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progress – MiniLD#57

Posted by (twitter: @bytegrove)
7 days ago | February 21st, 2015 12:30 pm








I finally got an idea which seems feasible given the time I have for this MiniLD.

I think I have the basic mechanics down now more or less (you’re tied to a thing that you have to swing around). This game is already pretty frustrating to play, we’ll see how it turns out… :P

Pixie Crawl Post-Mortem MiniLD # 57

Posted by
7 days ago | February 21st, 2015 7:47 am

I was originally not going to enter this MiniLD, but then I decided it would be good to hopefully finish a game.

What Went Right:

I came up with a new Idea and deleted my old post-mortem from the day before before it was posted
I made a game
I meant to make this game before, but never got around to it
I had fun making beautiful pixels

What Went Wrong:

The music was less than perfect
The sound was BFXR again
My microphone still does not work
I kept switching ideas, so I may not even make this specific game

I hope to play some good games in this next week!


Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
7 days ago | February 21st, 2015 12:33 am

Hi folks, that was my first MiniLD participation, and I liked it a lot! The feedbacks were very helpful, thank you all from the heart.

I imagine that, unlike 48hours Jams I got used to do, this MiniLD give me time to create something more solid or polished. I loved finish the whole game and then publish it on android mobile platform. So I’m glad to made this goal for this event.

Bright side –
– I managed to finish and polish the game.
– I got a good result with a simple mechanics.
– The feedback from everyone was wonderful.
– Finally I will be able to publish the game for mobile (only android for now, but… yay!! :D).
– Found 1 million dollars!!!!!

Downside –
– The musical part was something very exhausting, because in addition to my musical skills are still not very good, my audio hardware was with a bad quality.
– Many commitments and concerns were surrounding me throughout the process.
– I lost one million dollars :(((

Even with these great emotions, I believe I will survive for more weeks.

Lunar Year Relay – metroM tsoP 75# DLiniM

7 days ago | February 20th, 2015 10:44 pm
  • .dekil evah dluow I sa llew sa krow t’ndid scinahcem emag ehT
  • .ffo derehtils ti erofeb ti ta kool doog a teg t’ndid I .enihcam emit a fo dud ym morf degreme gnihtemoS
  • .spoO .emitecaps ot raet rehtona dedda evah yam I .denoitcnuflam yad taht niager ot yrt ot tliub I enihcam emit ehT
  • .emag eht no krow ot derit oot ro peelsa rehtie ti fo tsom gnidneps ,yad a tuoba tsol I

:gnorw tnew tahW

  • .etuc er’yeht kniht I .hguone llew tuo denrut setirps ehT
  • ).deretla enilemiT .seitluciffid lacinhceT( .dettimbus dna elbayalp emag eht tog yllautca I

:thgir tnew tahW

.em ot dnik neeb ton sah keew sihT

Post Mortem – Mini LD #57

Posted by (twitter: @davidllanos22)
8 days ago | February 20th, 2015 7:45 pm

So this time I finally managed to finish a game, and I’m so proud with the result. I had a lot of fun and also learned a lot!

What went right:

  • I used my Game Engine and I proved it to be useful!
  • I could adapt to the theme easily.
  • I think the art and music are quite nice!
  • Simple but interesting mechanics.
  • I won the compo! Yay! (We all won actually, because we all finished our awesome games!)

What went wrong

  • I had a lot to do during the week, so I couldn’t really focus on this.
  • I had problems making music because I had no idea what program to use and had to learn one on the go.
  • I had problems making animations with Photoshop because I hate it’s workflow -.-

And now I’m going to sleep because I’m so tired after all this work! See you around :)

MiniLD #57 post-mortem “Zodiwhacked”

Posted by
8 days ago | February 20th, 2015 6:12 pm

Well this was my first entry here at LD. I would love to say I learned some things, but I probably didn’t.


Overall, I had a great time. I seemed to have struggled the most with the theme. For the life of me I couldn’t come up with any concepts or any ideas.

However I still managed to crank something out. It definitely needs more work, a direction would have helped exponentially during this whole process. But I’m happy with it, I think…


QUATAM – PostMortem (Mini LD #57)

Posted by (twitter: @thesmartcorner)
8 days ago | February 20th, 2015 4:16 pm

This was my first Mini LD, and despite all obstacles, I’m very satisfied with the final result. The idea of creating a MMORTS using AR and the capability of traveling backwards in time seemed far fetched, but in the end it all went very well.

The Good:

  • It went pretty well. It actually went so well that Google is now interested in buying it, go figure!

The bad:

  • Accidentally killed my past self, and now I’m painfully fading away. But no worries, I’ll just go back in time to stop myself from killing myself by killing myself and thus saving myself from being killed by me.
  • It is alleged that some players lost the notion of what’s real and what’s virtual, some even had to be hospitalized with advanced stages of dementia.
  • I might have broken the sole fabric of existence
  • Accidentally brought Hitler to the present.

Love all your entries.


Somethingsomethingsomething Past-Mortar

Posted by (twitter: @ZepCap)
8 days ago | February 20th, 2015 4:04 pm

P.S. why does this MiniLD #57 not have a category?

Peace out
Thank you for reading this,

Since the game is completely finished, I only have a WIP title, the game is called somethingsomethingsomething, play it where (seizure warning). Thanks in advance for playing.


  • The code for this game solved world hunger
  • Game earning enough money to buy Spain AND Google
  • All art in MOMA replaced with placeholder sprites from the game

What went wrong


  • Game was banned in 201 countries
  • I died and was reborn a one-legged sloth while making this game
  • The music can accidentally only be heard by dogs

What went right


Ronaldo is best player probably maybe surely

Actual in-game footage



Extremely happy to have finished a game for this jam, although my sense of time is irrevocably destroyed, like when you jump on something that has that green glimmer in Braid. Only it’s my sense of time and not a goomba-thing. Here are (were?) a few of my thoughts:

And congratulations to those of you who finished. I’ve played and rated some truly emosewa games this time around :D


Posted by (twitter: @Freaknarf)
8 days ago | February 20th, 2015 12:22 pm

Hi everyone !


This is DESERVER post-mortem, also my first one.

Very interesting themes, it was very inspiring from the start ! even the game’s tittle was set before it even begins. Lynch-like stuff + Chinese Astrology really gave good/weird ideas from the start !

Maybe a little too much because at very first i didn’t know if i was going to try to make a braid-platformer-like thing, an adventure game with weird storyline (i would love to make one someday), and it ended as often, as an old school shmup !!!

This was decided because :

I’m currently working on this game style since month now with no regards for others, and i have my “game-engine” (made with GMS) project barely working ;

So while i’m updating this engine made at first for the last 2 LDJAM events, why not trying it with a different approach and gameplay ?

I first tried some lines of code, very basic, before the jam started. Some very simple “sinus” function to make some AI movement like classics, i mean Parodius/Xenon 2 etc… This worked from the start, the simpliest stays the simpliest, so i told myself hey ho let’s go.



What went right :

I tried stick to the plan this time and not to implement improvised stuff.

Starting from the end forced me have a workflow/limits.

I made a post Mortem.

Good occasion to take a fresh breath.

I’m ok with the tittle :)


What went bad :

Barely nothing, perfect week i was super-lucky and made super awesome things.

Music was a mess but that’s how i have fun.

I’m bad at level-designing and wasted some-time because of the use of a non stable engine at the start (mine!) instead

Undpredictable things.

Still needs polish.Always needs polish.Forever needs polish.

Wish i had more time to fully exploit theme :) But hey ! i have time !!!

And it all began like this :


and you can try here :) as everytime i’m yearning for feedback suggestions and opinions… Give a shout !

Cheers :]


Mini LD 57: Post Mortem

Posted by
8 days ago | February 20th, 2015 12:11 pm

While, that just about wraps it up.  This is the first jam I’ve competed in and it went… all right.

The idea is that you are going back in time to reverse the effects of time travelling hooligans.  Or something like that.  Maybe you are the hooligans, it’s not really that clear yet.  Either way the program is in it’s infancy and your job is mostly to sneak into different places in the past and steal information and technology while attracting as little attention as possible.  And for god’s sake don’t kill anybody!  The time scientists are having enough trouble trying to untangle the timelines without cleaning up after you.

Oh, and you don’t get a choice.  You are a clone, one amongst millions, surviving in a pocket protected from the ravages of the timelines.  If you do not comply, their are plenty others who will…

That was the plan any way.

Pre-postmortem? pre-moretem? post-mortem? – MiniLD57

Posted by
8 days ago | February 20th, 2015 12:11 pm

This MiniLD was challenging, fun, confusing and many more, all at the same time.

With that being said, I tried to push myself to my limits in order to further improve, since this is my first entry for the Ludum Dare. And so here are the lists of the steps I did, the positive things and the negative things I went through while creating the game,



  1. Actually made a written plan or to-do list (which I seldom, if not never, made)
  2. I made the models myself.
  3. Wrote all the scripts from scratch.
  4. Made the music from scratch.
  5. And discovered a lot more.


  1. The art style looks simple yet beautiful to the eyes.
  2. The gameplay itself is challenging.
  3. I think its not bad for a first entry.


  1. The music is bad.
  2. There are still some bugs that I couldn’t fix; I did fix some but, it took a lot of my time.
  3. The game does not have that much “replayability” factor.


With all those being said, I promised myself that I will improve and create more beautiful games in the future.

Mini LD #57 Rebound

Posted by
8 days ago | February 20th, 2015 12:11 pm

Introduction: This is my 3rd game jam and my very first ludum dare or mini ludum dare. I have participated in 2 global game jams before and have enjoyed them thoroughly. This will be my first game in unity but I have worked with XNA in the past. I will be working with a group with one other coder which is more experienced with unity than me and an artist.

The idea:
The game is similar to Touhou and is a bullet hell styled game with a twist. In the game you will have a shield that rotates around you that reflects bullets. These reflected bullets are the way you kill enemies. It contains multiple bosses each with their own unique challenges.

What went well

  • I actually got some sleep :D
  • Pretending we did well before we even started

What went wrong:

  • We didn’t end up having music if anyone wants to join us in making music particularly looking for some boss music you can contact me on (Dont be shy)
    Skype: logan.k2
  • Pretending we did well before we even started

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