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Update #2: (LD27)

Posted by (twitter: @powderblock)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 2:29 pm

Alright, update number two. Almost 24 hours in, and I am about, eh, 3/8ths there
Almost half for sure! Most of what is left is the levels, and some misc polish.

My take on the theme has changed a bit;
-I am not going to have a timer

-Random generation would add some amount of re-play value, but I am not sure if I am adding it yet.
-There will be five or ten levels. (More than likely ten.)

Other than that…Nothing much has changed. Like I said, I wasted about five hours last night on some bug. So, hmf. I’ll keep you guys updated.

First “demo” !

Posted by (twitter: @CuberToy)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 10:53 am

Here’s a quick preview, there’s everythin that I’ve done today…

It’s way not finished… A lot of stuff remains but I take a pause now, I’m kinda tired and nothing good is coming.

Vampire Train : LD27

Posted by (twitter: @juaxix)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 2:46 am
Vampire train

Vampire train

Games are tailored like the script of a theater play.

I used to compose this play as a three acts.
#Act 1:
#Act 2:
#Act 3:

so, this is the script:
You are a vampire, you have to sleep during the day while traveling in your train because your enemies forced you to keep moving.
When you wake up each day you have 10seconds before you get burned , to avoid the sun damage find shadows and something to eat which can increase your lifetime

Update #1: (LD27)

Posted by (twitter: @powderblock)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 12:14 am

Hey! So, it is about six hours or so into the LD, I am getting pretty tired and I am about to retire. Just a little bit of an update before I leave. (This was written at 3AM, expect minor mistakes.)

Idea updates: This turning into more of a “typing” game. Then a survival random game or whatever I thought it was going to be. I struggled for four hours with the simplest problem that I am pretty far behind now. I HADworking menu, but something with cin >> and while(1) broke taking input. Seems hard. Will come back to it tomorrow.

How I  am liking C++: I am glad I know C++ alright before going into. That being said: There are some problems I just can’t get around, weather it is MinGW being a nipple muncher, or me being a sleep deprived butt face, I just can’t get around them. This time, I tried for four or five hours on one really simple problem, and couldn’t fix it. So, I took a different approach, and  got it sort of working. (Losing some functionality, but still.) I am glad that I at least know C++ pretty well this time, I am not amazing-fantabulous at it yet, but I am getting there.

All in all, I am pretty sure I am going to finish this one! I have a pretty solid concept, a nice background in the language, and a bit of motivation. I am kind of mad that the LD started at 9PM my time, but oh well. (I feel sorry for my mates in the UK, LD started at like 2AM for them. p_o (ITS A MONICAL! HAHAHAHAHAH! I am far too easily amused at 3AM.)

Alright guys, I am gonna get some sleep. Pick this up in the morning. Night guys. <3


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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 11:57 pm

With the craziness of the weekend that I have ahead of me, I decided to go ahead and still do Ludum Dare (I wasn’t planning on it…) But I did the last 5 and I figured I’d rather not break the streak I have going. So I spent ~6 hours and made a little something.

You can play my game “Boxen!” here:

And the submission:


First Screenshot, First Ludum Dare :O

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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 11:14 pm

This is the first screenshot of my game I am making in Java from scratch, don’t worry the art will improve soon. I have basic controls down so far… I am not telling my idea around the theme yet as other might steal it.

First Screenshot

10 Seconds: More like the longest 2-3 days of my life!

Posted by (twitter: @CScribes)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 7:37 pm

imageAs most seem obligated to say, I’m a first-timer to this competion actually, well, attempting it. Let’s see if 27 is my lucky number, eh? //Has all these weird blackjack references for the next one when this one is barely underway–//

I had a fairly good idea what the final theme was going to be from the get-go. All the comments seemed pointed that way so I had no problem thinking up my concept. Actually exciting it? Well~ that’s going to be another story all together. Not to mention I’m not doing a traditional game in the sense that it’s a Visual Novel rather than a point n’ click or some other variety of that. A visual novel being just as the title implies with the added cool points/gaming aspect if being able to affect the outcome via choices.

I’ve decided to approach the theme with an odd but, hopefully atleast, enjoyable plot. A young ambiguously-female narrator must descend through the levels of the after life. Which are more like whitewashed rooms… With nothing in them… Because she’s in a purgatory of sorts. Follow me, it gets bet–… Moving on! Along the way, as soon as she enters the next level, she encounters a set of choices in he first second that directly affect the sequence of events, what she/he encounters, etc., etc. She has ten of these. So original, I know! All this while trying to block out the mental terrorist know only as the Star Prince which quids her along the way. He seems to be some sort of time-keeper, guardian or wandering lunatic in a cape an spandex. Who knows, that’s for she/he to find out. Does the genre seem clear enough by know? It sounds pretty grandiose in scale/story complexity but it really isn’t. Either you unlock a new item in the room and have the big revel, stay a’cruise the sarcasm boat and restart or simple anger the Prince enough that it’s off with your head!

I’m going to try and stay on top of things and speed write my way through tonight and the early morn’. 6,000 words is my cap with a minimum of 2,500. Once that’s out of the way it’s one to drawing the only sprite and maybe some proof reading. Then my times going to be dedicated in chunks between staying alive and programming, programming, programming! With the programming half of my team a no-go I’ll have to make use of my limited knowledge if Ren’py by myself. And also trying to navigate the closing flood gates which will be my mind and eyelids by then. Which will shortly short circuit once I get past the most basic if basics.

Progress is steady so far. 200 words in. Now I’m off to jam in another 500 or so in 30 minutes or less. Here’s a handy dandy, snafu of the outline while I’m at it!

Wish me luck!

Bun Out!

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