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The Princess Digs Zombies

by jujule - October Challenge Entry

It is the near future of our distant past - the galaxy is irrelevant. President Ronnie is happy in his castle colored in white.
After years of good service he has decided to marry you, the Prince of Navy Seals, to his beautiful daughter. But on the night before your wedding the princess escapes, leaving only a note :
"The Zombie Lord is cooler than you, nicer than you and smells better than you. So long, bro-dude or dude-bro."
Incidentally, the next morning, the road to Hell is overrun by zombies.
Time to fight !

Instructions :

- Left, Right and Up arrows to Move
- Space or Left Ctrl to Rotate
- B or Left Alt to Buy Upgrades
- S to Toggle Sound On and Off
- Upgrades :
- Archers : weak but can attack at a distance. Ideally used behind soldiers.
- Knights : behave like regular soldiers, but hit stronger and are tougher.
- Mages : very weak but can cast a devastating fireball that hits up to 3 enemy units.
- Priests : very weak but can heal any friendly unit standing in front of them.

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