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The Other Side

by grifdail - October Challenge Entry

The Other Side is a small plateformer game in JS. It's playable on Mobile, tablet and browser (also with gamepad !). Your goal is simply to get to the other side as quickly as possible.


About the game.

The game is the new version of my very first game. I'worked on it for 3 month.

About the challenge
My gamedev goal for 2014was to earn 1€ out of one of my game. October challenge is obviously the best time for that. Saddly, I did'nt find a really satisfacting way to earn that money. I wanted the Other Side to be free, but i wanted to make money. I did'nt find any simple way to make it playable online and, to make it as a "pay what you want" (especialy in very few time). So I went for donnation + advertise. Expect it did'nt go well. Donnation don't work (i knew that, but i had to try...) and the ad network I choose does'nt have any ad to show (Lame, but it's my fault). So, it kind of a fail for the challenge.
But anyway, in the next day, i will try to improve it and maybe to find a way make it more profitable. Feel free to make any suggestion !

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