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Blocks: Flood'em

by Larzan - Unfinished Entry

My main focus for the OC was to 'GET IT DONE', finally publishing a game / app to the google store that is.
While i managed to finish the initial game juuuust before the october deadline, i did not really finish it (full version without adds, less bugs, more features, more testing) until the beginning of december.

But here it is :)

I am very happy with the result, it is not the next big thing, but i am pretty happy with the result, it looks good, plays well and is the right thing when you just want to kill a few minutes on the train, the elevator or while having some alone time on the porcelain throne ;)

My plan is to use this as a base for future developments, i sure learned a lot about the whole publishing process and using HTML5 for apps.

So, please give it a try and let me know what you think :)

This is a 'flood-it' type of game. Your goal is to fill all the blocks with the same color in as few moves as possible.
Your start block is at the top left. Choose a color with one of the buttons on the bottom right, with this the top left block AND ALL ADJACENT BLOCKS WITH THE SAME COLOR will be 'flooded' with the selected color.

There is also an in-game help with images, just check it out and start playing, the principle is pretty easy to understand.

There are currently three game modes:

you want to be challenged and your brain to work hard, that's the one for you

you just want to play without the stress of turn limits, enjoying the beautiful colors filling the screen, this is the one you need

you can play against the CPU trying to outwit it, good luck with that ;)
You can choose between several beautiful color themes for the blocks themselves and dark and white backgrounds (see the screenshots for more)

* Challenging if you want it to be, relaxing and easy going if you need it, especially good for kids
* Beautiful Color palettes
* Adapts smoothly to different screen sizes
* Randomly generated boards ( Mersenne Twister implementation)
* See your own statistics (no data leaves your device)

ToDo: color blind mode, comparable results, level replay, ...

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