MiniLD #61

Theme: A Necessary Weakness – hosted by WetDesertRock – July 2015

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by Ulydev - Mini LD 61 Entry

stxmp is a party-game designed for up to 4 players.

As a programmer, my weakness is art. People often tell me the art isn't good in my games. This said, I experimented a bit with shaders and vector art this time, feel free to send me your feedback.

Unfortunately, I was way too lazy to make a tutorial. So, I'll explain the controls here :

Movement : Arrow keys
Jump : Space
Run : Left Shift

Movement : Left stick
Jump : A
Run : X


Clock (square thingy) - Press the Run button to slow down time.
Invincibility (star) - Simply touch your opponents to kill them and relax while you're invincible.
Gravity switch (the "+" sign) - Hold a direction and press Jump while in mid-air to switch your gravity.
Jetpack (spring icon) - Hold Jump while in mid-air to fly.

Now, I've got lots of plan for this game. This is a really simple demo to see if people like it, and if there's a potential market for it. There's only one game mode for now ("stomp" mode), yet I may add other game modes in the future like platform racing, co-op bosses, weapon battles, or even teams.

I really don't know what to do with this prototype. If enough people like it, I will consider improving it : I plan to add more maps, as well as a map editor amongst many other features.

Lastly, that would be VERY cool if someone made a video of 4 players playing simultaneously. I don't have enough controllers nor people to do so, so that would be really appreciated.

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