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by sclark39 - Mini LD 54 Entry

Build momentum by going down hills to try to reach the goals as quick as possible.

LeftClick - Click on player and drag to build out a path
RightClick - Clear path
MiddleClick - Click and drag to move the camera

Height level is indicated by the number on the hex tile.
Going downhill (e.g. from a 0 to a 1) adds momentum which is displayed above the mouse cursor while planning the path.
You can only roll up gradual inclines if you have 2 or more momentum. A gradual incline is moving from a 3 to a 2.
You can walk one square on flat ground, or climb up a tall cliff, but this takes the whole turn. Cliffs are indicated by thicker black lines.

This is very much just a prototype of mechanics, and not a very user-friendly game. Hope people still find it fun. I intend to add more levels, ways to deform the terrain which would interact with your plan, and a multiplayer battle mode where you could use the same items to mess with your opponents.

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