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Monday, April 18th, 2016 7:32 pm

Hack_Switch is a 2.5 D side scrolling puzzle platformer. You are a hacker and must hack The System, from the hardware to the software. The core mechanic is shifting the world 180 degrees and thus switching worlds that contain different environments. Expect a lot of neon and good beats.

Just finished our local gamejam as a team of 5 3D artists and limited programming know-how, will continue to upgrade the game further and hopefully release it as a full game eventually.

Good luck to all you jammers!


Windows Build

Box ‘N Bash Post Mortem

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Sunday, December 20th, 2015 8:41 am

This is the post mortem of Box ‘N Bash, as told by Budaniel (me), the programmer an artist for AAGH Games. Box ‘N Bash is the first Ludum Dare we did not livestream, which was a little unusual feeling but it was a conscious decision because were trying something new this time.

Box 'N Bash logo

We had been aiming to start on 3D game development using Unity and decided that making a working game in 72 hours was the perfect time to figure it out. Aside from some tinkering around, I didn’t have any experience in C# or 3D graphics, which is a bad start seeing as both of those fall under my jurisdiction. My concerns were alleviated when a working prototype came together early on, and we finished on time, despite some last-minute bug fixing.


Box 'N Base EvolutionThe evolution of Box ‘N Bash

The good:

  • Learning a new (to us) engine in 72 hours
  • Finishing our game on time is always a good thing
  • We got a little bit of our trademark humor into the game

The bad:

  • We left a number of incidental elements on the cutting room floor, such as the doors opening when the Box Goblins came out, as well as already-recorded sound effects and voiceovers
  • The balance might be off, but everybody testing it had different opinions on its difficulty level so we just had to wing it and hope for the best

The WTF:

  • The voiceovers didn’t come out as clear as they probably should have

The Future:

  • We plan on producing a WebGL version this for the AAGH Game Center, our game portal site.

Well that’s all for this post mortem. If you haven’t yet, give Box ‘N Bash a look.

We’ll see everyone again next LD!

Another Successful Ludum

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 2:53 am

In every Ludum Dare we’ve done so far, we’ve stuck to 2D. For one, we rather like 2D games, plus the engine we were using (Stencyl) only supported 2D. This time, with other, future projects on our mind, we made the decision to make our first attempt at a 3D game a Ludum entry, using the time crunch to force us to figure it out ASAP. This is the result.

Box 'N Bash logo

Box 'N Bash screencap

Ok, so it’s more 2.5D, seeing as how it uses 3D models but still takes place entirely on one plane. Still, as a first foray into a new engine, in this case Unity, we’re rather pleased. We’ll have a proper wrap up of its development later.

In the meantime, give Box ‘N’ Bash a rating, would ya?


Coffee, rolling balls and streaming bytes of video-data

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Saturday, December 12th, 2015 3:44 am

Good morning, folks! (it’s morning at my place at least 😉 )

My game will be this (pic of my whiteboard with the game cornerstones):

my general game idea on my whiteboard

I already started developing, if you wanna watch me develop and listen to me talk to myself, you’re welcome to join my stream 😉

TileCraft: an open-source multi-platform 2.5D modeling tool

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Thursday, April 16th, 2015 9:13 am

**EDIT** I’ve changed the post time (hope it is not a problem for the admins) because quite a few people downloaded the ALPHA8. I am sorry it was bugged and it could not run at all. I’ve just released a fixed ALPHA9 (tested on all platforms).

Hello guys,

I’ve made a tool based on LGModeler (by AngryOctopus) which was based on a challenge.

The software is still alpha but it works (I’ve been working hard and fast to make it works for this ludum dare).

Test it and see if it can be a good companion for this Ludum Dare.

The TileCraft github project (star it if you like it!)

A quick guide to use the tool

Download for Windows, Mac and Linux

Happy coding and good luck for LD#32 😉


2.5Dino Arena

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Monday, December 8th, 2014 8:00 pm

This was my first Ludum Dare. I ended up working by myself… and actually the main reason I am even doing this is to find collaborators. I did all the pixel art from scratch and would very much like some feedback because I am kind of new at it. At first I didn’t really like the theme, but once I brainstormed some classic single screen games I had enjoyed in the past (SmashTV), I realized it wouldn’t be so bad. I had some grand plans of dinosaurs, jetpacks, and rocket launchers, and I am glad at least 2 of those made this version. I wanted to do a lot more, but that was probably my noobishness. I love making chiptunes/erocktronic music, but I didn’t have time. I was trying to make it so people could make maps using Tiled Map Editor, or at least load multiple maps during gameplay, but no time. The one thing I did right was to use some of my old Unity Scripts and enter the jam instead of the compo… maybe compo next time. I will add more dinos, weapons, maps, and block types, and some music.

Here is my entry:




I am in (for jam)

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Friday, December 5th, 2014 12:28 am

This is my first Ludum Dare, so I thought I would just do the jam rather than stress out and end up not doing it at all.

My friend will be helping me, and I will be using some scripts I wrote for unity last year for the base (renderer, map parser, that ok?), so hopefully I will have plenty of time to get some gameplay done. I had a few sprites I was using for the base, but I will do them all from scratch, because I want my pixeling judged. I also make sort of chiptunes music, but a bit more beat rock… Im calling it erocktronic. I might do tracks from scratch if there is time, but maybe just use some of my existing tracks and opt out of that category.

I will be using:

– Unity

– Tiled Map Editor

– Cosmigo Pro Motion, Pyxel Edit, Sprite Anything (iOS)

– Sublime Text 3

– BFXR or maybe record sound effects


I will try to stream, but if it makes me uncomfortable or slows me down too much,

I will just record it and upload it later.


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Saturday, December 15th, 2012 9:41 pm

Hey all, just thought i’d give a quick update on my progress. basically your a bank robber breaking into a bank(NO SHIT), and you have to fight your way in. The concept isn’t very creative but i am making it in 2.5d so it’s one hell of a challenge. So far iv’e got the engine going(Lots of bugs but its workable), sprites and and am in the process of adding the shooting mechanism

Just testing my wepons

Just testing my wepons

I hope everyone else is loving this as much as me. and good luck!



Probably should announce this.

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Thursday, April 19th, 2012 7:41 am

I plan to participate in LD23. Had such a blast last time and was really pleased with what I came up with, even if it wasn’t that good. This time I will be trying to create a 2.5d game using a custom engine I’ve been designing. Never know how these things will work out until you  put them in a game and see how they play. In case anyone is silly enough to try to learn an amatuer engine in one day and use it for the compo, here it is. Anyway, the tools:

Langauge: Java (so I can distribute the applet on the web, probably should just learn flash at some point)

Engine: Custom 2.5D engine (because I’m silly like that)

Graphics: Paint.NET (an old stand-by)

Sound: Audacity (I plan to make my own sound effects and then distort them to something hopefully cool)

Time Lapse: Chronolapse (though I can’t figure out how to get it to record just my second monitor. I may just have to write a script to trim all the images it creates so that it only shows the second monitor)


Good luck, everybody!

A Batman version of my LD 21 entry

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Saturday, September 10th, 2011 10:33 am

Hi all,

I1’ve been reading a lot of Batman comics lately and today I had a little time , so I decided to change some sprites and sounds in my LD21 entry: Carol and The Haunted Castle to make it look like a Batman game… this is what I did, hope you like it… you have to save Robin who has been kidnapped by The Joker and… you know the rest.

The game isn’t finished yet and the Batman sprites were made by Pegalulu

Best regards

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