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Climb the bodies of your foes to obtain freedom!

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1 day ago | December 17th, 2014 3:48 pm

Pile up your enemies and climb out of the pit as fast as you can! This is our first Ludum Dare entry ever. It was a really good experience and I hope you guys enjoy the game :)

Click here to play the game

Artwork: Alex Ashby
Programming: Justin Luk
Music/Sword SFX: Avery Mitchell
SFX: cfxr

Greeny GRUB

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1 day ago | December 17th, 2014 3:45 pm

Whenever you play Greeny GRUB could you please let me know where you died.



Shadow of the shotgun: Postmortem

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1 day ago | December 17th, 2014 2:08 pm

I’ve never written a LD postmortem before, so we’ll keep it brief.

First off, we made a game, and we’d love you to bits if you rated it for us!


Secondly, we’re very happy with our work. This has definitely been our best game to date, largely on the basis that we got it finished with enough time to put in a bit of polish. Surprising, as this was the first time we didn’t work together in the same location, instead from our respective Uni’s. Ollie (programming) has been delighted that I finally gave in and chose to keep the ideas as simple as possible (No bloody online multiplayer). We always aim to be innovative, and we really think we nailed that with the use of raycasting to make spotting enemies almost impossible, but the aid of a nightvision drone, to scout and spot enemies. We recognise from the comments that a lot could be done to improve upon the existing stealth mechanics and enemy AI, but hey, 72hrs, man.



See below examples of our core game mechanic. Drone off, and darkness everywhere, drone on, and all is revealed!



Third, here’s a lovely timelapse of our code in developement, because that’s the in thing with you lot.

LD31 Timelpase for Peni6

We hope everyone had great fun on the games, congratulations to everyone who managed to submit a final product, and don’t forget to vote! <3

The eyes like Sentinel occupy the highest place in the body

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1 day ago | December 17th, 2014 1:33 pm

For a postmortem of our Sentinel I wanted our entire team to express their thoughts and feelings about the idea, the process and the result of a great game we made. So here I want you to meet the Game Designer, the Artist, the Programmer and the Animation Artist:

Game Designer

That evening I was watching Game Awards 2014 and waiting for LudumDare jam theme announcement. I was puzzled when I saw that “game on one screen”, it seemed  too vague and uncertain. I began thinking, researching and surfing references for inspiration. Meanwhile, I was  listening to the music that was written for LD # 31. Accidentally I discovered a screenshot of a game where the view and perspective have suggested the idea of a game we could do. The wounded knight would be the backbone of our game, and the sword would speak with the knight and the player. The remaining features  of the gameplay were drawned upon me in the morning when I was half asleep on my way to the office.


Right after I heard the idea of the game, I imagined clearly the whole picture of dungeon, the wounded knight in the center and crowds of monsters. I started estimating the time for drawing all the elements and thinking about  the animation. We were lucky that we had another artist, she helped us so much. It would be extremely unpleasant  to realize that we do not have time to cover the entire scope of work (without her).

The best feature of the game is that it lasts no more than 4 minutes. This greatly simplifies the task. With this in mind the game needed only one location, a couple of mobs, a knight and a sword. I was also on to preparing some special effects. Luckily I was acquainted with Unity long before Ludum Dare, so the effects were made in no time. While I was preparing background , special effects, and the main characters, other artist was preparing monsters and their animation. In between painting, I overlooked the line-up of game elements and coordinated the common style in artwork.

Working with the team was very interesting. Due to involvement into another project, I had to work at an accelerated pace. I have to admit , I was not satisfied with the results in artwork. But, all in all we did it well! And the game came out even better than we expected in the beginning.

For me the project is decent for a two-day work. Not perfect, but worth being proud of. It’s a finished game, and it’s fun to play.


Most of the classic games actually do not contradict concept of “game-on-one-screen”. So the jam theme directly hinted: make an Arkanoid, Tetris, or text adventure. But we thought that there would be plenty of games in these genres. Eventually we settled on an idea of slasher in which the hero was limited to one screen, because he was not involved in gameplay :-) And the effect of crowding and lack of a screen is achieved by narrowing the circle of enemies.

The most difficult part of the game was to make the movement of a sword. Not that Unity physics is hard, but to do an accurate and comfortable sword swinging wasn’t as easy as it seemed. The sword was either too slow and boring or too easy to swing. But as soon as we found a middle ground it became clear – it would turn out cool.

It took time to make a narrowing darkness around the hero and it seemed rather difficult to make the intro with two light spots. The final decision turned out not very flexible, but it worked almost immediately and looked great!

Animation Artist

It was the third jam in which I participated. The third and largest! All discussions began with an idea, we talked about how each of us imagined the perfect game. At some point I felt nervous that the common idea would not found. And just at that moment the Game Designer came out with his great idea about a warrior and sword. The idea is so wonderfully coincided with the music he chose, it was so strong and sincere! We rushed into work, it was fun, and I felt pleasant confidence the team and our work) We were in a well-equipped room and we were making a game together, that’s a great feeling))) It’s a special feeling of unity and closeness of our acts and thoughts, I felt excitement and joy! In the end of the first day of our brainstorming and developing I ran home to fall asleep, wrapped in thoughts about the day. The next day, on Sunday, we met again to work and discuss the details, which was fascinating! Then the difficulties with monster’s animations began. I was limited to a certain canvas size and could not get a result that would satisfy me. Fortunately the friendly support of my team and their invaluable advice helped me find the final result. Everything turned out great! That was amazing experience! I’m happy we made it in time, and all of us were proud of our work)

It is impossible not to appreciate the opportunity of participating in jams like Ludum Dare! It’s a miracle that we can get together with friends over the weekend and create a game that will please and inspire many people. Working as a team with your friends means to be confident that the process will bring a lot of fun, and the result will be as good as possible. I found out about this jam just hours before it started. I am very glad that nevertheless I attended and received an unforgettable experience.


Wait, there was another guy.. But he didn’t show up, so there’s only a line in closing credits for him

Please let us know what you think of our original game:

We also have the facebook version with leaderboards and ‘Endless Mode':

// Team ‘Dostoyevsky Balls’


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1 day ago | December 17th, 2014 1:20 pm

Back in 2012 Rockrocket’s first steps were analog. I built two caves with cardboard,clay and some other weird stuff.


Some lighting and stop motion experiments were achieved.


HelkeGames’ diary #AZOR – POST MORTEM

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1 day ago | December 17th, 2014 1:11 pm


Here we are with a Post Portem update after the awesome LD31. We want to talk about how Azor was born and how it has developed throughout the Ludum Dare.


Azor: the concept

I’ve been thinking about making a platformer/adventure game since my last Ludum Dare entry (LD26) and during this year I developed many projects, some of them are somewhere in my computer folders, others are waiting to be resumed and maybe one day the will become a finished project as AZOR.

It was friday night (here in Europe) and I was sitting down in front of my computer waiting for the theme to be announced, as I saw “Entire game on one screen” I couldn’t imagine something better for a platformer game. But immediately I realized this theme would have limited a lot the features of my game because, since I started thinking about a “room” game (with a story and something to explore), putting the entire game on one screen meant to spoil the end of the story! So there were two possibilities: find a solution not to spoil the end or try to not follow literally the theme! After a huge brainstorming I decided not to show the entire game on one screen but to put a dark (loading) screen when the player would have entered in the next room.



AZOR: First day

After facing the theme I began to seriously think about the game. It may seems strange but I got the name before the concept itself! I was thinking and… “A… AS… AZOR!” . Starting from the name I decided to find a plot that would have fitted the theme… AZOR seems something regarding the space stuff or futuristic stuff, isn’t it? So I have the settling… Space! I developed my story throughout the three days… and well it was becoming more complicated than I imagined! At the end I got a cool story, but sadly I had to cut it, since I hadn’t enough time…! But I want to develop the story and for this reason I will continue to develop AZOR… I want to get a final version and maybe upload it to Desura or Steam! After that, it was afternoon, I contacted my team mate for making the soundtrack, and as I told him the concept and the story he decided to help me and he made the splash screens for the introduction and the end. While he was working on the splash screens first, I started the level design and the making of tilesets/graphics! But the first was coming to an end…

AZOR: Second day

The first day I went to sleep late since I wanted to plan the level design for almost the whole game… Immediately as I woke up I started working again… Fortunately I finished to code all the mechanics and the scripts (Oxygen, timers, files, animation… and a lot of stuff!) in time… because sadly I had to go out (to the real life) it was an afternoon evening…. As I came back home (It was 11 pm) I completed the level design for all the levels… I only had to decorate rooms and improving the lighting system, I particularly dedicated a lot of time to lights… I wanted to create a cool and innovative platformer! You can check my lighting work throughout the game… changing of lights intensity, color and position…! So if you haven’t tried it yet… do it now! At the end of second day I had levels, character and light system (almost done)! Terribly tired, I went to sleep…

AZOR: Third day

I woke up really early in the morning since I had to work really hard to complete the game in time (1 day left)… I called my team mate for sending the screens but sadly he was still working on it… I couldn’t make the introduction so… I had to wait him…! I designed all the tiles and put them into the levels… I tried to make it playable but not so hard… (who played my first entry can imagine), for this reason I decided to help the player by putting in some rooms of the Lab oxygen capsules, to regenerate some Oxygen! I sadly had to stop the development of the story and I only put 3 files to find in the game… I couldn’t afford to make a longer game since I still hadn’t got a main menu, an introduction and an end… But… suddenly in the late afternoon my friend called me! He had finished the splash screens! Immediately he sent them to me and working faster than I could I made the introduction and the end… leaving the main screen for the last day… tired I fell asleep.


Main Splash Screen

AZOR: Fourth dat (Final day)

As I woke up I set a target: I shall finish the game in the morning since my friend is working on music. I did it! I finished to code and to design the main menu within the morning and in the afternoon I went to my friend’s house to see the making of the music. He had already made the main theme for the introduction and the main menu so… we only had a few hours to make the levels soundtrack! We worked… and even if I wasn’t so satisfied at the end we got a really cool track that fitted the atmosphere of AZOR! It makes a sense of pressure mixed to paranoia! You can feel it when you play the game and oxygen is finishing but you haven’t got all the 3 files…! I ran at home incredibly fast and I put the music into the game… But there was a problem! 2 hours before the deadline I realized the game was unplayable since there was a huge bug… if you had only 1 file, when you collected the third one it was like you had found 2 files in 1 so it added 2 to your file… you would always win! Moreover when you got to the last room (to the spaceship HELKE 1), it would have subtracted 1 file to your files so… the game was unbeatable! I had to fix these bugs within less than 2 hours! I closed in my room and I worked as hell! Finally 1 hour before the deadline I did it… I tested the game, I sent it to my team mate to test it too (looking for other bugs… I hoped not to find other bugs otherwise well… it would have been a serious trouble!) and finally I published it! I submitted it to LD31 ! AZOR WAS BORN!

AZOR: Post Mortem

I immediately started to play a lot of other entries and I was amazed by seeing a lot of cool and well done entries! You guys did a really good job in this LD (well I haven’t partecipated to the last LDs so….) ! I was really happy when the first people tried my game and actually they liked it! Nothing is better than seeing your product so liked and played by the people! In these days I hosted it to ITCH.IO and GAMEJOLT and as I finish to work on it, in a nearby future I want to publish the final version on Desura, ITCH.IO and maybe Steam?! (I think I’ve already said it ahah I don’t know anymore) Waiting for the results now I’m writing this Post Mortem and I’m trying other amazing entries!

So people! If you haven’t tried AZOR yet… after I’ve been writing this post for 30 minutes now ahahah CHECK IT OUT ! Play, rate and enjoy AZOR… tell me what you guys think!

I think my team mate the last day made a huge work by making the official trailer for AZOR so… check it out!

He also released the main theme soundtrack on SoundCloud !

In these days I think I will also upload AZOR to HelkeGames website… you can check it HERE!

So… well I know this post may seem huge… but I told you guys the making of AZOR and my awesome adventure in this Ludum Dare 31! It’s always a pleasure and an awesome experience taking part into this competition! Waiting the results I will try other games ! So do the same with AZOR… I’d be really glad!

– Joe Recupero (Hellequin) 조셉

Save The Giant Post Compo

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1 day ago | December 17th, 2014 1:11 pm

Save The Gaint

With all of your awesome comments about how we should keep going with the project.

I have been giving a lot of thought to doing a post-compo, and have decided that I’ll only work on a post-compo version is if it was to be a full-fledged game, not just bug fixes. In order for this to become a reality, I really need a community backing it. I have created a Google group and if we get 15+ people to join, then I’ll start working on it. Basically, I’m looking for an audience for the game. This is extremely important to us because there’s nothing worse then pumping your heart and soul into a project to realize that no one cares to even play it when you’re done, which has happened to us before.
If you want to join the group, then go here:!forum/save-the-giant and apply for membership. I don’t want to make this group public, because this will act as the dev group. There will be a section for public builds if it makes it that far.

If you haven’t played our game, please check it out and let us know if this is a good idea. Leave a comment here if you would like us to play your game in return. Thanks in advance for your support.


Post-Mortem! (From August, though)

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1 day ago | December 17th, 2014 1:01 pm

I participated in LD30 in August and wasn’t able to do the one just gone. I had never really showed my game I made that weekend and seen people play it first hand. I got a lot of good comments about it (from the competition and real people, including strangers) and people have said that I should Greenlight it and attempt to get it on Steam.

So that’s what I’m doing!

It’ll take me a couple of weeks to fix up the last bugs, add some more levels and make it more efficient and also to create trailers and logos for it, so if I don’t get too distracted then it should be on the Greenlight page in early January next year!

Here is the original submission, so give it a try. After looking through the project files I have realised that levels 6-9 are broken (The spawnpoint is in the wrong place, you spawn very close to the exit xD) which is a result of finishing the game up after 20 hours without sleeping. I’m sure you all know the struggle.

If people are interested, I will post periodic updates on here (or maybe make a blog for it) on how things are getting on and we’ll see where this goes!

B.Y.E. post mortem

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1 day ago | December 17th, 2014 12:49 pm


This is my third or fourth Ludum Dare I’m in. For this jam I decided to test my idea of terrain destruction to be done in Unity because I wanted to use it to port my old game I’ve been making with other guys for Global Game Jam 2012. It was the first time when I heard of game Liero and we used similar targeting and ninja rope from it. I never quite got time to port the game (we wanted to publish it on mobiles) so my idea to create destructible terrain was quietly developing in my brain :).
For this Ludum Dare I decided to make 2-4 player deathmatch game on single screen inspired by Super Mario Smash Bros I played recently, use destructible terrain with a lot of shooting because everyone loves shooting action, right? :). Also I thought that this shouldn’t be rocket science to do because I didn’t have whole 48 hours to spare :( (I got comics workshop in that time, trainings etc. etc.)

What went right

Terrain generation, destruction and reconstruction! For my idea I used Unity built in 3D Terrains but viewed them top down with a crossed plane in the middle:


Terrain was generated with Perlin Noise function also available in Unity and collision detection with terrain was already there too. For terrain destruction I wrote my function to update terrain heights so that destroyed terrain would lower itself below plane in the middle. It was tricky to do it because I imagined the game screen and terrain should be looped so It wasn’t very optimized in Compo version. Result of terrain destruction and deconstruction from falling debris:

Terrain destruction

I wanted also to include ninja rope to climb but I ended with simple jetpack because it was easier to implement and because jumping wasn’t working so good (Physics for platforming doesn’t always work very well), jetpack replaced need for jumping :).
Finally I’ve added shooting with bazooka and machine gun and second player which resulted in compo version.

What went bad

I haven’t got enough time to make proper player avatars so there were only spheres in compo version. I haven’t got time to implement all sounds I wanted and add more weapons, weapons switching etc.
Compo version is not very optimized because terrain destruction modifies whole terrain. Collisions are not very good so when player avatars are close to each other they don’t hit themselves.
And most important thing – I haven’t got time to make any title screen :).


I liked the idea of terrain destruction and oldschool hot seat fun multiplayer shooting so much I decided to make more proper post-compo version.
First thing I started with was creating avatar for players. Again I got crazy idea that I wanted to realize, use plasticine to make model in T-pose, scan it to computer and then animate it! My girlfriend Paulina made fun plasticine model of a soldier with jetpack, then I used Android mobile app Autodesk 1-2-3DCatch to make series of photos of this model, this was sent to the cloud by app and in a couple of minutes I got nearly complete 3D model. You can see some photos and model on Autodesk page here: click click

Plasticine model

I downloaded .obj files with textures and using Blender I removed all background stuff, stitched all gaps, made some other errors (never use “Remove doubles” on model with defined texture UVs! – use Decimate modifier!), fixed T-pose, rigged model and started to make walking animation.

Rigged walking model

After that Paulina made plasticine models for weapons, they were tiny so I modeled them myself in Blender. Only used photo as reference:


Next I made model animations with character moving hands+head up and down and simultaneously weapon rotation animations so they could be blended with character walking animation. At first it didn’t work because animations were on a single action timeline and Unity wasn’t blending them. I needed to separate them to different action and then put them again on a single NLA Strip o_O. After that and some coding for animation blending it started to work:

Walking and shooting blended!

Then I fixed bullets origin on the end of weapon, added extra weapons to already implemented uzi and bazooka: shotgun, pistol and grenade launcher. Next I added blood particles:

Blood particles

I played a little bit with Unity ragdolls to test if they would work with my model and … it worked great as you can see from this test:

Ragdoll test

Paulina made me really great logo for game’s title screen and finally I got permission to use two music tracks for title and in-game from DADi ( soundcloud , Facebook page ) – once again BIG thanks! They fit nicely to the game I think.

You can watch results here:


Post compo version is available for all of you to play and have fun with it. If there will be interest I will be more than happy to develop it further. Among many things game needs some more optimizations, computer opponents and maybe online modes.

I’m waiting for all suggestions, comments etc.

Game entry page
Post compo downloadable version (free or small fee if you like)
Browser version

Thank you all and I’m back to playing all those fantastic games you all created :)

RPG Cursor

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1 day ago | December 17th, 2014 12:38 pm

You are free to use the cursor, you dont have to name us and you can make money with it if you want :3

Nothing quite says wednesday (other than “Hump Day”) quite like fighting off lich spawned demons, helping a friendly snowman keep his head, and slaying some colossal ancient war giants. That or just waking up to pancakes. But why not have both?


Lich Lordz by Imaginary Monsters

Snow Need to Worry by SnoutUp (Aur)

Juoi by Team Eagle


Got a spiffy game? Share away! Im going to be creating showcase videos throughout the voting period. So I’d love to add some more to the list. I’ll be trying to shuffle them in regularly.

You can also keep up to date with the latest episodes via the [Ludum Dare 31 Chupacabra Playlist]


Cheers All!

The Rise and Fall of the Lone Game Developer

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1 day ago | December 17th, 2014 11:54 am

Today I wrote a sort of lament for the passing of the era in which small games made good money. From the article:

In the early 80s, all it took to make a game was a computer, some graph paper, and a lot of determination.

Games were created by brilliant individuals.

Early Richard Garriott

Their designs were often groundbreaking and sometimes deeply artistic.

Their choices defined much of what we see in games today.

Some of these auteur game developers even made a decent living….

I think you might enjoy it.

Oh and you should rate my LD31 compo entry, Claustrophobia, too.

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