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Super Jet Racing

by ReactorScram - Mini LD 54 Entry

Controls are arrows, wasd, and escape to quit.

Race a high-powered hoverjet around an arena. Pass all the checkpoints and climb the tower to complete a lap.

Featuring CD-quality audio, "fully-rendered graphics", and an edgy lack of HUD. Scores are logged to log.txt in the game's directory.

Disclaimer: I probably spent more than 48 hours on this. It's been happening slowly since a couple days before the MiniLD was even announced.

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MintArcade says ...
Sep 28, 2014 @ 10:40pm

Cool exploration driving game ;) Exploration, because I didn't find where to go for the first 10 minutes. Then strange (!SPOILER ALERT!) sound pattern, like metal bucket hit by a pebble, teach me that these lamp post like structures are in fact the checkpoints. My peaceful driving around was interrupted once again by explosion. I turn around, but find nothing. Then, after some more time best idea in last hour came to me: Explosion means finish! And it only happens after you 'collect' all checkpoint.
That was strange experience, and probably not what others will do in this game, but I enjoyed. Concept are awesome, log.txt file now full with impacts... fully-rendered graphics are definitely cooler than partially rendered graphics, and CD-quality audio blow my mind. That why this comment are so strange - my mind are blown up.

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