MiniLD #63

Theme: Fusion – hosted by Jezzamon – November 2015

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by DdlyHeadshot - Mini LD 63 Entry

SNAKETXT is essentially a Snake Text Adventure. This means the game is less about reactions and far more about being able to mentally keep track of where you have been and thus where your body might still be.

Unlike normal snake, crashing into something does not mean you automatically eat it. This means that if you die, it is because of your own poor choices.

The game may appear boring at first as you have a relatively large arena to an originally small snake, however, as you get larger, the challenge will increase to be one of strategy and mental spatial awareness.

* The arena is randomly sized, but you will always start in the middle of it.
* When you begin, you are four segments long.
* You always start facing to the "left", though since directions are relative, this is meaningless.
* While technically cheating, you may find it helpful to draw a map as you go along.
* If you get really bored, you can choose to "commit suicide".

This game has officially taken me four days to make, although unlike with a standard LD48, I haven't been working "flat out". The ten day span of a Mini-LD really helps with being able to fit in actual work as well.

This is actually the first game I've ever made in C and also my first ever proper game for Linux. I'm quite pleased with it, so I hope that you enjoy it too.

PS: I've had to list this as "Not suitable for kids" purely because the source code contains lots of swear words - the game itself should be fine.
PPS: I've just added a version for Windows, making this technically day 5.

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Steven Miller says ...
Dec 3, 2015 @ 5:24am

This game is amazing. The text is extremely well written, and the amount of things you can do is very cool. It did take me a while to figure out how to do things, and I ended up looking at the source code to find out some of the commands. I have only found one apple so far, but I will definitely be playing this more.

Dec 11, 2015 @ 12:19am

Neat concept! I included it in my MiniLD #63 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)

Dec 11, 2015 @ 8:09pm

Second attempt: I included it in my MiniLD #63 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)

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