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team tartan paint postmortem & timelapse

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Sunday, August 18th, 2013 2:14 pm

here`s our teams wrap up video from the miniLD 7dRTS. we enjoyed participating on ludum dare and we`ll be seeing you guys again! :)

Playing multiplayer 7drts entries alone

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Saturday, August 10th, 2013 7:38 am

Hey guys, I just came across this entry,Capture Effect, when browsing some of the 7drts with few reviews. Noone seems to have bothered playing it because it requires 2 people, so you get stuck connecting…well just play yourself in another browser tab! This is a easy way to check out the game and its mechanics, most of these entries lack an AI anyway so really its the same as single player with no ai. Im posting this because this entry is AMAZING and there have been other gems like it this contest which are ignored due to supposed “connection issues”.

Sometimes an entry may seem unplayable if noone exists to play with. But it is actually very easy to get around if youre in a local hosting setting or using a web player. Just open the game twice, and play yourself! Cant play the great entry, IKON_COLONIZE, because it requires 3 people? Well that’s ok you can still explore the game’s wonderful mechanics and graphics by opening 3 browser tabs!

Check out Capture Effect by Sergey Mohov here:

Really late post of a 7dRTS game but that’s okay

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Saturday, August 10th, 2013 3:01 am

So my buddy Jan Marcano and I teamed up to make a game for 7dRTS. Due ti my internet connection problems and his family trip we didn’t really finish in time. So here’s what we left off with. We may finish this up or not. Hard to say at the moment. Enjoy it tho :)

Desktop Version (Only tested on Windows): Download

Android Version: Coming soon-ish

–Gameplay Instructions–

Play as the left castle and try and destroy the right castle. At the moment the only aspects in the game that have a function are the first 4 (Barracks, Siege, Archery, and Workers). I’ll explain each of the working aspects below.

Barracks: Determines the spawn rate of your warriors. The higher the number, the faster they spawn.

Siege: Controls reload speed for your Catapult. The higher the number, the faster it shoots.

Archery: Controls how fast your Archer can ready it’s bow. The higher the number, the faster it shoots.

Workers: Used to “repair” your castle, restoring your HP. The higher the number the more HP you get back. (We currently have an animation for this but it is not in atm).

In this game there are only a few units and they have a simple purpose. Here are their info.

Warrior: The Warrior is a melee unit used to attack your enemy’s castle. A warrior will spawn at a steady rate from the front of your castle and move toward your enemy. This rate is directly affected by the Barracks aspect. If it encounters an enemy Warrior then it shall perish along with the enemy’s Warrior. When a Warrior reaches the enemy’s castle it will do damage and then perish.

Catapult: The Catapult is a ranged unit that repeatedly shoots rocks at the enemy castle. It can not get killed and it only effected by the Siege aspect.

Archer: The Archer is a ranged unit that sits atop your castle. It’s purpose is to shoot any enemy Warrior that gets into range. It’s reload speed is directly effected by the Archery aspect. The Archer can not die.

7dRTS – Troops – Too Easy Games

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 12:34 pm


Soooooooo we’re a little late delivering our entry for 7dRTS… unfortunately a number of distractions raised their ugly heads during the second half of development but we soldiered on and are proud to present Troops!

Troops is a side-on 2D/3D game that mixes strategic unit placement and skill shots with real time multi-player mayhem. It was made in Unity from scratch in just over 8 days by 2 programmers and 2 artists from the lovely city Dundee, Scotland. Music and soundFX were obtained under Creative Commons licences which can be found on GitHub along with the source, linked below. All other assets were produced during the 8 day period.

Screen 2

Gameplay Overview

  • Game consists to two teams with 6 Troops each, placed at either side of the map. Shoot your enemy until there is nothing left to shoot.
  • Adjust your Troops’ fire power and aim to perform skillshots at a distance or in close quarters.
  • Weapons have a set reload time and Troops need to stand still to reload, moving them will reset the reload time. You can adjust aim & power without interrupting the Reload.
  • Game ends when one army is wiped out. No base building, its all about the Troops.
  • Multiplayer: Connect to a hosted game via the master server or by IP and become victorious!
  • Practice controlling, aiming and shooting with your troops before joining the fray in offline mode. No AI yet :(


  • Select your troops with left click / drag and move them by right clicking
  • Manually aim troops’ shot trajectory & power with right click and dragging from a selected unit, or ctrl + right click to fire at a position.
  • Scroll the camera with the middle mouse button


The jam was certainly a challenge for us but we had an absolute blast! Hopefully there’ll be more larger scale Ludum ‘mini’ jams in the future, the games produced have all be phenomenal.




Also, check out an entry made by one of our programmers for #LD26 😀

Make Friends Don’t Bake Them


World’s Aftermath – Post Mortem

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 2:14 pm

Hey guys, just wanted to take the opportunity to write a bit more about World’s Aftermath, and the process behind it.


One thing we strived for when we were planning this project was that we really didn’t want to use any content that wasn’t our own. So, from day one, Nicolas set out drawing pixel art, laying down guitar tracks, and doing voice overs for the character deaths. He kept a steady stream of content coming in, and I plugged away endlessly programming it all together. Every day when I returned home from work Nick told me he’d been up till 6am drawing dozens of animations. One night he stayed up all night animating 30 strips of animations and laying down the entire soundtrack. By the end of it all, we had 300+ frames of graphics, 6 original songs, 50+ original sounds, and half a dozen levels.


All of the source code is original too. I’ve been working on a 2D game engine since 2007 that I’ve been using for all my other projects. The night before the competition I gutted out one of my projects of all it’s content so I could start with a blank canvas. I used my custom World Builder (level editor) to design the levels. The engine is written in Java, and uses the Java2D graphics library for rendering (which I’ve optimized immensely). The most important thing, I realized, was that I would need to be able to create units for the game as quickly as possible, and that I wanted hundreds of units and hundreds of bullets on the screen at once. The game was going to be visceral and gratuitous and I think we hit the mark.





Every single variable, animation, sound, and unit/bullet type is defined in the INI files in the /gamedat/ folder (which leaves rooms for mods). By the time we were finished, units, bullets, sounds, levels, etc. could all be added without a single line of programming. To make sure the units could pile up without slowdown I wrote a spatial partitioning algorithm that sweeps over all the units at the beginning of every frame. Each unit is put in a different “bin” for every 100 pixels.  This way, unit vs unit or bullet vs unit comparisons are made only on those units in the surrounding area by getting only those “bins” in range.


We really looked to Command and Conquer as a source of inspiration for this bad-boy. We wanted to capture the vibe of the original Command and Conquer, but we also wanted to make a game that could be played by anyone, without ever having played an RTS. So, we simplified the control scheme and mechanics quite a bit from a traditional RTS. This is where we feel we’ve innovated. Without direct control of unit placement, we were able to reduce the gameplay down to three actions (purchase, attack, defend), but made sure we left room for emergent gameplay and strategy. This created a very casual gameplay experience but also leaves room for a great amount of depth.


From the start, we realized the importance of making sure it was completely clear how to play without any sort of tutorial. So, we designed an intuitive and simplified control scheme that is ultimately compatible with touch screens. In this fashion, the entire game is playable with only a mouse, only a keyboard, or only a touch screen. Unfortunately, we had to ditch the tower defense and defend actions for this version, but adding them in our final release will give that additional layer of control that will really bring the gameplay together as a complete package. Forcing the player to commit to an attack makes each decision of what units to send, how many, and how often, that much more important; and the immediate urgency to capture towers right from the start sets the pace from the start of a match. Finally, the need to unlock tiers of units, as well as the importance of purchasing and defending your harvesters ends up making each purchase critical.

Finally, I’d like to mention that a design decision was made very early on to use object oriented code design to cleanly separate each aspect of the game. In this fashion units are separated from teams, and teams from players. We will be able to add in network support fairly easily for the full release, as the code is designed in a way to make networked control of a player trivial. Something we wanted to do from the very beginning was to play versus each other, so the full release will certainly have online multiplayer.

Music/Sound Design/Ambiance/Inspiration

We’ve both always been huge fans of the earlier games in the Command and Conquer franchise. And even though Nick won’t play me anymore because I dominate him every time, we wanted to draw from these games for inspiration. We intentionally left out a unit cap, and made sure the game could facilitate as many units as a player could afford. The music and sound design were crucial, also, in creating an homage to these games. We laid down some guitar tracks ala Frank Klepacki (see below), and did our best imitations of the Wilhelm scream that Command and Conquer used so charmingly for it’s infantry death sounds. Getting the artistic direction of the two factions and the mood of the game just right was critical–since graphic design makes or breaks a first impression–so we worked hard to capture a dystopian “Red Alert Vs Tiberian Sun” feel. We decided the more conventional “Rebel Scum” vs the domineering and futuristic “Allied Collective” would be a good representation of this. There isn’t a story explicitly stated in-game, but we feel we hit the mark with our “show don’t tell” approach that we meticulously crafted through the subtle use of our art direction and the limited wording/naming we sprinkled throughout the game.

















In closing

Looking back, we feel very satisfied by what we’ve accomplished here. In 7 days we’ve completed a game from start to finish with all the technical aspects of game development accounted for (sound, music, graphics, level design, victory conditions, menus, AI), and a strong core set of game mechanics. We’re geared up to now create a proper release of the game, having proven our prototype, and in the coming weeks we’ll polish the game with all the love in the world and release a free version of the game with all the bells and whistles.


Download/view our entry here:

“Rock, Paper, Geometry!” Postmortem

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Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 10:32 am


This is my first postmortem on my first LD game. I am not going to write much text, here it is some facts and thoughts.

“Rock, Paper, Geometry!” – is a real-time tactic game based on “rock, paper, scissors” rules with random generated levels and impulse movement.

What went right

  1. I’ve finished it!
  2. Feature cutting. I’ve cut more than 80% of  all planned features, leaving the most important and delicious. Time restriction is a powerful productivity tool :)
  3. Surprisingly the game balance was achieved very quickly.
  4. Very poor random AI generates different fun situations.
  5. I think the gameplay has a good combination of skill and luck, providing a replayability.
  6. Sound effects made the “feel” better.


What went wrong

  1. I was distracting by my real job and 7 days unfortunately became 3 days.
  2. No ambient music.
  3. Hard to remember the rules of the game at the beginning.
  4. The art. I hadn’t enough time to improve it.
  5. Poorly written code. There is a little chaos :)



I’m very proud that my first LD experience was fun and I finished the game against the all road blocks! Thanks for reading!

Booty Defense

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Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 12:29 am

It’s been a crazy week, but we finally have a (arguably) playable prototype. Still plenty of work to be done, but here is our first version:

Sail the high seas and defend your booty from other pirates!

Booty Defense (working title) is a prototype programmed by Rob Williams, with art by Dustin Brown and music by Jordan Beischer.

Heavily inspired by Plants Vs Zombies but with a lot of different features planned for the future.

Updates coming soon! Stay tuned to

7dRTS – Super Simple Switching Strategist

Posted by (twitter: @Nekith)
Monday, July 29th, 2013 11:10 am

So here it is.

Super Simple Switching Strategist - Screenshot

So basically it’s a rip off of Z, from The Bitmap Brothers (1996), but on rails.

You “control” an army of robots that are too stupid to be controlled directly. So you have a set of waypoints when you give them direction orders. You win when you reach the enemy fort waypoint.

That’s pretty much it. It’s ugly but functional.

Source code is there, on github.

Cya late august for the next LD !

City Fall – DMT – 7dRTS

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Monday, July 29th, 2013 9:27 am

The city is under attack! Set out to save as many building as you can in this manic mess of a RTS. Check out the entry here and play it online!

Early this morning I submitted City Fall. It is really not where I would like it to be but after Unity deleted the game scene, I figured it was a good time to call it instead of going back to the backups. I will continue to work on a smoother, optimized version of my game this week.

This was my first Ludum Dare, first game jam, and my second week learning Unity3D. I thought RTS would be too complicated a game so I am happy that I was able to just submit.

I worked on this alone and used allot of third party resources, please see the credits below the web player.
The game was created over 7 days using Unity3d, Fireworks, Blender, Javascript, C#, and many great third party assets.

The game features basic RTS mechanics:

  • Target selection(Units, multiple units, enemy, building). Occluded/non occluded object selection availible.
  • Roaming AI with prioritized targeting(Path finding & collision are slow in the current version sorry)
  • Active and passive attacking of enemies.
  • Destructible building.
  • A handful sound effects and some ambient music.
  • Basic UI, selection, mini map, and HP bar GUI.

City Fall – DMT – 7dRTS


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Sunday, July 28th, 2013 2:05 pm

Going to write a longer thing later, but for now, I am going to call the jam version of this game complete… There are some issues with it (MAJORLY), but I think it is playable? I hope it is at least.

Play IKON_COLONIZE on kongregate.

EGGZ builds and timelapse!

Posted by (twitter: @wilbefast)
Sunday, July 28th, 2013 1:37 pm

EGGZ is a real-time strategy game with eggz in it – click on the EGGZ for a sweet 48-hour timelapse EGGlapse 😀


Click here for 48 hours of EGGy goodness :D

As mentioned in my last post Eggz was essentially finished in 48 hours, though they’ve been a couple of bug-fixes and enhancements since then. I’ve also been very lazy about building a version for distribution, but I’ve finally gotten around to it:

Lightweight .love file for Linux, Mac and Windows user with LÖVE installed

Cross-platform .love file

Windows executable

Windows .exe and .dll files

Unfortunately the game has no AI, so if you don’t have a friend to play with you’re not going to get much out of the game :(

I’ve drawn up a quick state-machine that should play the game adequately but it’s not going to be in the 7dRTS version I’m afraid. Check the game page for any post compo improvements :)


Looking forward to playing your games guys, I really love RTSs – let’s revive this genre 😀

A preview of the death and destruction

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Saturday, July 27th, 2013 11:17 pm

Darn, it’s getting close to the deadline and there is still so much left to do.

Check out the web demo for a preview of the death and destruction. Still need to get the player units attacking and responding.

Units dieing, buildings blowing up... mech rampage!

Units dying, buildings blowing up… mech rampage!


Posted by (twitter: @wilbefast)
Saturday, July 27th, 2013 10:14 am

Good new everyone 😀

EGGZ is a real-time strategy game with eggz in it…


I was really happy to hear that there’s a 7 Day RTS, because I really love RTS game – it’s a pity more indies don’t make them!

Anyhow, we held this friendly multiplayer oriented game jam called the “Funky Future” last weekend, so I decided to make a single-screen competitive RTS controlled with the keyboard (or a gamepad) and with no elimination. The game was basically finished last weekend, but I’ve been tweaking it and doing bugfixes since then.


Some new features

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Friday, July 26th, 2013 11:42 pm

Today’s new features:

  • Improved animation
  • Place units using UI
  • Select all units by type (~, 1,2)
  • New enemy mech unit. Like most of the models its thanks to Sits there and shows hp if clicked.
  • Some Audio but allot is hidden. Will be cooler when units are fighting, dieing or taking fire.

Hoping to have combat ai and building destruction done by this time tomorrow. As always the web demo is available and updated many times a day.



hull breach

Posted by (twitter: @jonbro)
Friday, July 26th, 2013 2:20 pm

I have been working on my 7drts for the past 5 (+2) days, and I guess it is time to make a quick blog post about it, so that I have a recent record beyond the git logs.

My intent was to make a micro-dota or dota like type thing. I have also been recently applying a very strict visual limitation to my jam games, in an attempt to stretch a specific type of muscle, and to lower art costs. I spent the last weekend trying to get netplay up and running, and after two days, I packed it in. I have permission from the job to work on this during the day though, so I was able to switch gears on monday and hammer away on the core game. I had something playable by midday tuesday, and had tweaked a bunch of the parameters and behaivors for the rest of that day and wednesday.

You can see two versions of the project below:

One of the big issues was that I was intending to make a 3 player game, and the fact that I only had one other person in the office this week made it such that I couldn’t properly test it. So it was a choice at the end of wednesday of either adding netplay, or hanging up the whole project until I could get a third person around to test it. I decided (probably wisely), to re attempt to get netplay working. By thursday evening (late, late evening) I had it such that you could see the players moving around, and by mid day friday I had something that was playable. Unfortunately it was full of bugs, but I managed to clear all those by end of (work)day friday. After that I got some 3 player matches in, and got really valuable feedback on mechanic changes that could be made to make it more interesting and deep.

I think I will probably take tomorrow to polish the game, make netplay a more enjoyable experience (put in a chat room in front, make the game actually go back to the lobby chat at the end, have player names), add audio, and more pleasant graphics. There is some lore that I want to cram in somewhere, but I am not sure where it wil go. Possibly just on the pre and post game screens.

On sunday, if I am not totally burned out, I will give the mechanic changes a shot and see if anyone from twitter or where ever will be able to test them with me.

If anyone wants to play a build, here it is.

unity webplayer… you will need two friends, it doesn’t work with less players anymore. Find friends to play with on irc or im I guess.

controls are arrows to move and z, which brings up a selection menu that you can choose the state your hero is in.

Spawner Pawners is out RIGHT. NOW.

Posted by (twitter: @rubna_)
Friday, July 26th, 2013 1:30 pm

Spawner Pawners Page

that’s it that’s all I’m OUTTA HERE

bomberman RTS screenshot

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