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Good day, people ;)

Posted by (twitter: @Muciojad)
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 4:39 am

So I made it. First time in Ludum Dare.

It’s fantastic experience. A lot of experience.

First I wanted to take part in the compo, but deadline came too fast, so I focused on the JAM.

More time to deadline gave me the opportunity to expand the game.

However, more expanded game == more bugs, and this are sometimes very hard to notice.

Most nerves brought me bug in the collision detection and I spent most of my time tried to fix it.


Now, after the patching game probably hasn’t too much bugs, I hope, and is playable, so I want show it you.

It is difficult to make a bright screenshot of the game because most of the game take place in dark, so I upload here menu screen. 😉

Positions and scales of the pictures in the background are random.

When light is enable, you can look around, but you lose one life.

When light is enable, you can look around, but you lose one life.

Full description of the game is here : and there you can rate and give comment, please play and do it! 😉


PS Sorry for my english, it isn’t my language, google translate helped me 😀



Cats, space and others trashes… all in 10 seconds

Posted by (twitter: @Griffablanc)
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 3:31 am


Hi everybody,
For this Ludum dare #27, I started cooking a P’n’C/EscapeRoom about space, survive and… kittens, of course. This weekend I can’t create a game during all 48 hours so I hope I will complete my game & properly make what i had in mind. To achieve this purpose, I made my arts with Paint photoshop & i will put together my craps with MultimediaMedia Fusion 2 (Yeap ! I’m not kidding).


Our first Ludum Dare Jam

Posted by (twitter: @sithdown)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 9:15 pm

Good news, everyone!

It turns out @Numa1988 and I (@Sithdown) have partnered in our very first LD48 Jam. He is gracing us with these marvelous, espressive characters, while I struggle to bring them to lif-err, DEATH.

try(If you wanna smile/laugh click the image to view the GIF in its full size)

Death, you say? Oh of course, let us explain. After some brainfarting we settled with one of Numa’s best ideas: You face an inminent death, so you have to act quickly to avoid that nefarious end: Interact with the objects and characters in scene to save your life. Just clicks and drags, as I wanted the game to be playable on any tablet and we don’t have time to use complex control schemes. Drag things, tap things. Yowzah! You win. Except when you lose.

We had some difficulties on our late start (secondary computer won’t start) but we kinda sorted those down (thanks Compaq ARMADA M300, you saved our day!). As for the technical part, I decided to use canvasengine (which I didn’t use before, and yeah, I know how much learning to use the framework with so little time was a bad idea BUT who cares, we are here for the fun). It’s an easy to use framework, really -really- easy, but I found its documentation unsatisfying. Time was a precious thing for us so I just resorted to ugly fixes, hardcoded behaviours, and lots of crazy things I’m not embarrassed enough to admit.

Where were we, the fun I recall? Oh, we had plenty. Some Coke and BBQ pizzas went down our throats; we listened to 8-bit music and some Megadrive classics OSTs, and oh for all the gods did you see those drawings? Hilarious. I’ve been staring at them almost as much as fiddling with the oh-so-messy-code. It’s been an hour since Numa went home and I’m supposedly cleaning the code a bit so we can continue tomorrow, but well, here I am slacking off and calling it a day. This is how the *game* looks and plays as of now:


(I keep laughing like an idiot when the poor guy goes badass, thanks for your art Numa)

We will add more characters and objects tomorrow, with some simple mechanics. Also, sounds/music. We thought of bfxr and some voiceover, but have NO IDEA on what to do with the music. Maybe no music is the best music we can achieve 😛

There were some undeveloped, ditched ideas, as a run from Marathon to Athens in 10(ten!) seconds preformed by a superhuman at several times the speed of sound. (That’s why there are a lot of ruins in there). There were more crazy ones involving japanese grammar puzzles, but… oh, I suppose we can’t do everything -for now-.

Ah yes, *we* are @Numa1988 and @Sithdown, two Spanish guys seeking for adventure. If you see us on twitter say hi!


So that’s all for now, I’ve been looking through the compo and there are quite many interesting projects! I’ll sure give them a go when finished :)

I’d never even opened Construct 2. before the start of this Ludum Dare, but it’s helped me make some really good progress, and I even had a normal night of sleep!


Click to embiggen


Next up, I want to make the dragons come out of a portal (instead of just a rectangle that moves around) and I’m going to turn the end-goal into a legitimate tesseract instead of a 2D square.

The game is a standard tower-defense w/a mostly-fantasy theme…  but 10 seconds come into play a lot.  There is a progress bar under the Tesseract (the point you defend) and every 10 seconds it fills up and grants you more crystals (you’re seeing a fading popup notification of the crystals in this shot).  At the same time, there is a yellow progress-bar under the “10” which fills up at the same speed.  It isn’t in the screenshot since I took the screenshot right at the end of the interval – so that you could see the crystals!

I streamed for a little bit, early last night on Twitch:
But now, I’m doing most of my updates on twitter:

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