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Coin catcher

by ItsSacraficed - Mini LD 57 Entry


This is my first Mini LD, and like my 7th LD entry.
The game was made in between 24-30 hours.

This game was made in c++ with SFML and a little bit of integrated LUA.

Controls :
Starting the game : press Enter.
Moving left and right : left and right arrow keys.
Pausing the game : press P
Muting the game sounds : press M

Description :

When you start the game (you will spawn in the middle of the map) you have to collect coins to hit the coin cap before you hit the ground.
When you have hit the coin cap you will go back up and you will have to pickup the gray coins to get back to 0 coins before you get into space.

Each time you hit the coin cap or 0 coins, gravity will reverse and your score will go plus one and the coin cap will increase by one as well.

If you hit the ground or go into space you are Game Over.

The coins are randomly placed, so a bit of luck and tactic is needed to get a higher score.

My High score : 19.

Errors :
if you get a msvc (or a missing .dll like that), try the included redist installer.

You can contact me on twitter by @pixeldyno or @itssacraficed or use my contact form on my website :

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Mar 2, 2015 @ 4:07am

I hit enter on the title screen and nothing happened.

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