MiniLD #67

Theme: Classic Mash Remix – hosted by bitslap – May 2016

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by calzep - MiniLD 67 Entry

So we did not get to fully complete our entry but we would like to show you the prototype we developed. For the retro game, we chose Pac-Man, and used it's gameplay mechanics to create something completely different. A first person horror game. Enjoy :) We will update this game more after the mLD.

How to Play:
-Wander aimlessly avoiding ghosts
-Pickup white orbs (which are batteries) to turn on your flashlight
-Use the flashlight to kill the ghosts!
-There is no goal yet :D
*-Look for the piece of paper on a wall (It's part of the goal that was never finished!)

WASD/Arrow Keys = Move
Hold Shift = Sprint
Space = Jump (but theres no reason to)
Mouse = Look Around

What is presentable in my entry is a working but unfinished/simplified AI, working powerups/flashlight battery (which kill the ghosts). There is no achievable goal which is the major feature I failed to implement. However, I would like you guys to take my entry into consideration as a proof of concept and judge what is there rather than what isn't.

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May 30, 2016 @ 11:13am

I get an error:
"There should be 'Phasmophobia Prototype_Data'
folder next to the executable"

after renaming the data folder to "Phasmophobia Prototype_Data" it works fine.

Looks very creepy and the map/radar on the corner is a nice idea and ties it to the original nicely, good luck with your future development!

calzep says ...
May 31, 2016 @ 5:18am

@CyberStarLight WHOAH! That was because i was fixing it from an older version and I accidentally packaged the old data folder. It's fixed now. Wow, that probably lost most of the plays though. Thanks for catching that, and thank you for the feedback! :D

McMutton says ...
May 31, 2016 @ 8:08pm

The graphics and music are awesome!
Quite sad that the game otherwise is incomplete... but still a good job. I feel any critic isn't really neccessary since you know where the game falls short (probably due to the lack of time you've mentioned).

I like the minimap as well... it's a good way of handling the problems of a 3D Version of pacman.

Steven Miller says ...
Jun 1, 2016 @ 2:35am

Great graphics and audio. The only issue I noticed is that when you restart the game, the lives stay at 0.

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