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Flappy UFO

by Optimus6128 - Mini LD 52 Entry

This is an Amstrad CPC+ entry. You will need the emulator Winape32 to run this. There are instructions in the readme file inside.

You are controlling a UFO by basically flapping at the space bar like a maniac :)
Hit the obstacles and the energy is drained and then you have to restart. Every level gets more narrow and after level 8 you just loop from the beginning (but the score still counts).

Well that's it. It could evolve more (add sounds, maybe bonus or enemies with the remaining sprites, maybe fix some bugs) but I think it's too late now and I had enough fun playing with CPC+ and discovering the cool stuff you can do with this machine.

p.s. Also, source included. In Winape32 assembler (press F3 to open) you can copy the source and then click F9 for compile & run. Warning, if you touch a lot of stuff it will crash, even some static values that control the game mechanics. A lot of weird stuff happening, no time to have better error checks.
p.p.s. Maybe if I have time I'll look at a Web Solution. There are online CPC emulators out there, I just have to look how to link with them along the DSK.

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FyberOptic says ...
Jun 24, 2014 @ 1:27am

Great work! I only wrote parts of my game in assembly, so I commend anyone who wrote the entire thing in it.

I should point out for others that in order to type the quotes to start the game that you have to press shift + 2 when using the default emulator configuration. I imagine that's how the keyboard on the Amstrad did it, but it took me a moment to figure that one out!

I've never used an Amstrad computer in my life, but I recognize Z80 assembly when I see it. I bet that lack of multiplication and division made for a fun time. But it's still my favorite CPU of the earlier machines/consoles. And they were putting it in embedded devices all the way through to the 2000s, so obviously I'm not the only one!

I looked up what kind of video hardware those machines used, and I was amazed to see the Motorola 6845 mentioned (paired with some custom hardware). That sounds like it would be fun to play with. I was stuck with CGA graphics for years when I was young, and after I was older and understood more about electronics and hardware I read everything I could about it out of nostalgia. I even bought a 6845 to play around with at one point, I think, but I don't remember ever actually using it with a microcontroller for anything. Either way, that sounds neat to have a familiar controller paired with their custom hardware that allowed for way more functionality and color than I'm used to.

Optimus6128 says ...
Jun 24, 2014 @ 5:57pm

Yep, Z80 is still my favorite. I do adore 6502 for some other reasons though, but I am more proficient in Z80 through the years. In fact, I hope to start with some electronics project (I have nil experience with this) and try to build a Z80 based hobby computer :)

Yep, the CRTC is the one similar found on CGA. I haven't used the CRTC regs of the second one though, but most of them seem to make similar things with the display. On the CPC though, I mostly like to code software rendering algorithms, so I am not as proficient with special CRTC tricks as most CPC democoders are.

Also, about my entry, just uploaded a new version. I was developing this on Winape32 emulator, but today I found out that it's freezing on the real hardware (didn't have time to test before). So, I quickly found the mistake (I was placing the stack pointer at some address where also the ASIC chip (for hardware sprites and all that) paged in, this having bad results on real hardware) and fixed it now and uploaded new version.

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