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Tower Block Builder

by coderfap - Unfinished Entry

This is a Javascript game i have been working on since April this year.

I have made a few simple Javascript games and wanted to experiment with the Box2D port and make a 'real life physics' game.

I though I would start with a small simple idea that would take about a month. Little did I realise what was involved and how much time making a game can take.

At the moment the demo version is finished and has five levels. The final game will have twenty and it is these levels that I hope to create in the month of October so I can try and sell it on the Google Chrome Web app store.

Download the demo version from:
and a Youtube video is available at :

In more posts I will detail the enjoyment and pain of the last few months (partly as a warning to others embarking on this type of project) and also chart my progress on creating the new levels and improving the demo.

Please download the demo (its FREE) from the Chrome store and let me know what you think.

Dean (aka Coderfap)

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pansapiens says ...
Oct 9, 2014 @ 12:22pm

Just played up to level 5 - quite good fun and I like the graphics, they suit this style of game well. Will be interesting to see what you can do design-wise with later levels - I found level 5 pretty tough but I've had fun trying to beat it.

Now given that it's a work-in-progress, these things might be coming, but here's some things I think would improve the overall package: 1. A 'retry' button when you fail. 2. A restart button above the Quit button. 3. Background music 4. Some indication of what the next 'spanner' achievement level is at - maybe show the scores required for each spanner on the win screen. I think the volume of the pavement crash sound could be reduced a little since it seems a little to high compared with the other sfx.

In terms of monetization (this is the October challenge, after all), I wonder how it would go as an ad supported phone/tablet game on Google Play if you wrapped it up in something like Intel Crosswalk or CocoonJS.

coderfap says ...
Oct 10, 2014 @ 2:43pm

Thanks for the feedback pansapiens.

I'm glad you played the game through to the end and completed level 5. Yes it is quite tough because in the full game it will be about level 10. I have other ideas for the next levels such as bonus points to hit, explosives that disappear and slopes.

Thanks for the other points. Yes - I was toying with the idea of a restart button and will put it in. Spanner targets I may put in the game screen but I think you are right - they should go in somewhere to avoid frustration. The crash sound has been mentioned to me before and I will reduce it further. Im not keen on music in games and the timer is so quick anyway I may avoid this.

Sometime in the future I may put this on Google Play or similar but to get to the deadline I am sticking to the Chrome Store and hoping to make at least 1 sale at the lowest price point of about £1/$1.

Thanks again and good luck.

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