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by GoldPlatedXplodingFist - MiniLD 56 Entry

Play as a small General Infantry droid in enemy territtory, facing off against tough chalenges !
Beat the boss on the last level to win.

Z - use jump thrusters [ The WHITE BAR shows how much energy you have ]
X - fire lasers [ The RED BAR shows how much energy you have although you can still use it without enerhy it just fires alot slower ]
C - fire a missile [ The ORANGE BAR shows your ammo, missiles do not recharge ]
ARROW KEYS - move left and right
X + UP - fire lasers upwards
X + DOWN - fire lasers downwars
ESC - load a level from the on screen textfield, if a valid level is not present the game will crash so be carefull !
SPACE + S - if your finding the level to hard push this to skip to the next one

You can also use a USB game controller, plug it and push a button for it to work, I have tested and support the Dualshock4 and Xbox360 controller, but any thing with joysick and 3 or more buttons should work.

Xbox 360 -
A jump thrusters
B lasers
X missiles
LEFT SICK moves / fires lasers up and down

DualShock 4 -
CROSS jump thrusters
CIRCLE lasers
SQUARE missiles
LEFT SICK moves / fires lasers up and down

- Make the player want to rage quit.

This is a primative editor, i used to make all in game levels.
use the arrow keys to move your cursor, press Z and X to change the block under your curosr,
use SPACE to delete a block, C copies a block and V places you copied block,
press ENTER when you want to test it or when your done and text will com up in the box bellow
it will be autoselected, copy that text(all of it) to you clipboard,
go to the main game and paste into the box at the bottom, then start the game and push ESCAPE
to load your custom level! DONT FORGET THE PLAYER SPAWN!
please note the boss isnt in the editor(i manually changed the data to add it).
You can also share your level by giving other people the data, paste them in the comments, if you make
a one.

This game was tested in chrome so may not work so well in otherbrowsers, but try it anyway.

This is my first ever entry into Ludum Dare, so contructive critism is appricated, tell me what i did right and wrong.

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Feb 5, 2015 @ 2:54am

The music is kind of harsh, but the game is pretty well done. I included it in my MiniLD #56 compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out!

Feb 8, 2015 @ 10:06am

On Level 4 you have to press UP and X to fire upwards.

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