MiniLD #71 : THE RETRO CHALLENGE — hosted by rnlf — January 2017

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by gordebak - Mini LD Entry

I've made a game similar to this some time ago, but I didn't have the files. I decided to remake the game from scratch for this MiniLD.

It's a DOS game made with LoveDOS. The goal in the game is putting the disc on the right in the red square by moving the disc on the left. Green squares reverse the movement relationship. page has a Windows version, an Android version and a .love file.

Edit: I think DOS game link was dead, sorry about that.

Arrow keys - Movement (On Android swipe to the desired direction and release)
F11: Toggle fullscreen (On Windows, Android and .love versions)
Escape - Quit
Space - Skip Level
F5 - Restart Level

Downloads and Links


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