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Dungeon Colony

by sebwolf - October Challenge Entry

Hi All,

Hopefully a late submission will still attract some supporters. This game is not from a previous ludum entry, though I did enter the LD24 72h jam (http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-24/?action=preview&uid=14466) - No, instead, this game is a project I started last year and is called Dungeon Colony:

*** Help me win the October challenge at http://www.dungeoncolony.com/Download ***

Dungeon Colony (Alpha) is a 2D top-down real -time-strategy dungeon building game. You take control of a Dungeon Master and his workers who have just found an abandoned cave. You start off with few resources and command your workers to gather resources and build defenses against greedy heroes.

Some tips:

- Survive!
- To give orders to gather resources, select (left click) a tree or a wall and a worker will lumber or mine it.
- To move objects/creatures, select (left click) the object and right click the target location to move it there. If you selected an object, a worker will pick it up and move it for you.
- Try to take care of your workers by giving them food, quarters so sleep and gold. But also build your dungeon to protect it from potential intruders by placing trap. If workers don't have what they want, they will start slowing down and they can also starve to death.
- You can create more workers if you build a Shrine and 'worship' new workers into existence. That requires some magic. Follow the quests in the game to find out how.

Dungeon Colony is still in early alpha, the main quest isn't created yet, and other things, such as music and sound effects are still missing. None the less, the game is playable and has a beginning and an end (the player dies). However, for the time being, if the colony stays alive, the game goes on forever - sandbox style.

The idea behind this game comes from Dungeon Keeper and Tower Defense games. If you aren't familiar with either, Dungeon Keeper is an old school game by Bullfrog where you constructed a dungeon and protected it from heroes or other dungeon masters like yourself. It had an amazing sandbox feel to it. The Tower Defense genre usually requires the player to place defenses strategically to destroy enemies who try to reach a goal following a path through your defenses.
Dungeon colony brings these two concepts together while adding a third element of resource management and crafting to the mix.

Please leave me some feedback =)

To learn more about the game visit :
- Download: http://www.dungeoncolony.com/Download
- Devlog: http://dungeoncolony.tumblr.com/
- Wiki: http://www.dungeoncolony.com/Wiki
- More Info: http://www.dungeoncolony.com/About

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