MiniLD #61

Theme: A Necessary Weakness – hosted by WetDesertRock – July 2015

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Take the Beach

by Arowx - Mini LD 61 Entry

OK I'm going to try and work on my texturing, modeling and animation using a simple FPS level.

Alien Spikers have invaded you are a 'mechanised' exo-suit armoured soldier in a squad. Your mission is to Take the Beach.

I'm still working on this but will push out builds to the (above) WebGL version and a PC build.

It's a FPS so controls

Mouse look
WASD move
Space jump
Shift run
LMB fire
RMB toggle aiming mode scope/default
R - Reload

1 - Gun
2 - SMG Pistol
3 - Grenade launcher
4 - Missile Targeting Laser

Any and all feedback welcome.

Built using Unity and Blender.

The WebGL version has lower resolution textures, and is not as performant as the PC build, but it does seem to play a bit 'faster' in firefox than chrome at least on my PC.

Update v0.3 has improved AI and Basic Sfx.
Update v0.4 retextured to improve performance.
Update v0.5 added smg-pistol, RMB to aim, magazine indicator, gun indicator, scope on rifle and mini map
Update v0.6 improved trooper and enemy AI
Update v0.7 added missiles and missile targeting laser on pistol.
Update v0.8 improved trooper models and animation, improved seaplane, lots of tweaks to guns and level etc.
Update v0.9 improved intro screen and new firing range to try weapons.
Update v1.0 improved animations and added music (bulks up the file size a lot).

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Jul 16, 2015 @ 6:03am

Oh my god the big spikys with mouths are truly terrifying!!!

lIiviIl says ...
Jul 17, 2015 @ 9:05am

I replayed today, and there is great improvements since the last time. The idea is simple and effective, the AI work well but in my opinion the difficulty is a bit to high.

Freak_ey says ...
Jul 21, 2015 @ 8:02pm

Firstly, I'd like to say that I enjoyed the game. I'm aware that this is an early build, and it is looking good so far however I have spotted a few problems.

-The reload appears to be either unresponsive or just doesn't work every so often. At some point, I am just unable to reload at all. (I'm not sure if you have an ammo count that gets depleted every time that you reload, if you do, please show it), a reload bar would also be appreciated to stand in for the animation.

-The "Restart" button that appears after death doesn't work. I am unable to click it.

-The game is too difficult. I do like difficult games, however I feel that difficult games need to feel like I was responsible for messing up and that my skill can help to avoid death.
The issue is that the enemies are way too accurate, if you can, dial it down a bit. Please keep them accurate, just not as much as they are currently.

-The Soldiers will not shoot at the enemies behind them on the rock thing next to the spawn. This allows the enemy to clear them out easily.

-The game, atleast from what I've seen, does not seem to have an "Exit" button. Just make escape auto quit or something. It's a minor annoyance but still.

A few ideas:

-It irritates me to no end that the damage bar goes the way that it does. Please, please, please invert the colours.

-Different enemy types. Make purple spikey balls that rush you, have less health and can only melee but hit hard and are really fast. Have orange ones that tunnel from visible holes in the terrain to require you to avoid certain pieces of land.

-Order soldiers. I think that giving the game more of a tactical aspect may suit it quite nicely; allowing you to tell a soldier to hold position. Just a squad of four, for example. You could even have five other mini squads with different colours and a leader, maybe they look like theu are also in an exo-suit. I just feel that squad orders fit the D-Day-esq theme that your game kinda has.

-Larger levels. The map feels a bit small. (I am aware that this is a "pre-pre-alpha" build)

These are all just suggestions, feel free to ignore them.

What did I like about the game?

-The sound effects are great. They sound appropriate.
-The Enemy balls look good, they are genuinely intimidating.
-The concept is nice.
-The gun feels good, I actually like its lack of recoil. It feels more "Sci-fi", but please keeps the bullet spread.

Arowx says ...
Jul 24, 2015 @ 2:58am

The updates I've made so far should cover most of the issues you have raised.

+Magazine Counter
+Restart Button bug fixed
+Improved Enemy and Soldier AI
+Escape Key quits game on PC
-Still very difficult at the moment

Any and all feedback updates welcome.

Aug 6, 2015 @ 12:53pm

Super neat game, enjoyed playing it! I included it in part 2 of my MiniLD #61 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)

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