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Mars Orbital

by McFunkypants - October Challenge Entry

I am proud to present Mars Orbital, a 3d platformer game with �skateboarding-in-space� physics. I had so much fun making this game, and I'm really happy with the result.

It should run great on any Windows machine, old or new. The game uses the openGL fixed-function rendering pipeline, which means that it should run fine even on laptops or older PCs that can't handle today's advanced shaders. Playtesters have reported framerates as high as 300 FPS when running on a modern gaming rig at full HD (1920x1080) resolution!

It uses PhysX for realistic rigid-body physics simulation. It even supports non-convex solids, which was essential for proper handling of snowboarding or skateboarding-style 'half-pipes' and level geometry with rounded corners.

The game consists of 12 levels, including a hidden 'bonus level' (hint - do a blind jump to the left on the first level), a 'speed round' (where you try to collect as many powerups as possible in a limited time), even even a simple 'boss battle' (where a ball of electricity tries to push you off the ledge).

Use the arrow keys to move. Collect as many powerups as you can and avoid falling into space. Find the teleporter to warp to the next level.

With the right amount of momentum, you can pull off insanely big jumps between platforms!

P.S. I destroyed my October Challenge $1 goal. THANKS EVERYONE!

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