Ludum Dare 34
Coming December 11th-14th Weekend

GFraMe v2.0.0-rc4

Posted by (twitter: @SirGFM)
2 days ago | November 23rd, 2015 8:27 pm

It’s been three months, already, since the last LD. Since then, I’ve made some improvements on my personal framework and I think now, a few weeks before the next event, is the perfect time to announce its existence to the world, once again.

And is there a better way than doing that with a small demo with lots of particles? How about with ten tousands of particles at 120 FPS?


OK, my computer has quite a good CPU (which is the main bottleneck to this test, as it runs in a single thread), but it’s possible to achieve nice results even at smaller FPSs:


(Small cheat: on this seconds screenshot, the particles are being sorted and rendered from oldest to yongest, so it takes quite some more time to update and I can’t get it to run much better – i.e., at highers FPS or with more particles – than this…)

How about giving it a try? I could really use some testing in various machines… So far, I’ve only tested in 4 environments:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits, AMD FX 8350, ATI Radeon HD 7750
  • Windows 7 64 bits, AMD FX 8350, ATI Radeon HD 7750
  • Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits, Intel Core i3-5005U
  • Windows 8 64 bits, Intel Core i3-5005U

It ran nicely in all of those, though I couldn’t get it to run at 120 FPS nor with too many particles on the i3 on Windows. It glitched if I tried to run the test at anything more than 120 particles per frame and 60 FPS… Since it work as expected on Ubuntu, I suspecting it happened because I still haven’t updated the video drivers on the Windows 8…

So, if you guys could test it and give some feedback, I would be really grateful! You can get it here, for Windows, and directly from its repository (on github), for Linux. I’m still working on some things, so the devel  branch (not the master!!) must be cloned. If anyone wants to try it on Linux, get in contact and I’ll rewrite the README and add some missing pointers…

I think the next thing I want to do is to get it to run on emscript. It would be great if it worked nicely before the next LD. (last time I tried, I run into a few issues…)

Thanks for reading! See ya!


Real third LD I hope

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2 days ago | November 23rd, 2015 6:50 pm

Hi all,

I’ve been away for a long time in Ludum Dare, but I hope to get some time in the next weekend to create a little minimalistic game for LD34! My toolkit is, as usual:

Code: Java with LWJGL and self-written wrapper Glome, possibly with other wrappers, depending on the theme.
Graphics: If I can manage to implement an SVG drawing function, then Inkscape, otherwise plain old shapes.
Sound: FL Studio 12

Good luck and see you around!

Hi there! I’m in!

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2 days ago | November 23rd, 2015 6:09 pm

Hi, everyone! I’m really excited for the upcoming Ludum Dare 34, and I hope all of you are too! I’m going to be competing for my first time ever, along with one of my friends (teledoor24), mostly as a way to bond and have fun together. We plan to make our game in Unity, making art assets from freeware like GraphicsGale and Pyxel Edit!

I’m writing this post to test the waters, so to speak, and to get to know the LD community a little better– I hope you don’t mind!

Thank you, and I hope to see you all soon during the LD34!


I come bearing good news

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2 days ago | November 23rd, 2015 5:05 pm

With the next Ludum Dare only a few weeks off I figured I would put this out there for Jam participants once again. Last time around, I created a little subreddit called /r/gameteam and we had a lot of success. Since we still have a few weeks I recommend anyone who doesn’t have a team or is looking for an addition to check out the re-designed sub. I can almost guarantee participates from the last Dare will be coming back. You can find it here:

My Mini Ludum Dare 63 Fusion Game

Posted by
3 days ago | November 22nd, 2015 8:58 pm

hey folks, december will be my first official ludum dare. so i was going to do a practice run for the compo this weekend, but instead i did my 48hr comp run with this fusion event.


my fusion games are super mario and altered beast. this is my first time doing anything like this, and i was a bit worried that i wouldnt be able to produce anything useable at the end. well turns out that i can produce something playable.

check out the game, its called super beast. its in the unity webplayer right now. i spent like 6 hours today trying to get the webgl to work, but i couldnt. so i ended up settling for the webplayer.


Game Engine: Unity

Event: Mini Ludum Dare 63 Fusion

Game: Super mario meets altered beast

Style: Compo, all from scratch within 48hrs. i streamed the whole thing too at

Social: @JCMonkeyD3


Game Development Overview

Posted by (twitter: @GaTechGrad)
3 days ago | November 22nd, 2015 8:13 pm

Earlier this month, I did a presentation for a high school computer class on the basics of game development.  Last night, I made a recording of myself giving the presentation again so that I can share it online.  This is targeted toward those who have no programming experience, but want to learn more about what goes into making a video game and the various tools used.

Okay so I’m a first timer looking to enter the Jam with my two brothers in LD34– I see that you’re allowed to use pre-made assets that belong to you, and we’re also allowed to use any “base code” we’ve come up with beforehand. I was just wondering what this means? I mean obviously you cant come in with a game you’ve been working on for 4 years prior and just polish it up and submit it, but where do we draw the line as to what counts as base code?


I’m In

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4 days ago | November 22nd, 2015 9:37 am

My 5th Ludum dare…

I will be using Unity as my engine and will be writing my code in C#
Art: Blender and Gimp2
Sound: Audacity

Here is the link to my last MiniLD (The runaway Burger (A necessary weakness)):The Runaway Burger (ReMustard)

MiniLD63: Snake Attack!

Posted by
4 days ago | November 22nd, 2015 9:07 am

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 8.51.47 AM

Snake attack! escape the snakes to get out of the city!

Note: the game is not complete, expect bugs

get it


How to End Terrorism

Posted by
4 days ago | November 22nd, 2015 6:02 am

Somehow I had to make this game.


I know it’s silly, but I would like to hear your comments. Thank you.

[Complete] Multiplayer support

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4 days ago | November 22nd, 2015 4:31 am


After a writing a big algorithm, I finally managed to make the player movement possible in the game. 😀

You can download the source code here. Note: After you have downloaded the zip file, extract it, and place the project folders in your Eclipse workspace folder.

P.S.: The fps is low, ’cause I’m running two clients (2 * 2 = 4 threads) and a server (2 * 1 = 2 thread), and there are 6 threads running :D. And I use Java as programming language, so if you are not a Java programmer, don’t download the source code :'(.

I’m In…

Posted by (twitter: @@AutoKAD)
4 days ago | November 21st, 2015 11:41 pm

…just hope that I will be ready.  Last Ludum Dare I was preparing for the move to my new house and did not get a lot of time the first day to work on my entry.  Somewhat settled into the new crib, now.  During the move, I sold a bunch of stuff, including my Oculus Rift DK1 (every time I put the thing on it made me feel sick 10 minutes in…especially with Windlands).  So, I bought Spine 2D, 2 Steam Controllers and a Steam Link.  I am hoping to get familiar enough with Spine 2D to use it for this LD, so I’ll list it for now in my set of tools.  So far, I love it.  For the past LDs, I’ve used a combination of Blender and Unity for my 2D animations.  For this Ludum Dare I will be using the following:

Game Development: My Brain (…might need an upgrade, me thinks)

Game Engine: Unity (…because I like to think I know it)

Artwork: Photoshop & Illustrator (…because staring at them both for 8-12 hours at my jobs is not enough apparently)

Animation: Spine 2D (…because I just bought it and its neato)

Audio & SFX: Audacity, Bfxr, my guitar & vocal cords and various kitchen equipment (…because I can play a mean set of pots and pans)

Can’t wait to start voting on a theme.  See you all in December!  Have a great Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

“I’m in …”

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4 days ago | November 21st, 2015 8:41 pm

… for a second try. I teamed up with a friend for the last LD Jam. We had to skip almost a full day so time ran out – given how far we got in what were effectively only 48 hours we’re confident to be able to submit something this time :)


Cheers !

Planning to Enter for the First Time

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4 days ago | November 21st, 2015 8:41 pm

I’ve been playing around with game development since I first taught myself to program on an obsolete TI-99/A I bought a a yard sale in grade school. However, I never seem to get anything done. Hopefully a concrete deadline and some intial direction will give me the push I need to (approximately) complete something.

Hey all!


Looking to join a talented team to do music for a game submission on LD 34.

I have worked on popular games for the company E-sports in the past.

If you would like to hear my stuff or read my Bio visit or search Carlonec on youtube.

Email me at [email protected]





I’m participating in Mini-LD 63.

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4 days ago | November 21st, 2015 5:22 pm

And I’m going to use this post to explain my plans for it. Currently I’m planning to make a turn-based RPG / Puzzle Mini game mashup. When you attack, a mini-puzzle will appear on screen, and you’ll have a few seconds to complete it for a successful attack. Each class / type of attack will have a different puzzle to complete (e.g. magic attacks will have a match 3). In the last Ludum Dare, I designed a turn-based RPG, and I’ll be using the engine from that for the base of this game.


Of the ten games of this Mini-LD, I only have four off from work, so the bulk of the game building will happen then. Hopefully I’ll be able to create something fun. Good luck to everyone participating.

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