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Bang! Bang! Undead!

by sdgusler - October Challenge Entry

Had worked on this for a while. this is the flash version, android version is 100% ported but awaiting an artist to redo the art.

It has been said the game is difficult but a lot of that comes from not doing the 20 second tutorial.

Try the campaign mode first and move onto endless or siege if you feel you have the hang of the game.

You can click any level in the campaign even though they show as locked currently, i wouldn't try this until you've mastered earlier levels.

Feedback is very much appreciated...

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coderfap says ...
Oct 17, 2014 @ 12:15pm

Hi sdgusler

Loved the idea of the game and the look of it. Would have liked more time to set up the walls and towers though. Found it hard to set up and think about a good defence and hence couldn't get past first round.

Good instructions and smooth fast game play - I liked it.

Good luck in competition.


sdgusler says ...
Oct 17, 2014 @ 1:07pm

That has been feedback we've had before and adjusted to it BUT the purpose is to keep you on your toes, it shouldn't quite feel frantic (except for one or two maybe) but it should definitely feel like crunch time. Depending on the person, you'll find after you get the hang of it on the first level or two you'll almost be waiting around to continue. The enemies are a threat but not so much you need triple thick walls from the start of the level.

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