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The October Challenge
(AKA: PoV’s Challenge)

Make a game — take it to market — sell 1 copy
(or 1 in-app purchase, or license it, or earn $1 in ad revenue)

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A Lasting Impression

by demonpants - Competition Entry

A Lasting Impression has been submitted to the app store!

� Gameplay is basically the same as it was for the compo (so still pretty lacking) but I will hopefully alleviate this with updates. The controls are much much better (instead of fairly confusing mouse/keyboard controls, everything is controlled with single-finger touch) and instead of making the picked up object kinematic and set its position to match the touch position, I attach it to a joint and then move the joint instead. This means that the physics works much more nicely and you can rotate objects by spinning them around with your finger (instead of keyboard presses).
� Also, you combine and break items by setting your current tool (to hammer, glue, or none) and then tapping on stuff to create the desired effect. This feels a lot better than dragging items into inventory slots and pressing a button afterwards.
� Items still just drop from the sky randomly. I didn't have time to code/draw all the entrance behavior for each item.
� There still isn't any music or sound effects.
� I didn't have time to code the screenshot taking that happens at the end of the game, unfortunately.

Because of the missing pieces, I've decided to submit this as version 0.6, for 99c. I'd make it free but the point is obviously to make money on a game. I'm planning on giving it a couple updates until it hits 1.0.

Screenshots will be added later, when I had time. For now, you can see a picture from The Ring that happened to be on my desktop. :-)

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