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Did a thing for Indies VS Gamers!

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7 days ago | July 20th, 2015 4:49 am



In case you’re not following me on Twitter (Which you totally should!) I participated in GameJolt’s Indies VS Gamers jam.

Here’s some cool gifs





It’s called SpaceTeam ZED, click here to go to the GameJolt page.

It features the excellent voice acting of Elijah Lucian & his studio “Voice Acting Power Squad”.

This was my first game with proper dialog and voiceacting, so I suppose it’d fit the MiniLD of this month too, which I will submit it to if GameJolt gives me the OK for it.

Be sure to rate my game if you’ve played it, and let me know what you thought of it!

Easy ways to making music for games

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7 days ago | July 20th, 2015 4:19 am

just a curious thought. what do most of us use for making game music?

ableton? flstudio? anyone use browser based apps?

if i were to make 1 with prebuilt chords and other fancy gimmicks(for browser use) that helps creating music faster/better without any knowledge on theory at all(from what i can tell, most software still requires u to choose each key just to make a chord) would you be interested? basically you just need to click on a few different chord buttons and listen to see if you like it, then an arpeggiator to run through those selected notes(so you wont get a dissonant) for some inspiration. some of us might know what i’m talking about, some don’t.

i think those that has no idea how to make music at all(or doesn’t own an expensive software) would benefit? has this been made already? if so let me know in the comments.

like if you think you want it. just so i know.

MiniLD 61

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7 days ago | July 19th, 2015 11:35 pm


I have many weakness at creating games but the worst is not finish them.

This is my third minild in a row. I hope to keep making better games.

Play here!!

This game uses the JPCT Engine.


Things in motion

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7 days ago | July 19th, 2015 11:27 pm


It’s done, yo.

Pretty proud of it, such a simple scope yet I’m replaying it as if it were a real game made by a real game developer. Some of the tweaks and stretch goals had to be cut out, but there are no known bugs that would affect scoring. Featuring the first track I’ve made on my new music equipment (which I’m gonna keep humblebragging about).

Play it, accidentally log in and vote 5 stars aww yeaa, go generate some buzz on the social medias.



Another (Mini)LD come and gone

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8 days ago | July 19th, 2015 8:55 pm

I’m really happy with my final submission, though it still isn’t quite up to my standards. I encourage you to check it out (search the submissions for Within The Pipes). Good luck to everyone else still coding and feel free to check out my sloppy code on GitHub.

Well I’m Stuck

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8 days ago | July 19th, 2015 8:13 pm

I recently got a MacBook and since Gamemaker does not run on Mac platform, I decided to try out Unity for a couple months. I am not a fan of Unity 2D because of several reasons, no Map Editor and it feels clunky to use. Is there any game engines similar to Gamemaker: Studio that are compatible with Mac and Windows possibly an HTML 5 port too?

Long time no progress update (Random dungeon game part 3)

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8 days ago | July 19th, 2015 11:54 am

Wow, it seems like forever since I wrote one of these but I’ve been super busy working with monsters. As you’ll see in the gif (hosted here), I’ve added monsters, collisions, and a basic GUI. The GUI needs work (the defense stat overlapping the health stat is the biggest problem). The monsters attack you when you run into them (I used a random generator for those values too) but I have yet to write the attack-back code. So there we go, I still have a ton to do but I really want to finish within the constraints of a normal LD. Happy coding and good luck!

My entry for Indies VS Gamers jam

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8 days ago | July 19th, 2015 11:19 am

Man, I got a lot of free training for the next Ludum Dare! First, I made my MiniLD 61 entry in three days, and then I finished my entry for Indies VS Gamers. In three days, of course! So I have released two games in six days. That’s much, probably my record.

But you wanna see my new game, eh? Here it is:

Jam page

Game page

UltraFlow Clone

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8 days ago | July 19th, 2015 11:09 am

For those who have tested and liked the game UltraFlow, I wanna show a little project which I did recently so as to increase my understanding about some physics on Unity 5. These scripts allow me to generate some sprites with behavior so as to create all obstacles and more. For the physics on the bullet, I use a drag&drop script. This way the project works fine on mobile device and WebPlayer. It’s an alpha, but you can see the first steps on screen. I think that it’s good enough. Try it if you want. See you later for the next Ludum Dare session…

I would like to know your point of view ++

UltraFlow Clone


When the bullet is blocked near of a corner, you can attract it to the center by using the C key :

void Update() {
// enables/disables the epicenter force field so as to attract bullet to the screen center
if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.C)){
if (_epicenter == false)
_epicenter = true;
_epicenter = false;
// point base so as to define where is the bullet
Vector3 viewPos = _camera.WorldToViewportPoint(target.position);
var vm = target.gameObject.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().velocity.magnitude;;
// limits velocity – more or less
if (vm >= 5.0f)
vm = 5.0f;
if (vm <= 2.0f)
vm = 2.0f;
// adds a force on the bullet so as to create a force field
if (_epicenter){
if (viewPos.x > 0.5f)
target.gameObject.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().AddForce(-Vector2.right * vm);
if (viewPos.x < 0.5f)
target.gameObject.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().AddForce(Vector2.right * vm);
if (viewPos.y > 0.5f)
target.gameObject.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().AddForce(-Vector2.up * vm);
if (viewPos.y < 0.5f)
target.gameObject.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().AddForce(Vector2.up * vm);

Particle Sword 2

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9 days ago | July 18th, 2015 2:55 pm


Looking for jam partners

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9 days ago | July 18th, 2015 1:50 pm

As the title says, I am looking for jam partners for the next LD occuring on august 21.

A little about me, I’m from Georgia. I study computer science and am a pretty neat programmer. I have competed in 2 LD compos and I competed in the global game jam. I am looking forward to meeting people online and working on a game together. You can see 2 of my entrees on my profile page.

I would like to work with a group of 2-5 other devs for the jam. I’m pretty much open to meeting anybody with the one caveat, that they have finished atleast one small LD game before (jam or compo). Just want to make sure everybody has an idea of how much work it takes, and isn’t likely to quit halfway through.

If you’re interested, make a response here, or shoot me a PM (if that’s possible here)

A sneeze from another dimension

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9 days ago | July 18th, 2015 1:13 pm


Righto. So I’m doing that Gamejolt Let’s Player jam thing. Since it doesn’t have a similar blag system and the interface is garbage and I don’t know anyone there, I’ll blag about it over here.

So as the gif shows, you’re in for some next level dodging in an arena that keeps shifting around you. Don’t fall out or get crushed. This part of it is just about complete, but I can always tinker with the controls and try to rid of some collision quirks.

I knew I’d struck gold with this idea cause it seems kinda unique for relatively little work and I’m already having fun replaying it. Early playtesters seemed to find it addictive.

Next up is some variety in the form of upgrades and moving enemies, perhaps. At some point, you’ve got to clear out the shifting blocks to maintain a survivable state. And since I just bought a new keyboard with jams in mind, you bet it’s gonna have fitting music too.

Oh right, I’ve also gotta jam in the Gamejolt API for high scores, which is kind of the point of the event. Turns out making a game like this is a neat and relaxing bit of twiddling in the middle of my recently busy life, and doubles as LD preparation.

I’m not gonna be a tease, you can playtest it, too.

Procedural Maps

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9 days ago | July 18th, 2015 9:15 am


While playing Invisible Inc. I suddenly wanted to build procedural maps like the game does. So I wrote a small procedural map generator capable of doing some pretty cool stuff. At the moment It produces maps like these:

vaults talecraft hexo bunker proc5 proc4 proc1 prmap proc10 rnd1 proc9 proc7

The algorithm producing all of these maps is the same. Hovewer I programmed different “map-renders” to get different visual designs. As you can see it is capable of building simple rogue-like maps as well as more complex maps (like the valuts-and-caverns map you see or the hex-field landscapes). The main feature is: (other than using random maps … ) There is always a way from point A to point B!

You can generate some levels here:


“What does this algorithm do?”

Basically you feed my algo with sets of “rooms”. A “room” in Javascript looks like this:


[new JTile(1),new JTile(1),new JTile(1)],
[new JTile(1),new JTile(1),new JTile(1)],
[new JTile(1),new JTile(1),new JTile(1)],


This room looks like this:


As you can see its a simple 3×3 room. JTile(1) in the code above means “JoinTile” (or more simple: a Tile) of type “1”. As you can see in the image my map-viever interprets a “1” as a field of a vault-room. If I change the center tile to 4:


[new JTile(1),new JTile(1),new JTile(1)],
[new JTile(1),new JTile(4),new JTile(1)],
[new JTile(1),new JTile(1),new JTile(1)],


It looks like this:


As you can see, my map-viewer interprets a 4 as a field of dirt.

Now, here comes the main feature!


Lets change our room to this:


[new JTile(1),new JTile(1),new JTile(1)],
[new JTile(1,(1)),new JTile(4),new JTile(1)],
[new JTile(1),new JTile(1),new JTile(1,(1))],


See? I added a “,(1)” to the fields in the west, and south-east. Now lets generate 3 rooms instead of one and let’s have a look:

simple2 simple3

These are two of many possible combinations the generator may produce now. (Some parts of the rooms are hidden behind walls due to my map-viewer).

What happened?

By adding the “,(1)” I told the tile, that it may join with another tile of type 1 in any direction. You can read:

    new JTile(1,(1))

as: “I am a Tile of type 1 and I will join with other tiles of type 1 in any direction!”.

Using only this, we already have a powerfull tool here. Add some more rooms of different types and shapes and give them different “join-partners” such as: “A toilet room always joins with a corridor” or “a vault entry always joins with a cavern” and you can build maps like this:


I’m working on a detailed tutorial at the moment, so if nothing of the above makes sense to you, just be patient 😉


“How can I use it for my games?!?”

If you want to, just go to my website and copy some of the current code under development. I wrote the generator in javascript for web browsers and in c# as a library for unity. Once I have the import/export part done I will publish it for everyone to use. Stay tuned!






Random dungeon generator (part 2)

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10 days ago | July 17th, 2015 8:04 pm

So, whats the difference between this screenshot and the last? 2 things, actually. 1, there’s that big blank spot towards the top. 2, if you look at pixel 550,550 on the grid you’ll see the green dot surrounded by a green square. The green dot represents the player and the green square just makes him easier to find. The biggest difference isn’t visible, its in the underlying code. This takes more than 10 times as long to draw because its actually being saved into an array ready for the actual game. Don’t even ask how long this took me, I’ll just say it was harder than writing the actual generator (at first I was trying to save the JFrame contents to a BufferedImage and then analyze that).

TL;DR: I’m THIS close to rendering a proper sprite sheet here and not just white dots :)

Also, I have no idea why that blank spot is showing up

Also, I have no idea why that blank spot is showing up

Squarzi is now on GreenLight

10 days ago | July 17th, 2015 7:29 pm

Guys… so, there is this game I made… and I JUST PUT IT ON GREENLIGHT.

Yeah maybe you aren’t so excited… but I am, and I hope after looking at it, you will be too!

Greenlight Page

PlayStore Page

So I hope you think its a good idea!


Thanks guys/gals

Real World Gatherings for Ludum Dare 33 [6]

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