October Challenge 2015

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by Jelinib - October Challenge Entry

Engorge Gorgezilla as much as you can. Destroy all the buildings in your way to find all the succulent people that can keep you alive. Wreck the ever-intensifying opposing forces. You won't go down without a fight. You will damn eat until you damn die, dammit.

D to take a step (for moving forward, one step at a time)
J for a high chomp (for taking down helicopters)
I for a mid chomp (for busting down buildings and finding the people)
L for a low chomp (for eating people and destroying tanks)
K for a stomp (for smashing things directly below you)
(alternate controls: Space, Up, Right, Down, and Left respectively)


This is a slightly fatter game than Gorgezilla 1.0 which was made for Ludum Dare 33. Based on some feedback and cravings, I added more stuff, but not everything yet. Could I say this is both "published" and "unfinished?" Because I want to say that's what it is. I will finish it someday--whatever "finish" means.

In due time.

Vague version of stuff I added:
Web/friendly, less hand-straining controls (hopefully)
Stomp ability (totes get more hits on them hardy tanks)
Bullets that punish your ignorance
Slower people (maybe)
Guest score submission
Difficulty tweaks
Performance tweaks
Some graphical tidbits

Vague version of stuff I wanted to add/fix but didn't get around to:
Power ups
More enemy types
Background graphics
Maybe some real title art wowee
More layers of music
More progressive/varied gameplay
Catalysts of dopamine

As this is for the October Challenge, I shall include brief more money-oriented statement. The game is free to play both ways, but:
Itch.io is like a tin can where generous people can maybe spare some change, but most likely not. But you know, worth a try. *rattles tin can*
Game Jolt seems to drop a fraction of a cent of ad revenue per play, or something. It's like molasses, but slower, especially for unpopular games.

But your feedback is also very valuable.

So pick your poison. Thanks!

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Anachron says ...
Nov 4, 2015 @ 4:01am

Crazy button mashing goodness. Some faster music might fit the gameplay better

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