MiniLD #71 : THE RETRO CHALLENGE — hosted by rnlf — January 2017

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by Levi D. Smith - Mini LD Entry

Prez is a game developed for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. You play as the POTUS and must collect the American flags as they fall to the ground. Try to collect as many flags as possible to improve your approval rating!

Game is still a work in progress.

Works well with the FCEUX emulator.

About 10 hours of development time in 6502 assembly.

Update Feb 3, 2017
- Ground now displayed
- Score now displays correctly (up to two digits)
- Flags now spawn at random X location after collected
- Jumping works a little
- Date and author displayed at bottom

Post-compo Feb 8, 2017
- Added white house to the background

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