MiniLD #71 : THE RETRO CHALLENGE — hosted by rnlf — January 2017

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An Unexpected Friend

by Somnium - Mini LD Entry

"An Unexpected Friend" is a short text adventure game about friendship, bureaucracy, and the intricacies of modern technology. Will old mr. Wilson get a new PC, and perhaps even find the secret easter egg, under your guidance?

The game was made in Commodore 64 BASIC - run the .prg file using an C64 emulator like CCS64 ( ) or VICE ( )

The source can be opened in CBM Prg Studio ( )

* type "help" in the game, in order to get a list of accepted verbs and commands.
* if you get stuck, try examining everything - or retracing your steps.
* if you get lost in the maze, try dropping items, in order to decipher how the rooms are connected. Once you understand it, it is very simple to navigate.

This is the original version, without character-specific location-descriptions:

Downloads and Links


gordebak says ...
Feb 5, 2017 @ 11:46pm

Nice one. I played it with VICE, but I didn't finish it. Text adventures are one of my old interests already, so I like your game. But I may have a suggestion: I know this is a jam game, but you can write some descriptions for the places, even very short. It would help envisage them.

One of these days, I want to make a C64 assembly game. For the fun of it.

Somnium says ...
Feb 6, 2017 @ 3:42pm

Thank you for your comments! :-)

I tried a few variants for the locations, but with the limited space available on the C64 screen, I found that even basic descriptions took up a lot of the screen space, which could feel somewhat overwhelming for the player.

Instead, I decided to focus on the command combinations (and to introduce two different "viewpoints", in the form of the two characters). This was also in order to encourage experimentation with word combinations. I feel that too many of the "classical" text adventures had most "invalid" interactions default to a default message e.g. "you can't do that", so I wanted to explore this from a more "in character" perspective.

That being said, I did also make a version with "character viewpoint" descriptions added to the location descriptions. I have added a link to that version as well :-)

gordebak says ...
Feb 6, 2017 @ 4:06pm

That version is better. I was lost in the maze when I quit the game. :) I was thinking about dropping stuff, but I had no time to play further.

Somnium says ...
Feb 6, 2017 @ 6:28pm

Ah, a pity, it is a rather simple maze once you drop a few items to get your bearings. I considered leaving it out, but a game about bureaucracy practically demanded one :-)

gordebak says ...
Feb 7, 2017 @ 11:58am

You should submit the game to somewhere related too I think. looks fine to me. I sometimes browse there for C64 games.

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