Here is a page of information for Moderators and Administrators of Ludum Dare.

Website Post Moderation

Here’s what a post awaiting moderation looks like.


All newly created users begin as Contributors. A Contributor can make posts, but all of their posts need approval before they appear in the feed. So all posts with the purple flag are only visible to you.

The policy right now is to promote anyone we can verify as human to an Author. An Author is a user that can post without the approval of a moderator. The above example post is TOO SIMPLE to confirm that the user is a human. Some criteria to look for when attempting to verify users:

  • Do they have a Gravatar?
  • Do they have a Twitter account?
  • Have they posted a screenshot of their game?
  • Have they posted a detailed post talking about something topical?

For the most part, we can be relaxed about this. The more users we approve, the less work we have to do as moderators. Currently, spammers are extremely obvious from the content they post.

If a user post is clearly from a spammer, click the QUARANTINE link. This does not delete the user, but takes away all privileges to make posts (i.e. it makes them a “Subscriber”).

If it’s not clear that the user is human (like a post as short and vague as the one above, no screenshots, nothing), then don’t promote them. When they post again with some real content in a post, then promote them. Use your best judgement.

After deciding to promo/not to promote a user, then either Publish or Remove their post using the links in the purple flag.

Website Game Moderation

Occasionally we will have to make changes to games for folks. On each game page, there is a small link that will let you edit a submission.


From here you can do things like change whether a game was submitted in to the Compo or Jam, Edit the Description, or anything else for that matter.

In the case of actual Spammer posted games, or when somebody requests to unlist their game, use this little dropdown box here to disable a game.


IRC Moderation

Be careful when banning people not to blanket ban an entire institution.


That is a BAD ban. It means everyone at Princeton University will be unable to connect. Be more specific.


Like so.


/banlist -- view all current bans
/mode +m -- enable voiced mode (user must be at least voiced to speak)
/mode +D -- stop showing join/leave messages for people until they are opped, voiced, change the topic or speak.

Combining +m with +D means only moderators or voiced users show join/leave messages. (Useful anti-spam!)

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