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by wazz - MiniLD 56 Entry

Plenty of Fish in the Sea


left, right - row a boat in left or right swing direction
up, down - raise or lower the fishing line


Your objective is to row boat into correct spot using left and right keys. Only one key press is registered and pressing multiple keys the last key logic is used. You are located on the sea with fixed dimensions. Only fish under the boat section can be seen, they are marked as red boxes. Once you have located the fish, you can use up and down keys to raise and lower the fishing line. If the hook is in the same depth, fish at the same level turn from red to yellow. If the fish is near the hook, fish color changes from yellow to white and projection of the fish location is drawn on the wave. Projection helps to locate correct coordinates. If the fish catches the hook it is glued onto and you can press up until the hook hits the above water and the fish is fetched. The hook is released and you can catch another one.


This has been built in Java, so Java has to be installed on computer. Have tested with Ubuntu 14.104 and Windows 7. Should work just clicking on the .jar file if you have unpacked the content. If it does not work, open up terminal/command line, go into correct folder and use "java -jar PoFitS.jar".


Use 4 colors: light red, dark red, yellow, white (if we do not count background as a color)
Make a game as many mechanics (2 mechanics)



* Completely changed color theme. Old one used 4 main colors from "Back to the Future" logo. Now it is with background color 4 colors used (black, white, light blue, dark blue).
* Added possibility to change colors from config.txt.
* Upscale can be turned on and off from config.txt.

Bug fixes:
* Sometimes key presses and key releasses are adding and removing key strokes from ArrayList and therefore throws IndexOutOfBounds Exception that will crash the game. Exception is now catched.

* Fish can move up and down now
* Can create custom game, setting up the parameters
* Help is removed, there is now interactive tutorial
* Added possibility to add food onto hook to get fish attention
* 5th level, which allowes fish to move up and down and food is attached to hook

02/02/2014: Entry to the Mini Ludum Dare contest.

Downloads and Links


Feb 5, 2015 @ 4:12pm

When this game opens, it is just a grey screen for me :/

wazz says ...
Feb 6, 2015 @ 5:56pm

Hi, probably you tried to open JAR file while the other content (images) were still unpacked and therefore error occured. I have fixed this issue and bundled images into Jar file. If you are still interested changing config file and images, you could still download (Windows/Linux) file.

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