It’s my 10th LD… I’m in.

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1 day ago | December 4th, 2016 3:19 am

So this is my 10th Ludum Dare.

As normal I’ll be using Unity3D as my engine of choice.

But depending on the theme I’ll only use Affinity Designer (if I go with 2D) or both that and Blender (if I go with 3D)

Insert witty title about this being my 15th LD

Posted by (twitter: @KunoNoOni)
1 day ago | December 3rd, 2016 11:25 pm

Insert normal banter about the tools I’ll be using like Unity, Photoshop, autotracker and Bfxr

Insert hopeful and encouraging message to all LD participants

I’m in for the 13th time

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1 day ago | December 3rd, 2016 6:17 pm

Next week end, I will take part in Ludum Dare for the 13th time in a row.

Here are all my 12 past entries so far :


I’m in!

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1 day ago | December 3rd, 2016 2:57 pm

This shall be my fourth LD.  My tools:

Development – IntelliJ Idea (similar to Eclipse: pure Java).

Audio – Garage Band or possibly raw recording from my actual piano.

Graphics – GIMP.

You can download a game about my in-ness over here: link.  It even has original music!

Rambletastic I’m In Post

Posted by (twitter: @DemogorgonGames)
1 day ago | December 3rd, 2016 2:33 pm

I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do.

This would be like, maybe my 5th LD or something, I’m not sure. As usual I have things conflicting with it so I might not even have time to make a game. At this point I intend to do one of the following, assuming I participate.

Unity Path

  • Unity 5.4 Personal – 5.4 might not be the right number but it’s close enough
  • Visual Studio 2015 Community – that’s right
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 – definitely is 2 but that’s what makes it fun
  • The tears of my enemies v4.5 – probably

HTML5 Canvas Path

  • Sublime Text 2 – might not be 2 but I feel like it probably is 2 and the 2 sounds good
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 – definitely is 2 but that’s what makes it fun
  • Google Chrome 49.0  – or something, might actually be 52.0, I have no idea
  • Like, something else, dude – maybe

Yeah that seems about right. Probably gonna go unity but I have no idea. I don’t have anywhere near as much experience working with Unity as I do the HTML5 canvas, but Unity is cool so I like it and so should you. :) This actually ended up so much more organized than I expected. I’m proud of me.

I’m in

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1 day ago | December 3rd, 2016 1:16 pm

I’m in. Second LD, unsure of team size at the moment.

My first Ludum Dare !

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1 day ago | December 3rd, 2016 1:16 pm

Hi there !

I’m in for the LD37, and that’s my first Ludum Dare !

I’m using an home-made game engine based on LibGDX (java), and Photoshop :)

If you’re a 2D artist who makes pixel art, and you’re interested to help me making assets, you’re welcome ! :)

Hope it will be great,



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1 day ago | December 3rd, 2016 1:15 pm

I would like to be in, but not this time around. Maybe next time.

I’m In!

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1 day ago | December 3rd, 2016 1:15 pm

So this is my first Ludum Dare that I’m officially going to be in for, though it’s the second one, since I signed up for an account here in the last Jam.

I don’t know what I’ll put up, but I hope it’s good!


I think, therefore I am (in)

Posted by (twitter: @pi_pi314)
1 day ago | December 3rd, 2016 10:51 am

I’ve been doing this thing for 2 or 3 years now. Every time I had a different experience, I’ve had successes and failures, but every single time I was making a game from a low-level (except for the first time). I almost always used plain OpenGL. But this time will be different. This time I’ll take it easy and slow. This time I’m doing Lua and Löve2D. No hassle with the engine, I’ll just make a fun game.

If you’ve been following me, you might be thinking: ‘That’s not you. You don’t make games. You don’t use scripting languages. You don’t use premade engines.’ Just a month ago you’d be right. But lately I’ve been shifting my preferences and I think I might’ve finally gotten rid of my ‘not-made-here syndrom’. I still don’t like OOP as much as procedural, but now I’ve finally realized it doesn’t matter what paradigm you follow. There’s good code and bad code, no matter what paradigm or language you use. But even now, I still hate JavaScript.

Here are my poisons of choice:

  • Lua
  • Löve2D
  • Vim
  • Gimp
  • Maybe Tiled. Let’s hope I won’t be making a cheesy tiled-platformer or cheesy tiled-topdown.
  • bfxr
  • CSound (if I get to make music)

Game maker lighting “engine”

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1 day ago | December 3rd, 2016 8:49 am

So i made a lighting “engine” in game maker.


This is how it looks.


Also dowload link with source code here:>here<


Edit: gifs don’t work apparently…

Edit 2: gifs do work apparently…so thanks TerraCottaFrog!

I’m in!

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1 day ago | December 3rd, 2016 8:43 am

My tools :

PixiJS + Cordova + Notepad + GraphicsGale;

Someone else from Guatemala ?

Greetings 😀

Professional Programmer looking for artist/team

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1 day ago | December 3rd, 2016 7:42 am


I am a professional developer working in the game and web industry.

I’m looking for an artist I can potentially make games with in the long run! You can view my portfolio here:

I’m a pretty good developer and I work really fast :)

Hope to hear from you!

75% Chance I Won’t Be Doing LD37

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2 days ago | December 3rd, 2016 6:46 am

Good Day. LD37 kinda snuck up on me. I did not enter the last one due to the fact that I had guests from out of country. This time I may not enter as I am already working on a game. I am developing it Mon-Fri, I take the weekends off to recharge my batteries. Afraid if I do LD37 I won’t have those recharged batteries I count on to continue development on my game. So if I do enter LD37, I will probably give it about eight hours of my time at the most. But in all likelyhood I may be waiting until LD38.

Good luck to all entering.

I am in

Posted by (twitter: @go_go_goto)
2 days ago | December 3rd, 2016 5:55 am

Kinda skipped last time, but I’m in for this one! Hope this will, successfully, be my 5th entry. 😀

Gonna try using some tools I didn’t use much, so I’m probably gonna use Game Maker this time, since past entries were made with Haxe and Clickteam Fusion. Will also use some pre-made scripts for controls, calculations and stuff, that I wrote together with @ruerobgames and other stuff from tutorials. 😛

For graphics, I’m gonna try using Affinity Designer and Aseprite.

I’m gonna stick with my FL Studio/iPad + Ampkit 2 setup, with the addition of FL Studio Mobile on Android, for music and sfx, may use BFXR too.

Good luck for everyone! 😀

3D artist looking for team

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2 days ago | December 3rd, 2016 3:18 am

Hi everyone!

I am a 3D artist with general knowledge of everything, modelling, texturing, effects, light, etc.

I participated some years ago in another LumdumDare and I feel nostalgic about it.

I would like to participate again, so I am looking for a team were my help would be needed :)

looking forward!


thank you,


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