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This Wharf

by olligobber - MiniLD 56 Entry

A Chill Fishing game with very few mechanics and two buttons.

Press Space to pull up a fish. Press Tab to release a fish. Not releasing a fish catches the fish.
Too few caught fish or too many sick fish and people go hungry.
Catch too many fish, especially small ones, and the ecosystem begins to suffer.

Created with a focus on art and atmosphere.

Look forward to post-jam improvements.

If you downloaded the windows build before 2015/2/10 you may want to do a quick virus scan, as sfml-system-2.dll was flagged as possible spyware. The current version is confirmed clean, and all previous and future releases of any sort by me will be and are clean.

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Jwatt says ...
Feb 8, 2015 @ 1:29pm

The pitch of this game initially hooked me, but there were too many design issues in the sea.

You wanted to make an atmospheric game, but basically everything in the game works against that. This is a reflex game, plain and simple. Even though it's a static screen most of the time, you've got to actively watch for the exclamation mark and press space on a second's notice. It would've been so much cooler as a sim-type game, where you make overarching decisions without this whole time pressure aspect.

Even as a reflex game, crucial information related to the fishing was hidden from the player.
-How many people is "everyone", how many fish do I need to catch to feed them? There could've been some sort of visual indication, such as people hanging around the premises and disappearing once their meal is settled. Also, a sound effect notification and a longer reaction time when you catch a fish would've gone a long way.
-When is the day over? This doesn't even need any video game-y progress bar indicator, I would've appreciated something like the music track lasting the length of a day. There's even a pause in the music that would've matched this solution! Or just subtly change the color palette towards the night, which is how a lot of ambient games do it.
-In general, can I make any kinds of plans towards the goal of the game, or is it all just random? Apparently I just had to catch everything to feed everyone, and I'm not even sure how this connects to the ecosystem beginning to suffer (I saw nothing about this in the game).

For a mechanic as simple as this, it's strange how the game doesn't seem to actually accomodate it at all. Nor does it deliver the atmospheric focus you promised - for a game that's supposedly art-oriented, there's little to look at, no cute animations or anything going on. The game does however confidently present itself in a bonkers upscaled way that barely fits on my screen, a bold use of my resources I'm not sure is warranted with this lack of detail.

Feb 10, 2015 @ 2:44pm

For some reason I could not freaking get a fish. I included it in part 7 of my Mini LD #56 compilation video series :)

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