MiniLD #58

Theme: “PONG” – hosted by bitslap – March 2015

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by hunttis - Mini LD 58 Entry

Pong + breakout + crush your enemies.

Use the pong paddles and their magnetic power to crush the enemies in the three levels provided!

First finished Ludum dare project. Made with javascript and phaser.

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loxo says ...
Mar 30, 2015 @ 8:39pm

Interesting idea, I too had thought about using magnets in my game, but couldn't come up with a good concept for that. I like that the enemies are moving and trying to dodge the ball. Some sound effects would be nice. It seems that the game is getting slower over time, but maybe that's just my computer. And I think the number of lives shown on the bottom are not correct, I had 4 lives and not 3. Good first Ludum Dare project!

hunttis says ...
Mar 31, 2015 @ 6:32am

Cheers man! Thanks for the feedback!

It's completely possible that it is getting slower. I'm using a bitmap onto which I draw the destruction of the level. I don't really have a good grasp on how it affects performance if you just keep drawing onto that surface. I might've also gone a little overboard with them particles :D

Gahh, can't believe I left that life counter bug in there :D

Apr 17, 2015 @ 8:04pm

Neat idea though I found it really challenging to get in the square to kill the people. Cool game though! I included it in part 16 of my Mini LD #58 compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)

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