Not sure if I will do another LD…

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 6:38 pm

As the title says, I am on the fence as to whether or not I want to do any more Ludum Dare competitions.

My biggest discouragement has been with the scoring system.  Although the overall score on my team’s LD37 entry wasn’t terrible, I’ve noticed a few things that made me really discouraged from trying any of these in the future:

  • You get judged relative to what you attempted to do, not absolutely based on what you’ve accomplished.

This one is the worst.  If I sit down and spend the effort of writing a game with an interesting plot, I’ll be judged on how interesting players found the plot.  If I write a game with physics, people will compare it to Half Life 2’s physics.  As an example, we spent hours modeling, rigging, skinning, and animating our goblin enemy, testing out the AI, making sure the appropriate sounds played, that the hitboxes were accurate.  We had ‘take damage’, ‘surprised’, and ‘death’ animations and made sure everything generally worked.  The enemy had two different types of attacks and different cooldowns that added variation to whether or not they chose to lunge or slash.

We had to balance the placement of enemies to make sure the player never got overwhelmed and added battle regions so that players were occasionally forced to kill all enemies in order to proceed.  We figured all of these things would improve the game experience, but it actually got us more criticism.  People complained that the goblins didn’t give enough feedback when they were hit.  People complained that the combat made the game frustrating in general.  Meanwhile people who made ‘Move the green square while avoiding the patrolling blue squares’ got top marks for their ingenuity.  It seems like the way things are scored incentivizes people to make the simplest game possible.  And at that point what’s even the point?  I don’t want to make pong every time.  I want to challenge myself.  But I’m forced to either challenge myself or try for a good score, since the two trend towards opposite extremes in terms of complexity.

  • People cheat, and those people ended up getting better scores.

I’ve seen several people who used free Unity Asset Store content and didn’t opt out of Graphics, or they reused sounds and music from other places and didn’t opt out of Audio.  Not only that, but nobody in the comments even challenges it.  Instead I see comments like “your game looks amazing!” or “your game has the best music”.  Most of these entries even admit to using free artwork in the description, and people still rate their game based on the free artwork.  This wouldn’t bother me so much, except that those entries ended up with better scores in graphics or audio than other people who actually worked hard on their art assets.

  • The categories are not independent of each other

I’ve seen games with terrible graphics score better than games with good graphics simply because the gameplay was better.  I’ve seen games get rated highly for humor and theme just because they’re fun.  This tends to go against the idea that “at least you can win an individual category”.  Check out all of the top entries.  In fact, check out the one that’s called ‘Empty’.  Looks like an interesting game, but should it honestly be in the 95th percentile of graphics at position #110?  The game uses solid pastel colors and very basic 3D models.  The overall concept may be great and the game might be extremely fun, but come on, it deserves to beat 2000 other games in graphics simply by employing a solid-color flat-shading technique?  I feel like one day a text-based game is going to win second place in graphics…

Still hard working on Post-Compo version

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 6:32 pm

I realy enjoyed working on the game from last LD, so I want to continue ! It’s more like a complete new game with a lot of new features and proper puzzles. Here is a glimpse of one scene, directly referencing M.C.Escher’s work. I want to release a video teaser soon.

About my results, it’s my best LD in Overall, Theme, Innovation and Audio. That’s a big step for me and a proof that polishing every aspect can give a better experience than only focusing on one feature. Other categories (Graphics and Mood) are great too but not my best. You can still play the original compo game here :

#13 Theme 4.51
#25 Graphics 4.38
#34 Mood 4.02
#34 Overall 4.03
#60 Innovation 3.92
#161 Audio 3.27

That was a great experience!

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 6:17 pm

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That was my first jam ever and I’m pretty happy with the results. I will definitely come on the next LD. Maybe not as developer, but surely as a player.

Thank you guys for this great experience!

Super Battle Cycle Results

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 5:35 pm

Here’s the ranks and ratings for Super Battle Cycle, my entry!


Click for LD page

Wonderful! They’re the best ranks I’ve gotten in any entry. I think I will continue developing the game to eventually sell it… I hope it goes well, I’ve never tried selling a game before.

It would have been nice to get top 100 in Overall, but I’m satisfied with hitting top 100 in two other categories 😀 Congrats to the winners.


Great Ludum Dare, guys. Thanks everyone for playing, keep updated on future plans for the game on GameJolt and Twitter!

Thanks for saving water with me! :P

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 5:33 pm

Results time, and I’m pretty pleased with how things went out. Innovation had a drop, but mostly because my idea wasn’t that innovative anyway, kinda cliché/silly too. But I’m happy things came out like this, even though I was kinda lazy this time. 😛

Sem título

Audio was kind of a last minute effort, but I’m happy that it went well. Gotta thank the rain in São Paulo, since all sfx were recorded thanks to that. :)

Tbf, I’d be happy even if score was waaaay lower, because I had a lot of fun making and playing my game, and also playing others’ games too! 😀 And I want to keep doing it in here (even saved some space in my HDD to keep games from all LDs that I took part :3).

As I said before, I’m planning on making a full, better and more polished version of Rainwater, and I hope I can do that, since I ended up lovin this project a lot! 😀

Thanks, everyone! See you on another game jam and on the next LD too! :)

P.s.: Let me play your games and increase the collection, if I still didn’t! 😀


Posted by (twitter: @diet_zribi)
14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 5:18 pm

Check these CRAZY results!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?



Fancy Goldfish is feelin’ Fanc-aaaaaaay

14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 4:44 pm

Super happy to share our LD results for Fancy Goldfish!


I was so excited we made the top 10 that I made the goldfish EXTRA FANCY JUST FOR YOU.


Now he can use all that top 10 money to go to Maximum Fancy Drive.  It’s like Fast and the Furious only it’s starring all goldfish.  Directed by *ahem* Michael Bay.  …cause “bay” is a body of…water…I’ll show myself out.

But really though, I had a ton of fun doing the art for this game, thank you so much to everyone who played and rated our game. Lookin’ forward to more LD’s in 2017.  Grats everyone!

Jodi, Artist, monocular inspector, Fast and/or Furious

STEREOJO’s Results

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 4:33 pm


Very pleased with my Ludum Dare 37 Results. Top 100 for Innovation and Audio! Thanks for those who rated it, it means a lot! c:


If you haven’t checked it out yet, go check it out!

This was my 10th LD, and I will be coming back for my 11th in April!

Err On the Side of Optimism

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 1:36 pm

The results for Ludum Dare 37 are finally in. For my team’s first Ludum Dare ever, we managed to get into the top 25 for Audio!


Could things have been better? Of course. But at the same time, I think being able to place that high in at least one category is in itself a great thing. The difference in the average score between us and the top ranking Audio score was less than 0.5. Truly it was a close race.

In the previous game jam my team, Team Spontaneous Combustion, had participated in, we placed 20th in Audio out of ~400 entries with a ~3.9 average rating. So to have 55 people give the game a 4.35 average rating for Audio (assuming all those people rated the Audio category) is a considerable improvement, in my opinion. Even with the rankings that fell below #100 – I mean, there are thousands of entries, so we could think of our entry as placing in the top 26% and whatnot. Just the fact that we could create what we’d normally take a week to do into 72 hours is impressive, and the same goes for everyone who participated in Ludum Dare. It’s hard enough working in a team to make something in 72 hours, so I can’t even imagine how people make playable games in 48 hours on their own. 😛

spellbound-next to dark book


When we first released our entry, Spellbound, I wasn’t sure if it was going to do that great. Ludum Dare 37 fell at one of the worst times for me, with exams coming up on the horizon and work that was scheduled on two of the three days I had to complete the OST. As a result, I didn’t spend as much time with the audio for the game as I wanted to, creating the tracks within a couple of hours and being like “meh, I don’t really know how to develop this so I guess I’ll loop it”. Surprisingly, I was able to create music based on the different books that were opened, all except for the final stage. I had, at first, thought of remixing the previous water book track for the final stage (’cause you know, ice is a solid form of water :P), but due to a loaded schedule, ran out of time.

Overall, I’m really happy that a lot of people enjoyed the music to Spellbound and am very proud to have worked with Team Spontaneous Combustion on our third game jam, and first Ludum Dare in general. There were a lot of wonderful entries in this Ludum Dare and I’m glad to have played and rated quite a few.

If you haven’t checked out Spellbound yet, give it a look at here! The game is playable on web (but the download gives you better resolution options).




Ludum Dare Awards #37

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 1:36 pm



– – – – 37 – – – –

List of users who received trophies:





#2 – CircL

#1 – How To Cope With Boredom and Loneliness

#3 – General Room

#2 – levelone

#1 – Interrogation Room

#3 – Video Games Are My Life




#1 – Empty

#1 – Cancelled Refuge

#1 – Xenopunch

#2 – Death Dash

#1 – Walkie Talkie

#3 – Tangent




#2 – The Chinese Room

#1 – The Recursive Dollhouse

#3 – Rubi’s Room

#2 – INF

#1 – Walkie Talkie

#2 – Christmas Time




#2 – One Rum

#1 – How To Cope With Boredom and Loneliness

#3 – clapclap

#2 – levelone

#1 – Punchies

#3 – Essay Writer 5000




#2 – A monster doesn’t let me leave my room

#1 – Jim is Moving Out!

#3 – The Employee

#1 – levelone

#1 – Death Dash

#3 – John in the room




#2 – Xenopunch

#1 – Hotel Z

#2 – Don’t Touch It, Cat!

#2 – Interrogation Room

#1 – FIIL Mark 37

#3 – Fracture




#2 – The Library

#1 – One room – dance club

#3 – How To Cope With Boredom and Loneliness

#2 – Punchies

#1 – Worst Mixer Ever

#3 – Ludum Dare: The Game




#2 – Face Man

#1 – Karate Basketball

#3 – Looking For Heals

#2 – Grinder

#1 – Death Dash

#3 – Cardinal Cell




#2 – Sam

#1 – Behind The Wallpaper

#3 – A monster doesn’t let me leave my room

#2 – FIIL Mark 37

#1 – Video Games Are My Life

#3 – Fracture



#2 – WarmLemon
263 games
#1 – breno
267 games
#3 – MoonlightBomber
260 games


Botanic Balcony

Heavy Industries

One Rum


Walkie Talkie

Five Star Hotel


13 jellyfish

Ludum Dynamics (TM)

Three Minutes to Midnight

Tree House Quest




Dungeon Slimes


one rooms
Not Yet Available
How To Cope With Boredom and Loneliness

General Room

Room 007
Not Yet Available
Ludum Dare: The Game

Interrogation Room



Jupiter_Hadley Omiya Games
mirta000 Tater_hater
alfie275 FellowPlayer
LarryChupacabra Alvaron
InkEyes rnlf
fleegle2000 indi3
thebrickanator Krizkor


The Living Room Battlescape – Postmortem

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 1:27 pm

This was one crazy Ludum Dare filled with surprises, problems, and a lot of fun. My team and I were also not expecting the theme “One Room” to be selected and we were very surprised when it was revealed.

Our original idea was to have a large, spacious room in which random obstacles are generated and the player is forced to fly around and fight against AI enemies. This turned out to be much too complex and uninteresting for the team. The next idea we had involved the player adventuring around a huge scaled-up room, completing missions and fighting enemies, with a medieval theme. Unfortunately, once again, this turned out to be much too complex for the team, so the idea evolved slightly. We kept the large, scaled-up room, but drastically simplified things by:

  • removing most textures
  • switching to a much simpler color scheme
  • switching to a simpler low-poly model style
  • simplifying and improving the performance of the lighting

Due to a lack of time, we also had to simplify the enemies and gameplay. Our original idea was to have animated, billboard-style enemies, but since we had changed the theme of the game, we had to scrap this. The new enemy style was heavily inspired by the No Man’s Sky Logo, where enemies would be diamond-shaped with a random, rotating 3D primitive in the center of the diamond. Next, we had to simplify weapons. We were originally planning on having a large variety of melee weapons, but with the changes to the enemies and theme, we had to switch to projectile-based weapons. Eventually, though, we had to scrap these weapon ideas and opt for a simplistic projectile-based system using rigidbodies.

The most unfortunate event to happen for me this Ludum Dare was probably the contraction of some unknown disease that was like a blend of the cold, the flu and a sore throat. This had a severe impact on progress, as my team was unable to work on late Sunday and all of Monday, and I was deathly ill on Monday with a fever of 101° F. This severely impeded my ability to work on the game, leading to more issues caused by a lack of time.

Despite all of these problems, though, I think The Living Room Battlescape turned out quite well. The reviewers seem to agree with this sentiment as well:

ludum dare results

O_O Results time. (I’m seriously shocked.)

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 12:19 pm

So here be the obligatory results post and I’m honestly so shocked and surprised!


I came first in the overall category and actually not half bad in the rest, improved last LDjam results by quite a bit! I’m so glad people enjoyed my game, I really am! ^_^. It was also double awesome to find out that there was FOUR winners this time, which if I’m not mistaken is a first?

I’m currently on holiday at the moment so I just had to find a hotspot to say thank you to everyone and to wish everyone well on their results. Remember at the end of the day it’s about the experience of making the game and living on pure caffeine for three days.

If peeps want to play me game, you can find it ‘ere: Cancelled Refuge
Also if people would like too, you can vote for it on Greenlight ‘ere: Steam Greenlight

Now if you excuse me I’m going to do just a small happy dance 😛

Results! :D

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 11:28 am

I was up till about 2-something AM waiting for results. I was probably one of the first people to see the results. 😛

I think I did okay. I got above average in every category. xD

Made it into the top 100 for Innovation though.

The theme was one of the three I really didn’t want. (Five Minutes, One Room, and Simplicity) I also restarted with only 29 hours left.

I think that my biggest mistake was making a game that takes more than 2 minutes to play. :/ Next time, I’ll make an in-game tutorial. In my first LD, I got 17 fake ratings on my game. (17 less downloads than ratings) This time I timed when I rated games to avoid that, and it worked! 😀 I’m really looking forward to the next LD. Hopefully it’ll have a decent theme and I won’t have to restart. 😛

Check out my game here.


Rating Percentages:

Innovation – Top 8.5%

Theme – Top 28.8%

Fun – Top 29%

Overall – Top 33.7%

Graphics – Top 38.1%

Mood – Top 38.2%

Humor – Top 40.8%

Audio – Top 43.6%

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RoomOne ratings

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 10:52 am

I didn’t expect that but my ratings are really good. Thank you for your kindness. I received 93 votes – which is my best score (and I rated 163 projects). I started this project using a new shader and I didn’t go wrong – #35 for Graphiscs and #61 Overall. Now I am working on this project so as to create an interesting puzzle game. As usual, this LudumDare event was great. I wish you the best – my dear fellows. Bye ++

RoomOne entry


The results are in!

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 10:50 am

Wow! My game Space Captive did very well for my second LD event.


It barely missed top 25 innovation and top 100 overall. An all the categories were within 300!

These ratings kind of blew my mind! Also the game had pretty good comments and I was generally happy with the game myself too, and i think that is what matters the most.

There was probably two things that I might have done to make my game and the ratings better
*I should have made the bugfix for the game right away
*and I should have made web version(which I couldn’t do, due to the way I had coded the game)

However all in all I would say this was great success for me and my game.

Thanks to everyone who played and rated my game :)

First compo results

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14 days ago | January 3rd, 2017 10:43 am


My first Ludum Dare was LD36 but as everyone is probably aware of the compo wasn’t rated that time around. I was eager and exciting to find out the results this time but I had mixed feelings about it. I was hoping for a top 100 over all, and decent placement in graphics and audio. I fell short of all the top lists (category top-25 and overall top-100) but at the same time I am not disappointed or discouraged. I knew that I made a trade off by “only” spending 20 hours on the game as I did a lot of other stuff during the same weekend. Considering I didn’t even think I would have a game to submit when 12 hours remained (I made most of the game in the last 12 hours) I’m pleased with the results!

I will strive to have more original gameplay in my next entry.  Game design and mechanics are probably where I have least experience and what I find to be the most challenging so it’ll be great to practice that more.

Thanks to everyone who played, rated, and commented on my game and related YouTube videos.

My Results:

#39 Graphics 4.22
#40 Audio 3.86
#112 Overall 3.70
#121 Humor 3.22
#152 Fun 3.55
#161 Mood 3.44
#201 Theme 3.84
#356 Innovation 3.01
#1071 Coolness 41%


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