Formless Adventure Demo!

7 days ago | January 12th, 2017 9:55 am

Hello, indie game fans!
Do you like platformers? May be hardcore? Or low poly? Everyone will find something for yourself in “Formless Adventure”.
Well, now to the point.

The main feature of our game is ability to change form of the hero. There are only five forms: speed, sticky, slippery, fire and stone.
The physical properties of the protagonist body depend on forms. For example, you can accelerate from a hill in a slippery, at the end turn to stone and knock the door.
Oh yeah, I forgot to say that our hero – a formless accumulation of balls.

Well, you can look at it yourself.
Just download the game from a convenient source to you:
Itch. io



Screenshot_5Screenshot_3 (2)Screenshot_7ygvgNOOKsjMScreenshot_3
Thanks for playing!

I’m in

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7 days ago | January 11th, 2017 11:33 pm

I’m just seeing some of these in the main page and social pressure is making me do this, I’m new to game dev, but I’ve already seen Ludum Dare (I have Evoland on my pc, and some game about an army of reds against some blues? They all had mustaches), and I’m learning everything I can for the LD 38. Any advice for Game Maker and people who suck at animating/drawing in any way, shape or form?

Super Battle Cycle Post-Compo!

Posted by (twitter: @PowerSparkGames)
8 days ago | January 11th, 2017 12:02 pm

Update post! Hey guys, I’ve finally put together the first *worthy* post-compo update to Super Battle Cycle… all using player feedback from you guys during Ludum Dare 😀

LD Page

There is probably another major update upcoming. Again, thank you all for your amazing feedback!
Changes include level revamps, new enemies that shoot, new sprites and world objects, etc.
Check it out here if you haven’t c:

The next update will most likely be even more important than this one, make sure you don’t miss it!!!
Twitter Page

Dude, Stop – We are on Steam!

Posted by (twitter: @ArtjomsNeimanis)
8 days ago | January 11th, 2017 10:32 am


Aeons ago we participated in Ludum Dare 33 (themed “You are the monster”) and in about 14 hours or so we made a small game called “Dude, Stop”. We were late, everything was rushed, it had no menu or UI, no music and just two sounds. Nonetheless, we received a lot of positive feedback and decided to expand the concept a little bit…

And now *drumroll* we’re finally on Steam Store! The dream is coming true!.. Well, coming true soon, since the game is still not finished. It’s actually funny – the initial prototype took 14 hours to make and the full game isn’t complete after one and a half years. It’s all just a pile of puzzles. Glorious, wonderful puzzles!

Anyway, this is just an encouragement for other Ludum Dare participants – don’t be afraid to take your rushed mess of a game and flesh it out into a complete game! The community is really good at showing, whether or not your games are fun, and telling you where the problems are. You guys are awesome.


Dude, Stop - Screenshots

The next challenge now is to release properly… 😀

I’m in!

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8 days ago | January 10th, 2017 5:17 pm

As I understand this is the proper signal for initiation.

Post-LD version! Yay c:

9 days ago | January 10th, 2017 3:24 pm

Bob And Bernard Against The Nazis

Thanks to all guys, who supported us and gave us feedback! You’re awesome c:

This december we made this game for Ludum dare 37. This was our first jam try and despite many imperfections and compromises we had to make
due to time limits we liked the result very much. So we thought it could be fun
to spend a little bit more time to build a more presentable prototype. And finally we are happy to present it to you.
In our minds we have big plans for this game: revised gameplay, improved graphics, comprehensive story filled
with drama and stupid whale puns, and many more.
But for that we need your support and feedback. And probably a good publisher.
Hope, you will enjoy our game! Have a good time!


Regarding timezones for LD

Posted by (twitter: @adambeedle)
9 days ago | January 9th, 2017 7:44 pm

Due to the timing being so important in LD, particularly in the submitting hour, I was wondering how timezones worked, and which is the main timezone LD runs on. I myself am in GMT. If anyone knows anything, post in the comments

Ludum Dare to Believe! S:8 EPISODE 1

Posted by (twitter: @ButtonMasherBro)
10 days ago | January 9th, 2017 12:03 pm

Hey everyone! We are the Button Masher Bros!

We are back and ready to showcase more of your favorite Ludum Dare games! One room may seem limiting… but holy hell did you guys think outside the box and make it work! (See what I did there? … Sorry).

Anywho… It’s the season premiere of Ludum Dare to Believe! It’s S:8 Ep. 1!

(May contain strong language)

With so many submissions, there was absolutely no way we could play them all.

Special thanks to our friends at Reddit, twitter, and youtube who all stepped up to give us suggestions – you guys are the BEST!

If you like the games you see, be sure to check them out on and let the developers know what you think!

Today we will be highlighting:


Title: Xenopunch
Category: Jam Entry
Creator: Pietro Ferrantelli


Title: The Last Trip to Riverside
Category: Jam Entry
Creator: ZYXer

Category: Jam Entry
Creator: Split82


Finally, we’d love to hear what you think!
You can comment on the episode linked above, comment in this thread, or tweet us at:

@ButtonMasherBro – Show account

@MathBlasterRitz – Chris

@SuddenlyZach – Zach

or @jwowBMB – Josh

Thanks Everyone and HAPPY LUDUM DARE!

First LD rating. Thank you so much!

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10 days ago | January 9th, 2017 10:36 am

I just wanted to extend a thank you to everyone for making my first rated LDjam a success.

I had created a game in a shorter amount of time do to outside work and was concerned about participating. You all offered your best constructive criticism and kind words which put to rest any concerns I had.

It really seemed to be a success for the first rating!


There was not a single moment of this LDjam that I didn’t enjoy and it was because of our amazing community.


So! What did I learn?

  • Maybe a blinking black screen is more seizure fuel than gameplay
  • Simplicity (when used correctly) can sometimes benefit more than something complex
  • When designing sprites with no border, draw them over black to make sure they pop on dark backgrounds


Thank you all for playing Freedom.

Thank you for making this special every time. See you at LDjam 38!

Very long timelapse of LD37

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11 days ago | January 8th, 2017 3:49 pm

Ok, I guess you could call it overkill but I decided to make a very long timelapse of my LD37 weekend. It’s nearly 3 hours long and runs at 10x realtime speed. It includes some of the events that I did outside of Ludum Dare during the weekend too – and the challenges of doing Ludum Dare with 3 young kids in the house. I also have a few short segments of real time video, look for the “finding bugs” time stamps in the details of the video. Finally, check out what could have ended my LD37 game from being finished all together at the end of the video =)

The Voting period has come and gone and the winners for each category have been posted. So let’s take a quick detour from the normal showcase format and look at what they did to win.

The Games:

Walkie Talkie


Jim is Moving

Miss out on earlier episodes? Grab the complete playlist for Ludum Dare 37 and catch up!

Got a game to Submit? Then use this handy dandy Google Form! It’s fancy!

Thanks for watching! =D

Why is everything liked?

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11 days ago | January 8th, 2017 2:11 pm

Look at this page, everything is red from being liked a lot. Normally most things only have 1 or 2 likes…

Post-LD ideas

11 days ago | January 8th, 2017 7:13 am

Do you ever feel like this: LD is already over, but you got an idea which fits the theme? We had that feeling multiple times. And one more weekend you make one more solo LD… cause it is fun, isn’t it?

After LD35: Two buttons

A game where level changes depending on your direction (link to demo).


After LD36: Shapeshifter

A game where you’re a shapeshifter chess figure which transforms into just killed figure (link to demo).


A «Sheep-shifter» – where you need to pass sheeps through forest full of wolfs and you have a beam which transforms your sheeps into uncontrollable monsters (link to demo).


After LD37: One Room

A game where you need to protect room with baby from noise of neighbours… by smashing them (link to demo).


These are just demos, but do you think some of them could become interesting games?

I’m in!

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11 days ago | January 7th, 2017 6:36 pm

Count me in for the upcoming LD38! Until then, I’m practising… 😀

Sequel to LD37 game “Non Euclidean Room”

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12 days ago | January 7th, 2017 12:48 pm

In the month since LD37, I continued working on my game “Non Euclidean Room”. It’s nearly a completly new game with several sections, puzzles, and a lot of new mechanics.
Since it take a bit longer than I wanted, I made a video teaser to keep the motivation going. Let me know what you think.

The game is now called “Fragments of Euclid” and it will be released soon in a “Pay what you want” model on
You can still play the original LD37 game here :

Post-Jam Update for the One Room Dungeon

Posted by (twitter: @TRASEVOL_DOG)
12 days ago | January 7th, 2017 8:16 am

Hi! I hope you all had great holidays!

One Room Dungeon was my entry to Ludum Dare #37 compo and it got #50 on the overall ranking! 😀

I was going to make a quick post-jam update to add the polish I couldn’t fit in the 48 hours of compo but I ended up spending 3 whole days on the update. The game is better-balanced, has slightly more content, things are clearer, and I made more sfx and a whole bunch of new musics!


It’s good fun, you should try!

!!! PLAY IT HERE !!!

See you next Ludum Dare everyone!


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