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Sprite Sheet Submitted

Posted by
15 days ago | May 14th, 2015 2:09 pm

Finally finished my sprite sheet for miniLD. Hopefully it looks good in someone’s game!

MiniLD1(what were the black and red circles supposed to be anyway?)


Second spritesheet submitted!

Posted by (twitter: @TheShadowBrain)
15 days ago | May 14th, 2015 1:03 pm

Sheet1 Sheet2

The second one is based on @Dittomat’s marker sketches with his permission.

I liked the look and style of them so much that I figured I’d make a sprite sheet for the little guys! 😀

Well well well!

15 days ago | May 14th, 2015 12:45 pm

I have to say, I’m very happy and surprised at the fact that I managed to come in the top 100 for two categories because I can’t say I thought I’d beat 1000 in anything 😀

I’m in to MiniLD

15 days ago | May 14th, 2015 11:18 am


I was in the last 2 big Ludum Dares and my last game Zombie Slaughter, wasn’t as good as my previous game, because of the engine change.

I like the idea behind this MiniLD, number 59, and i want to make a game for this.

My Idea would be a combination of Tetris and a Defence-The-Flag-Game.

You will drop Block and they shoort something in a direction, damaging enemies.

I will start today with the graphics.

More progress! Also, I need a name!

Posted by (twitter: @TheShadowBrain)
15 days ago | May 14th, 2015 10:14 am





Added rigged rooms that can be positive or negative! And I need a name for this game.

I’m horrible at naming things.

I’m thinking the goal here is to survive for as long as you can, maybe something with scores?

I’m pretty much done with most of it at this point, I might add some particle effects or something but aside from that all I need is sounds and a menu and score (Also death) system, you know, the smaller stuff. :)

Did I Get a Respectable Score?

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15 days ago | May 14th, 2015 9:31 am

Well, my first ludum dare is done. I feel pretty happy with the score I got; I though I would be in the thousands as a novice programmer and this being my first ludum dare. I supposed 33 place out of about 300 people is good right?

Is this a respectable score?

Coolness 88%
#33 Theme 4.23
#92 Humor 3.76
#165 Innovation 3.72
#362 Mood 3.16
#443 Fun 3.17
#463 Audio 2.86
#501 Overall 3.23
#579 Graphics 3.00


My tribute to miniLD#59

Posted by (twitter: @David_Stuller)
15 days ago | May 14th, 2015 9:29 am


So this is what i heve came up with. Man PixelArt is hard. But hopefully, it’ll be fun :)

“A Knight and A Line” Entry Result in LD32

Posted by (twitter: @SquekaA)
15 days ago | May 14th, 2015 9:26 am

At May 11th ago, the result for Ludum Dare 32 was announced. My pdf game “A Knight and A Line” was an entry in the Jam category. So, here’s the result:



I also got my first trophy from other participant nassi. Thank you very much, nassi! :)

PDF Trophy by nassi

PDF Trophy by nassi

The result made happy especially this is the second time I participated in Ludum Dare. Thank you very much for all people who played and rated my game and also who gave comment and feedback and also who gave me a trophy :) . I also happy to spread the existence of pdf game, which after reading all the comments of my game, pdf games are still rare.  I also hope I can improve my skill for the future :)

One more sheet

Posted by (twitter: @tinyworlds)
16 days ago | May 14th, 2015 7:21 am


MiniLD59 – A little progress

Posted by
16 days ago | May 14th, 2015 6:53 am

So far I have made a tilemap system, and random tilesheet functionality at runtime.

Still need to figure out what I want to do for the actual game though (pfft).

PDF Game “A Knight and A Line (1.1.0)” is Finished!

Posted by (twitter: @SquekaA)
16 days ago | May 14th, 2015 6:31 am

Finally after several days, the 1.1.0 update has finished. It took a lot of times adding more assets, more dialogues, more concepts, and more. Also, the total page was 126 pages and after update, it is more than 500 pages. Even with 500 pages, the file size is only around 1.4 MB. Also, it was plannedfinished week ago, but I was busy so I managed to finish the update today.

The game can be played/download from this page: (in the Post Mortem).

Also, some peek of the screenshots of the updated “A Knight and A Line”:

New Title Screen (1.1.0)

New Title Screen (1.1.0)

New and revised prologue

New and revised prologue

New scene: facing a wolf

New scene: facing a wolf

New event: reached dryland by boat

New event: reached dryland by boat

Also, here’s the list of the update:

  • More scenes
  • More arts
  • Changed title art
  • More dialogues
  • Fixed some typos and grammar

I also have updated the description in the game page, to make it more fit with the setting of the game. Also, for a comparison with the previous update, the version 1.0.1 will still be available. Have fun and enjoy the new and longer adventure of the game!

Thank you Ludum Dare

Posted by (twitter: @gv1351)
16 days ago | May 14th, 2015 6:12 am


Where do I begin? How can I thank you Ludum Dare? We at Givit Game Studios are still very young in the game development area. We are a South African based company and would like to bring game development more to south side of the world, although there are a lot of developers here in South Africa, we urge you to do more and develop more.

Our game was The Yellow Jacket Man, and the response was good. We are thinking of making the game a complete game and make it commercial. So we would like you guys to go play our game again and write in the comments if it is worthy to be a commercial game.

So thank you again Ludum Dare this was amazing.

Level1 Level2


Play it now!!!

MiniLD Sheets

Posted by (twitter: @tinyworlds)
16 days ago | May 14th, 2015 5:38 am


the serious entry


the glitched version


the word generator


the gory one




Soooo… My Mini LD 59 entry is coming along pretty well.

Posted by (twitter: @TheShadowBrain)
16 days ago | May 14th, 2015 5:25 am




And the fun hasn’t even started! I’m gonna make some enemies that depend on the last “data” tile in the sheet for their stats. Completely randomizes the difficulty per sheet. Should be great fun 😀

RJD Post LD32 Is A Very Different…Burrito

Posted by (twitter: @PlaySilhouette)
16 days ago | May 14th, 2015 3:31 am

So, it’s funny how LD always has such a crazy effect on me. This time I was only able to work for 18 hours total (maybe even a little less) on my entry. I’m still really happy about it because overall I was just looking to get SOMETHING out and it managed to score pretty much straight 3s – not too shabby!

Since then, I’ve been expanding and building in the things that I originally intended to have (time permitting…which it didn’t). A lot of people requested features in the comments that I already had planned (some, like bonus time for deliveries, were actually already IN the LD version) and now you’ll see the game continue to develop!

First is a quick shot of one of the locations where you’ll have to stock up on an item. Need more burritos for your deliveries? Head on over to the best burrito place in RJD!



Burritoad is one of the many restaurants that will be present in the game. Unlike in the prototype, players will not always have an endless supply of items. Restocking will be something you have to take into account on your runs, so KNOW YOUR FOOD STOPS!

Especially if you want to have happy customers! And not…you know…angry…ones.



So this is the basic design for what will pop up on screen after a successful delivery. The game will tell you how far away you are from 2 possible delivery spots and what food item is required to satisfy that customer’s cravings. You’ll need to be able to deliver the amount of food and get it to the customer on time if you want that tip! Depending on how well you do, the customer will respond in a text bubble containing some of those choice expressions!

So what can you do with money? Oh MAYBE BE A BUNNY ROBOT…THING!?


I’m in your house. Customizin’ your sprites.

So one of the big things I’ve been working on is making it so that you can change your sprite in the game. Eventually this will be an entire menu on its own, but I’m excited for how silly it already looks with the interchangeable parts. My hope is that players will like mixing and matching everything. Eventually I’d like for there to be even more animations, but each one takes a little time and I’m on a tight schedule during the week.

So that’s where I’m at! I hope you enjoyed this look at the future of Run -> Jump ^ Deliver, and if you played the game and voted thank you again for your time and feedback!

Until next time!

Great Achievements!Some disappointments….

Posted by
16 days ago | May 14th, 2015 2:34 am

Hello!I really Loved the Ludum dare 32!Lots of awesome games.
For my first Ludum dare entry(the first big jam I have ever entered) I thought people loved new ideas and not awesome gameplay but I was wrong…If I knew that I would male my game extremely perfect!

Here is my results of my gameMusical Trip.

Coolness 53% //yeah I didnt have time to play more games….Sorry!
#163 Audio(Jam) 3.57 //Wow so good!My brother sure makes good music!
#386 Overall(Jam) 3.37 //Perfect!I didnt expect to be in top 500!
#391 Graphics(Jam) 3.55 //not bad since I didnt really work on the graphics….
#404 Fun(Jam) 3.21 //um…..It’s a bit low…
#442 Mood(Jam) 3.17 //ok….I thought you will get to that freaky tence!
#495 Theme(Jam) 3.38 //:|
#637 Innovation(Jam) 2.90 //Ok it was a nice idea was it not?:(
#686 Humor(Jam) 2.50//no diggy biggy here!

Thank you all for reading!:D

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