changed my mind. I’m using Python and PyGame, and probably Box2D. Worst case scenario I’ll use Lua and Love2D. Oh man, I really should have planned this out ahead of time.

Audeat Autumnus: 21 Days

Posted by (twitter: @thegrieve)
Sunday, October 10th, 2010 4:25 am

Today, after much faffing around I officially kick off my October Challenge game. After a long and heated debate between myself and an empty page in a notebook, I’ve decided to lower my sights considerably. I had intended to make a non-traditional tower defense game, I had two interesting aesthetics for this. One had the working title “In the Loop” and was centred around espionage networks intercepting information to stay relevant. The second was a hacker-orientated TD, where the towers are the various applications deployed in an effort to usurp control of the system.

Upon thinking about it, I realised that even though I have one of these ideas quite well fleshed out in design, to make it fun and interesting will take a hell of a lot of playtesting and iteration. So for this month I’m going to stick to tried and tested mechanics and make a traditional TD. The working title for this is “21 Days” since that is exactly how long I have to finish it and set it free.

My goals today are to get stand in creeps running around a tile-based map with quick and hacky A* directing them. Then get some grid-control and be able to plant towers (that do nothing yet). If I get this game polished up enough in the 21 days I might add a bit of meta-research, between levels you task scientists with researching technology dropped by creeps during the last mission, in order to develop more effective towers to help as the levels and creeps escalate. However, I’m going to focus on having a playable TD first.

Feature creep begone.

I’m developing in Flex/AS3 with Flashpunk. This is counter to my plans, as I had spent the better part of last week messing around in flixel. Flashpunk just seems that much more sensible, I can work far more quickly in it as I find its structure and usage much more intuitive, seems to me it was written more for programmers than flixel is.

Now, if I can resist the urge to play more Civilization I might actually achieve today’s targets….

AVOIDAL – Finished!

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Monday, August 30th, 2010 4:27 pm

AVOIDAL Final Version!

I am pleased to present the final version of AVOIDAL. It has gone through heavy changes since my last post-compo post.

I’ve been working very hard on it since Ludum Dare concluded and have put about 30 more hours of work into it (or about 50 or so total on this game so far.) I wanted to be able to get this finished in time to submit to August’s Experimental Gameplay Project since I was aware of their theme of “Zero Buttons” while I worked on this and I was able to do it!

Big thanks to Sparky who has given me a TON of invaluable feedback and ideas while tweaking this final version.

The menu should read v1.0.7 or greater in the top-left or your cache is old.


v1.0.7 – Posted 8/30/2010

  • Made HUD a little less cluttered

v1.0.6 – Posted 8/30/2010

  • Combo introduced and capped to x5 multiplier
  • Mines now can start moving around at higher levels
  • New “Mine Streak” bonus awards at 10,25,50,75,100,150,200
  • New menu layout
  • Tracks local highscore, highest streak and difficulty for local replayabilty and challenge
  • More sounds added for new notices and awards

v1.0.5 – Posted 8/30/10

  • New visual effect and sound effect for when a spike hits a mine (to differentiate and add variety from when a seeker hits a mine)
  • Smoother angled robot effect when mouse moves left and right
  • Smoke toned down to be less distracting
  • Mine lifespan increased at beginning to 6 seconds instead of 4
  • Added a 10 frame damage image to the robot torso to also help show player health
  • Adjusted game to run at 60FPS instead of 30FPS
  • Smoke now appears behind player sprite
  • Fixed score bug

v1.0.4 – Updated 8/29/10

  • More changes to difficulty curve based on feedback
  • Added Animation on How To Play screen to easily explain game mechanics instead of having as much text to read

Closing My Eyes: Final

Posted by (twitter: @davidrlorentz)
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 7:00 pm

Here it is! Enjoy yourself!

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the progress of this, I won’t spoil it by telling you what it’s all about.


Click to Play

Click here to download a Windows Executable + Source

Coded in ActionScript 3.0 with Tweenlite, with art drawn in Flash CS3, and sound created in sfxr.

LD14, yay!

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Monday, April 13th, 2009 8:40 pm

I am in! Well, I have an exam on the day after, but I’ll do my best to study enough beforehand that I can comfortably participate in the compo… we’ll see how that goes! :)

I’ll be using either Slick, which is a hardware-accelerated 2d Java library, or ActionScript3 for this contest, I think. Or fall back on Java2D if I don’t want to use the others for some obscure reason. :)

I’ll be using some of my SlickTemplate if I use Slick, or my Template4k if I go with Java2D, I think. Both are very short, smallish templates that really don’t do anything besides setting up a frame and saving input states.

That’s all for now. Good luck in the competition, everyone!

LD14 Baby!

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Monday, April 13th, 2009 10:22 am

I am pretty sure I’m going to make a go of LD14 this weekend.¬† I will be voting in the theme rounds all week long and take a look Friday to see the theme that is picked.¬† I will make up my mind then for sure.¬† Why the hesitation?¬† Well, I have a lot of things I’m already working on game wise so I have to make sure working on ANOTHER game is the best use of my energy… ūüėȬ† I do love the LD compos though.. it’s what got me back into game programming again so it will always have a lot of pull on my heart.¬† It is just so much fun as many of you know to participate in this event.

As far as programming tech and libraries go I will be making a change for the first time in all my LD experience!  Previously I was rocking the Ruby language and using the excellent Gosu game dev library (which I still highly recommend!)

This time I’ll be using Flash / ActionScript 3.0.¬† I have spent the past couple months learning ActionScript (first used AS2 for one game) and then another game I did in AS3 to work on my knowledge in that.¬† Plus I’ve cranked through a couple really great books I picked up that I also highly recommend to anyone looking to make the leap.¬† Essential ActionScript 3.0 (O’Reilly), ActionScript 3.0 Animation (Keith Peters), and Flash CS4 Professional¬† (Katherine Ulrich). The Kongregate Shootorials were also a great place to start for AS2 and they have an AS3 version of the finished tutorial to learn from the code (it is well commented.)¬† I learn good from books so I had to grab a few to help out.¬† Anyway, I’ve been having a blast with Flash / ActionScript!

I’ve been very impressed by how quickly you can rough out a game prototype using the Flash authoring tool and some simple ActionScript classes.¬† I used to think that I’d be hard pressed to find as rapid a dev environment than what I was already using with Ruby / Gosu but all I can say is DAMN.. flash is fast.¬† :)

Plus, the added benefit of having both rapid playable cross platform versions for compo feedback as well as not worrying about the various builds after the compo and I think it builds a strong case as rapid prototyping tool geared for quick compos like this one.

Tool Set I want to use:

Flash / ActionScript 3.0

Libraries I want to use (if this seems ok par the rules?):

GreenSock’s tweening engine TweenMax / TweenLite

Looking forward to a great theme and a great compo everyone, take care!

Ondrian Fordrian Final

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Sunday, March 8th, 2009 2:05 pm

Here it is!

It’s lovely!

Play it here.

This game is sort of like Frogger, except you can’t move backwards. Enjoy!

I had a lot of fun with this.¬†I wanted to do a couple more sets of levels with other Kandinsky paintings, but I didn’t have time.

Coded in ActionScript 3 + TweenLite, with art stolen from Wassily Kandinsky, and animations created in the Flash CS3 API.

Only Forwards + Mondrian = Ondrian Fordrian


Ondrian Fordrian?

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Friday, March 6th, 2009 10:52 pm

Well, after a couple of hours playing old LD games (which tend to be amazingly good, btw), here’s my screwball idea.

Only Forwards + Mondrian = Ondrian Fordrian

In this mashup, I intend to mash extra hard, almost beyond recognition. In other words, I will be interpreting my inspirations loosely.

In Only Forwards, the avatar is always moving forward and the player’s inputs cause the avatar to turn left and right. In Ondrian Fordrian, the avatar is either moving forward or not moving at all; input consists of exactly one key, the MOVE FORWARD key. The player’s goal is to move forward as much as possible.

In Mondrian, the visuals are inspired by the De Stijl artist Piet Mondrian. In Ondrian Fordrian, the visuals are inspired by the Bauhaus artist Wassily Kandinsky. Or who knows, once I actually have a game maybe I’ll go with someone else, someone whose work is more gamey, like Mondrian’s friend¬†Theo van Doesburg, founder of the De Stijl art movement. I totally just looked all that stuff up on Wikipedia.

In Ondrian Fordrian, the avatar is a Kandinsky doodad attempting to traverse the frightening, bewildering Kandinsky miasma. His goal is to move forward along his curvy, Kandinskic path. Everything moves. Some of it pushes him backward, some of it can hurt him.

Never Look Back. This is the second (way more boring) title for this game.  Never look back, Kandinsky doodad. The past is past, and the only way is forward.

I will be working in Flash with AS3. I intend to finish the game this weekend, but it’s going to be meager, for a couple of reasons. Chiefly, I have a lot of other stuff on my mind, plus the weather’s so damn nice.

The Shorty Fusetival?

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Friday, March 6th, 2009 8:15 pm

The Shorty Fusetival.. oh god no

This could only bring madness… or terror… or both!

Short Fuse + The Hairy Chestival.

I’m going for it!¬† This is rough mockup to get the idea down but basically instead of the old miner carrying the leaky powderkeg.. we have our miner taking up a different profession.¬† That’s right, he’s using the lawnmower (or is that chestmower?) from The Hairy Chestival.. only problem is that the lawnmower is leaking fuel like there’s no peak oil!¬† You have to mow down the dry grass (or is that… hair?) before the spark ignites your fuel mixture.¬† Oh yeah, for some reason the field is littered with explosive barrels that you can’t run into but that you have to destroy.¬† There will also be a fuel meter on the lawnmower that will run out I think as well (like the button to discard the powderkeg in Short Fuse.¬† I still have to work out exactly what the rewards are (do you really need one in a game so ludicrous?¬† ūüėȬ† ) and what the dangers are.¬† But, I have high hopes for this.. hehe.¬† I’ll be using Flash.¬† Either AS2 or AS3.. jury is still out for this mini-LD.

Mini LD 8 !! …and a conundrum

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Friday, March 6th, 2009 4:07 pm

I love the theme of the mash up and am scouring the archive grid looking at old thumbnails.¬† I’m trying to find a concept that won’t be too ambitious at all.¬† The reason?¬† Because this weekend I will make some progress towards learning AS3 I hope.¬† I have my Essential ActionScript 3.0 book handy.¬† I have my Flash CS4 Professional book handy.¬† I have healthy snacks…¬† I have angry chihuahuas.. (well not really, but my wife and I are picking up a new puppy tomorrow!¬† Shiba Inu mix, not chihuahua I’m afraid.)¬† :)

I have already made 1 Flash AS2 game so far but know nothing about actually using the Flash tool for making animations and such things.¬† I also “know” AS2 in that sense that I’ve been programming in other languages a long time and can now brute force any kind of ugly code into working but I’m far from the land of knowing best practices so far!¬† I really want to push on past AS2 though.

I think it would be fun to find a mash-up game that will ideally not be too large in scope that will allow me to get to know the Flash authoring tool and AS3.  It does mean I have to make some more progress in the AS book.

Only time will tell what will happen.¬† Epic Fail?¬† We shall see!¬† ūüėČ

TurnStyle (Spawn of Cryptid Puzzle Challenge) Released

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Saturday, February 28th, 2009 8:37 am

Well after an incredible amount of work I have finally released my first Flash / ActionScript 2.0 game! You can play it here if you’d like. I hope it is cool to post here because it is relevant in that the original game play idea came from my Cryptid Puzzle Challenge entry in the Mini-Ludum Dare #7 competition back at the beginning of the month.¬† I also wanted to really share it all with my buds here at Ludum Dare!¬† :-)

Here is level 3 from my first Flash game TurnStyle.

TurnStyle is a unique visual and memory based puzzle game where each of the 15 puzzles are original illustrations that follow a complete story arc over the duration of the game.

Every puzzle is made up of individual pieces which have been randomly rotated so that they are scrambled each time. You must work quickly and efficiently to rotate the individual pieces into the proper alignment before the timer runs out.

There are easy, medium, and hard difficulty puzzles mainly guided by the amount of individual image pieces that make up each puzzle and the way that I break up the images into pieces.

Personal best records are stored locally for score and rotation count per puzzle. Global high scores may be submitted to the Mochi Leaderboards at any puzzle progress screen. You are able to retry a level if the time runs out.

I haven’t submitted it to any portals or whatnot yet so it is living at it’s mochi-ads home right now.¬† I’m using their encryption, version control platform, advert api, and leaderboards/facebook api.¬† Seems pretty easy to setup.

I will try to post more about my adventure in creating this game and learning Flash over at my personal site but for now this is finished!

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