MiniLD #58

Theme: “PONG” – hosted by bitslap – March 2015

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Intergalactic Pong

by Xanjos - Mini LD 58 Entry

It's Pong except that it's now in space and there's planets and the ball's now an asteroid because space.

This is probably my first Mini LD Entry (since I normally take part in the regular ones) but I was pretty interested in the theme: Relatively simple and countless ways to reinterpret the game.

Most of the assets on there are public domain and can be found on and except for the paddles (which I drew in Inkscape) and the sound effect that plays when someone scores a point (I used bfxr for that).

Also there might be a little bug where a planet's gravitational pull keeps making the ball (asteroid) loop around forever but the chances of that occurring is pretty low.

There's probably some stuff I'd like to add though e.g. random planet placement, black holes etc. but I'm gonna save that for a future post jam build when I have the time.

Only putting up Web builds at the moment (Unity WebPlayer and Native HTML5/WebGL) unless someone requests standalone builds. Also, the embed version might look a bit weird so you may be better off playing from one of the external links provided.

Update: Changed the font to one with a more lenient public license.


This is a two player game (because I couldn't be bothered to code an AI player) so you'll need to find another person to play with (or you could play using your own two hands if you're that sort of person but whatever).

Blue Paddle: W and S
Red Paddle: Arrow Keys

The game supports controllers (at least for the blue paddle using an Xbox 360 controller but I did configure the game to let the 2nd joystick control the red paddle so let me know if it's not working).

First to 10 points wins.

Tools Used:

Sounds:bfxr (for goal sound)
Graphics: Inkscape (for paddles)

Art Assets: n4pgamer (, StumpyStrust (, Renderwahn (, Warspawn (

Sound Assets: bart (

Font: Factor I (

Downloads and Links


Apr 13, 2015 @ 6:14pm

Love the concept! Kinda random- where the ball went. I included it in 8 of my Mini LD #58 compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)

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